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Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by Alistaire, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Micah J Best

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    Keep Calm and Enjoy the Cabbage


    Keep Calm and Boil It Till It's Safe

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  2. Euel Ball

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    Yet more fan art, for a game that's in beta testing, and one that I can't play yet.
    (I need serious help, maybe that's why I fit in so well here...)

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  3. Samut

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    Just wanted to jump back into this thread to say that Euel's suggestion to pick up DAZ Studio for free is an excellent one, and I'd recommend everyone who hasn't already done so (and isn't using Poser, I guess) should do so. Not hard to download, and you can get free stuff of varying quality from the Daz3D site every few days.

    So far I have made - well, almost nothing, and nothing at all with a CE feel. But bit by bit my incompetence is slowly diminishing.

    Will it be long before I'm making great art? Yes, probably. But it's really fun. And there was a guy on Renderosity giving away trains! Gotta love free old-timey trains.
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  4. Euel Ball

    Euel Ball Member

    Thanks for the reply! I didn't think anyone would would download DAZ Studio on my word. Glad to know you're doing something with it, and I look forward to anything you'd create showing up on the fan art thread, especially anything to do with trains. (Maybe "The 10:15 from Sogwood's Un-Natural Encounter."?)

    No worries about making "Art", what I do, I call "renders". In an era that calls frame grabs from comic-books and diamond-studded skulls "Art", I'm more than happy to call what I do "Not Art"... :)
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  5. Xyvik

    Xyvik Member

    I third the suggestion for DAZ studio. Poser is too expensive and DAZ seems to be doing pretty well for me so far. I haven't made much, but it is fairly easy to learn. Thanks, Euel!
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  6. Samut

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    Okay, here's a render with a couple of bandit raiders riding in on their steam bikes. I know those don't exist in CE but they should, is what I'm saying.

    Heading to Town.png

    Lots to fix - lighting, poses, other stuff. The guy on the right doesn't have hair. But it's a start.
  7. Euel Ball

    Euel Ball Member

    Nice render, and a great start! There -should- be steam bikes in CE, "Her Majesty's Steam Dragoons", eh? Don't worry about the lack of hair on the dude to the right, he probably shaved his head to avoid lice. (Reminds me of the bandit with no nose. How did he smell? Vile, those blighters never bathe!)

    Now here's where I praise the render with faint d***'s. You should add blur to the wheels and tires with an image editing program. You could vary the texture on the bikes, rust and corrosion would be proper.

    BTW, where did you get those bikes, and are they DS only?
  8. Samut

    Samut Member

    Thanks for your comments. I've been looking over how to do motion blurs in DAZ, so I'll give that a try at some point.

    The bike is the Steam Bike Pro, and the product page says it's Poser-compatible. DAZ was giving it away free about six weeks ago.
  9. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    A very nice render, and the bikes are appropriately brassy, but I'd say the cowboy hat reads as very 'Wild West', and the bikes are too elegant for the late 19th century. I would have expected something like a velocipede or pennyfarthing, i.e. quaintly, impractically British. :)
  10. Samut

    Samut Member

    I think with some different texture maps like EB suggests the steam bikes would look clunkier, but penny-farthing bicycles would be a funny look too. When these get cheaper I'll probably grab them.

    The hats - yeah, I'm working on hats. All suggestions are appreciated.

    Thanks for your comments.
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  11. Xyvik

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    While Daz3D does not have the most impressive import file type list, it does cover .obj and .fbx. An alternate marketplace (with a pretty good selection of free stuff) that I have used in the past is

    Worth a look, at least, for finding various types of objects that might intrigue you.
  12. Xyvik

    Xyvik Member

    And sorry for the double-post, but my render finally finished! This is a mostly-completed-but-still-work-in-progress of "Over the Mountains"
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  13. Euel Ball

    Euel Ball Member

    Ooo! Nice! Looking forward to seeing it finished...
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  14. Xyvik

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    Glad you like it! I'm tightening up some textures. Any other suggestions you'd made?
  15. Euel Ball

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    Only the faint texture of eldritch glyphs on the fog shrouded monoliths. Writing belonging to no known language, or at least no known, -human- one. Glyphs that seem to glow softly at odd hours of the night, when the monoliths whisper to the sleeping minds of certain humans...
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  16. Samut

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    Here's a couple of Fishpeople out on a stroll and not being threatening at all.

    Fishpeople Attack.png
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  17. Rahbek23

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    Don't you dare to humanize these vile devil spawn!

    (nicely done though!)
  18. Alephred

    Alephred Royal Archivist for Queen And Empire

    That's a really nice render, composition is good, colour is nice, and they look suitably angry.

    Not to take anything away from your picture, but the Fish men of my imagination are goofier, sadder, and more inhuman. :)
  19. Samut

    Samut Member

    Yeah, I hear you. By default DAZ does lend itself to kewl doodz art. Still getting the hang of it before getting subversive.

    My goal eventually is something like Jim Holloway's art for the first couple editions of the old Paranoia RPG. They're this perfect mix of a clean look, informative detail, and a tension between the subject matter as presented and what the viewer understands to be the reality.


    [Note: he's shooting at a squirrel.]

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  20. Samut

    Samut Member

    So now that my goal is a little more clear, let me post some more art that doesn't show any progress in that direction.

    I picked up the Reality plugin for Daz Studio, and it's pretty sweet. With that and some more appropriately inhuman body and head shapes, here's another render of those attacking fishpeople.

    Fishpeople Attack 1.png

    Poses are the same - I just changed the background and tweaked the expressions a little. Body shapes were changed a lot, obviously. There's no sky because I haven't figured out backgrounds in Reality yet.
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