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    Its been over 8 years since ive made my first Werediggle build guide and in this time ive learned more about the game and want to add a few pointers to a better build.

    old build and guide here https://community.gaslampgames.com/threads/werediggles-gona-weredig-guide.15968/

    New Build Along with Werediggle Curse

    Berserker Rage:
    Warrior Skill
    Master of Arms: Warrior Skill
    both above shouldnt need explanation they provide procs even in diggle form
    Big Game Hunter: Warrior Skill

    There are arguments for Vegan Warrior because it does heal you, give some xp bonus, and can get you a diggle friend much like BGH

    but ive found that there are more animals than vegetables for xp, and i personally prefer to mindlessly kill every monster i see for procs my build requires

    gaga's glaze from the steak farmed from animals can be useful as an encrust

    my First 3 levels are in this tree for xp buff (remember to go into the xml files to fix grisly trophy procs for "The Most Dangerous Game"

    Rogue Scientist: Rogue Skills
    2:alchemy: just isnt enough for "Acidical Projector" and "Alchemical Toxin Canister" to benefit from.
    it was dissapointing to try and use them late game with just this skill with nothing to support it.

    "Salvage Ooze" at level 0 was something i overlooked as being something useful. it provides a renewable source for alchemical ooze should you find a blob, slime cube, or clone. meaning potentially infinite brimstone flasks
    but that would require at least 4:alchemy: to craft

    "Baromatic Pulse Device" I put a point in this level 4 after BGH because you can push stuck iron bars, items off islands and steal from Brax by pushing merchandise outside his room

    Wizard Skill

    buffs Rogue Scientist to a great effect, makes diggle nogs, brimstone flasks and great potions

    a great replacement for Viking wizardry from my original build that provides better synergy

    Fungal Arts: Rogue skill
    The procs work in diggle form and the buffs and utility from mushrooms them outclass Blood mage and Viking Wizardry
    and is a Rogue skill buffing more :caddishness: for Werediggle
    "Summon Slime" spell provides a slime to farm alchemical ooze which combined with diggle eggs for faster resource of brimstone flasks by the hundreds in a safe room on a lower floor

    Overall ive found this to be better build for me personally
    dual wielding, weapon skills and other trees that provide buffs and procs that bypass diggleform are all great too but this works best for me after all these years
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