Tentative Changelog for Patch 1.0.10

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  1. That determines whether or not it has a "click this to remove" x button.
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    Which explains much. I guess not playing the actual game for so long is bad when trying to make stuff for it.

    Either way, thanks for pointing my idiocy out to me, Raust.
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  3. ...No... problem...?
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    A few things...

    I was thinking of ways that the crafting system will be improved by the reintroduction of "grid view" craft system and I had a suggestion:

    introduce a class of [special="1"] flagged craft recipes that meet the following conditions
    1. Aren't part of the recipe list at the start of the game
    2. Aren't part of the "Hidden recipe" list that bookshelves check when you find a hidden recipe

    This will allow the creation of a massive number of grinder and ingot-melt recipes that can be used for the disassembling or recycling of common dungeon items without making a giant polluted list of craft recipes to sort through every single time.

    Some benefits of this system include the opportunity to make individual ingot press recipes for metal weapons and armor, so that the adventurer my melt them down for resources. It will also streamline the use of the ingot grinder.

    Let me know if this idea is easy to implement.

    Also: if you need somebody to go through the tortuous process of adding melter recipes to craftsdb.xml, i assure you that i'm up to the task.

    So far, the only way to make a directional template spell is to anchor it to the player character. This occurs regardless of the spell target location. I noticed, however, if you take the same template effect and target it without the anchor flag, it will not remember the orientation of the player character.

    What I'm looking for here is a special flag that will create a spell template at a target location, but will also orient the template relative to the direction of the player character. This will make it possible for modders to create spell effects with triggered template effects that have directional properties that can execute at long range.

    Example: suppose I have a targeted spell that triggers Dragon's breath: an anchored template spell that will emit flames in the direction that the player is facing. If i were to duplicate the "Dragon's breath" spell and remove the anchored="1" flag, the spell template would trigger at the targeted location rather than the player itself. Furthermore, the template will only be oriented in one direction (up) regardless of the player's orientation.

    Now if there were a new flag availiable that could somehow be used to reference the target location while at the same time also referencing the player's orientation for the purposes of determining which way the template should be pointing. that would be exactly the kind of thing I could use.
  5. I'd like the ability to make templates follow the targeting rules of other targeting types, like make it so a template spell can't target an occupied space, for use with, say, teleportation. Also, a range variable would be nice, so that spells could be cast UP TO a certain number of spaces away, but not past that.
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  6. Two Suggestions:

    1. When you level give 1-2 (1 is fine) random base attribute increase.
    If you select 6 skills with 5 levels each, this is a total of 30 random attribute increases by time your skills are maxed.
    The 30 points is not that much if randomly spread about the 24 available base attributes.
    Some players keep leveling beyond maxing their skills, so an attribute bonus is a nice incentive to keep leveling.
    For those that think this may be overpowered, it could be implemented only after you have maxed out all your your chosen Skills. A simple incentive to keep leveling.

    2. Buy experience for Zorkmids and the other way around.
    By mid-late game, Zorkmids 'can' be almost worthless. Same can be said for experience/character level.
    So, give us something to do with them. :).
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    Or possibly have a custom target template that only allows a spell to be targeted on the template target area (anchored to the player's direction, of course)
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    I couldn't find any mention of this, so I ask this:

    Will the patch fix the bug causing a CTD whenever you find a recipe involving the wand lathe?
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    I had fewer than 9 skills in the tray, so the plus buttons weren't active to get round this (unless I misclicked or something silly when I tested this).
    In the meantime, the suggestion to get round it by closing the skills window and re-opening it later seems good, so makes it non-urgent. My votes for urgent fixes are already mentioned: the uberchests and some sort of inventory redesign.
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    If it's possible, I'd like to be able to specify in the roomDB where I'd like a hero monster to be spawned.
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    hmm.... with so many suggestions, it may be prudent to prioritize some of this stuff based on urgency, and save the rest for periodic patch updates.
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    there used to be a big google docs spreadsheet with this, where people could add bugs of their own. but i haven't seen it linked to/mentioned for awhile. Are the Gaslamp fellows no longer using it?
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    Flames of the Heckforge? Getting more than one gold from Piracy?
  15. Essence

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    AFAIK, Flames of the Heckforge is working as intended.
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    The same there. Flames of the Heckforge is something that doesn't give you much if you aren't playing a melee build (corruption on touch, and all that), and the debuff you get are not amusing, but it does work.
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    When is this coming out?
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    "Soon." (TM)

    Blame me. I asked for too much too soon. :)
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    The patch is out. This is the new starting room:


    I'm totally serious. I would never joke about the patch being out. Never.
  20. I hate you. So. Much.

    I didn't see that picture, I just saw "it's out" and "I wouldn't joke about the update". I went to the IRC, and then went back to check the picture.