Werediggles Gona Weredig: (Guide)

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    This guide is to provide an easier accessible means of compiled info on the the wonderful skill tree Werediggle Curse.

    It will contain applicable mechanics to the skill tree, a build i believe is optimal for playing it and reasons why. This guide expects you to know generic stat mechanics among other things within the game and wont always cover such details.

    Werediggle Curse Mechanics

    Starting a game at level 1 you are given a spell "Werediggle Form" this spell has (50:cooldown:) cool-down that turns your character into a yellow colored diggle for (33:buff_time:) (17:cooldown: when buff expires)

    While in diggle form you gain (3:dmg_piercing: 1:burliness: 1:caddishness: 2:melee_power: 2:armor_asorb: 5:dodge:) according to hover texts (-2:sight: is not shown in hover but does occur as-well)

    It will indirectly purge you of and passive primary and secondary stat bonuses from your other chosen 6 skill trees with the exception of weapon skills (including proficiency modifier).

    Stat bonuses with in the Werediggle Curse skill tree are only given while in diggle form

    Stats from equipment Persist while in diggle form

    Your Level stats i.e bonuses from picking a skill point into a respective tree (Warrior, Wizard, and Rogue) persist in form.

    Examples are that at level 1 with weapon skill Maces, ( Assistant Hammerer 2:dmg_crushing: 1:crit:) persists, while skill Bloodmagic ( Sanguinista -1:resist_righteous:) does not. persist.

    At level 2 skill Werediggle Curse ( Diggle Plague 1:dmg_toxic: 1:dmg_putrefying: 2:resist_putrefying: 1:resist_toxic:) bonuses are only given while in diggle form

    While in diggle form any spells from your other 6 skills are removed from your skill bar prohibiting you from using them.
    (X:cooldown:) cool-downs from any skills however will still count down while in form though not shown.(seen above)

    Skills provided by Werediggle Curse are only available while in diggle form.( X:cooldown:) cool-downs of their skills count down even while in human form.

    Sustained buffs and debuffs persist in diggle form. (including with examples :mana: 5/6 cost timers, 12:buff_brittle: isolated instance damage taken based, 1:buff_attack: attack based, and :buff_time:duration)

    Percent chance based procs from all skills and equipment can still process while in diggle form.

    Drinking Diggle Nog will give you a 50% chance of turning you into a diggle for 32:buff_time: all mechanics applied to Werediggle form apply here exactly the same.

    Skill Tree

    Putting skill point in Werediggle Curse counts as a rogue skill and will give you (1:burliness: 1:sagacity: 2:caddishness: 2:nimbleness: 2:savvy: 1:stubborness:) each time.

    These are the skills as follows in tree

    1- Werediggle Form (see above)

    2- Diggle Plague (1:dmg_toxic: 1:dmg_putrefying: 2:resist_putrefying: 1:resist_toxic:)

    Spell "Diggle Plague" (0:cooldown:0:mana: debuff to a single adjacent monster)

    Debuffs target for 24:buff_time: turns applying (-1:resist_crushing: -1:resist_hyperborean: -1:resist_toxic: -3:burliness: -3:sagacity: -3:nimbleness: -5:life: -5:dodge:)
    it also provides procs of 10% chance while hitting in melee and 5% while being hit from melee to apply the same debuff to the target/ attacker respectfully.

    notes: the character seems to never proc the debuff from other monsters who have it. specifically the debuff originating from the character. its a very beefy early game debuff that lowers enemy health and dodge chance by a lot. some how i wish you could have the procs but that would be too strong even late game. however rather balancing if monsters could proc it back to you.

    3- Werediggles of London ( 1:resist_conflagratory: 1:resist_hyperborean: 1:resist_voltaic: 2:armor_asorb: 4:block: 5:life: 4:life_regen:)

    4- Going Commando ( 5:sneakiness:)

    Spell "Going Commando" ( 33:cooldown: 10:buff_time: invisibility to self)

    notes: with the cool down you can only apply this spell once per diggle form duration

    5- It Comes Out of Where?!

    Spell "It Comes Out of Where?!" (27:cooldown:)

    Spawns a diggle egg on the same tile you occupy

    notes: infinite diggle omelets you cannibal, if you activate it imediately after morphing into a diggle, you will be able to activate it again in the same :buff_time:duration. If morphing every time "Werediggle Form" is off cool down, the first time you can spawn 2 eggs, 1 egg the second time, 2 eggs the third, etc.

