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Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by Alistaire, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. Alistaire

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    Art! Fans! Fan art!

    Yup, it's time for a Clockwork Empires fan art thread.

    A very angry rock deposit. Don't hover over it. - Fishpeople And Caviar by Alistaire

    MOOMANiBE Ah, those were the days. Staff Member

    Hey, nice! :D
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  3. Euel Ball

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    Just wondering, is it too late to get into this "fan art" thing?

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  4. Alephred

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    Oo, fan art! Alistaire and Euel Ball, how did you two create your respective art pieces?
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  5. Euel Ball

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    I used a program called "Poser", a 3d figure modeling program. I then modified the generated image with some filters in Adobe Photoshop. Want to know more? Just ask!
  6. Euel Ball

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    Here's yet another item of fan art for this game that I'm inflicting on you innocent people. Here's the front cover of a magazine that I'm using as a prop in a future piece of art. Enjoy! FrontCover1.jpg
  7. Samut

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    "Please describe every last step" would be an awful question, so instead let me ask what cheap or free software you could recommend to someone with no art skills but who would like to try their hand at creating artwork.
  8. Euel Ball

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    Please, don't tempt me. I would describe "every last step", but the Mods would go all "FishMen" on us.

    Whatever art skills you think don't have, I have less. I have -anti- talent, I have difficulty drawing a straight line with a T-square and a straight edge.

    Right now, the latest version of Poser costs $450 (A.K.A. "Too damn much.") but there's a program called "DAZ Studio" available here: that's -free-. (Don't know for how long, so get it soonest.) You will also need an image manipulation program. I'm assuming that you've got Photoshop, but I shouldn't. There's some sites with free stuff, the two I mostly use are and
  9. Turbo164

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    Looks great! The second "Important Article" mentions "Citzens," however. Check your typesetters for possible cult activity ;)
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  10. Euel Ball

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    Not quite. Empires have subjects, republics have citizens. :D
  11. Wolg

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    (A list of free photoshop-likes should include GIMP...)
  12. Alephred

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    Just make sure Safe Search is on when you're Googling up GIMP at work.
  13. The_Fool76

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    Or you could search for it by it's full name. GNU Image Manipulation Program
    Or just go to

    A more lightweight but still powerful option for 2D raster graphics (what Photoshop does) is but that's a windows-only thing.

    The main 3D modeling program I know of that's free is Blender (
  14. Euel Ball

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    Just After Landing-1.jpg Yet more fan art. Can anyone guess this person rank or position.
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  15. frontliner2

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  16. Euel Ball

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    Close, but think -slightly- less useless...
  17. Euel Ball

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    Closer yet! I'll give out a clue. His name is "Tobias Simon Brassgear".
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  18. Euel Ball

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    Inspired by the thread "Starving to Death", here's something I cranked out on an internet image generator. I know the "Keep calm" idea has gotten a bit stale, but I thought I'd trot it out... BTW, I'm looking forward to more fan art once the game goes out. keep-calm-and-don-t-starve-28.png
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  19. Alephred

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    I like the poster, but I think since 'Don't Starve' is already a well-recognized game of its own, it's probably best to avoid that potential confusion. Maybe something like 'Keep Calm and Cult On', or 'Keep Calm and Eat Human Flesh' would be a more pointed reference to Clockwork Empires.