    6- The Mighty Auger (3:dmg_piercing: 1:resist_crushing: 1:resist_piercing:)

    Spell "The Mighty Auger " (2:cooldown: on adjacent wall)

    destroys the wall replacing it with a walk able tile

    notes: it would be neat if it could provide an attack bonus applying a similar debuff of flesh bore from the Diggle God Statue of Digging. can dig 11 walls in one diggle from :buff_time: duration.

    7- Arch-Diggle Smash

    Spell "Arch-Diggle Smash" (7:cooldown:)

    Hits adjacent target with your attack damage plus (6:dmg_blast: 5:dmg_piercing: (+.25 x:caddishness:) (0:dmg_crushing:(+1 x:melee_power:)

    notes: can be done 4 times in one diggle form :buff_time: duration

    8- Dr. Diggle and Mr. Hyde ( 1:resist_conflagratory: 1:resist_hyperborean: 1:resist_voltaic: 2:burliness: 2:caddishness: 2:melee_power: 2:armor_asorb: 5:dodge:)

    The Build

    Now in a less formal tone i will provide a build i believe is not only fun but optimal for winning the game even at Going Rogue. Besides Werediggle Curse, your skill choices as follows

    Berserker Rage: Warrior Skill

    I hope this does not need explaining its mostly procs that buff :burliness::melee_power::caddishness: your main source of damage

    Master of Arms:
    Warrior Skill

    Squishy builds in this game either die or get lucky

    its better than Shield Bearer in that it has only one spell that later turns into a proc

    Big Game Hunter: Warrior Skill

    Very important skill. the bonus experience gain is so crucial its not even funny. This build makes you wish you had more skill points cause by floor seven difficulty spikes up and none of your trees feel like they are doing much. If it were not for this skill tree you would be in a sorry position late game

    plus its final skill "Release The Hounds" is just icing on cake for a werediggle build :cool:

    Blood Magic: Wizard Skill

    in diggle form you lose the -5:resist_righteous:, never run out of mana in fact you can sustain many :mana: X/X buffs at the same time

    Not to report a bug but ive had the Haematic Drain debuff disappear after going through pocket dimensions but still keep a Haematic Phylactery in inventory.

    Viking Wizardry: Wizard skill

    its level 1 spell "Magic Steel" gives you a buff (2:dam_voltaic: 2:resist_voltaic: 1:melee_power: 2:crit:) that costs 1:mana: ever six turns.

    its powerful and persists in diggle form, will carry you to floor 3 with the help of Blood Magic

    also a couple of utility spells like a 6:buff_time: snare, large aoe de-aggro

    and a very damaging spell "Thor's Fulminaric Bolt"

    Rogue Scientist: Rogue Skills

    This build requires :alchemy: for Diggle Nog and Healing

    2 skills provide it however both have Pros and Cons

    Alchemy is a smaller skill tree, lowering your level dependency, you are really skilled in potion crafting and can make potions at a very efficient level (6:alchemy:). but it is another wizard skill which is not boosting your health or melee damage

    Rogue scientist puts more strain on levels by being 2 skills larger, but it has an awesome proc, large array of ranged damage like
    "Alchemical Toxin Canister". but with only 2:alchemy: 2:tinkerer: 2:wand_burn: its not great but some crafting is much better than none. draw side is a lot of your spells damage is based on :alchemy: which you trade for it being a rogue skill buffing your :caddishness: "Arch-Diggle Smash".



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    8 years later and ive played werediggle with this build and others and have found a better build

    ill make a new guide specifically on it

    the short of it is that i didnt like how viking wizardry was meshing with the build and i swapped it and blood magic (no longer needed the mana for it)

    replaced it with potion crafting and fungal arts to bulster both rogue scientist and werediggle with greater thematic effect
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    The problems I ran across in the old build was mainly late game consistency as the core gameplay reason

    early game was splendid with magic steel and blood mage kept the mana from ever running out.

    I found myself staying in human form a lot because of it in the early game until it fell off in use after floor 3. which doesnt vibe with me wanting to make it a Werediggle build and relying on being a diggle 2/3rds of the time in game.

    the rest of the tree i couldnt justify putting points into until all that fueled diggle was built so i never saw those spells until lategame if i ever got that far

    viking wizardry isnt a bad tree even for this build it just isnt optimal for my style or standards after continously playing it for years

    Blood Mage is overkill for mana production for the werediggle build to ever need its purpose was to sustain Viking wizardry buffs, rebreather and pan galactic gargle blaster. which it can but there is a better use of an entire skill tree than those sustains

    since they were both wizard skills it didnt buff :caddishness: to aid in Arch Diggle smash

    Rogue Scientist while thematically amazing requires a lot of support to be complimentary to Werediggle

    its spells by themselves felt underwhelming lategame because i didnt have the crafting skills to support them

    the other 3 skills are great however