Ominous Project Odin Speculation Thread

Discussion in 'Discussions' started by Nicholas, Jan 10, 2012.

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    And I've been reading it since 2000. Ryan, our Linux programmer, actually sent to a SA Goon Meet back when everybody went to go pick up Lowtax from the airport. It was... odd, apparently, although I don't know if I believe him about seeing somebody there with torn fishnets and what appeared to be a conjoined twin growing out of the side of her head.

    Me? I'm just a fan because of the completely libelious review of Universal Combat.
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    So um, you mentioned SomethingAwful. I noticed a new phrase. Shame on you for using such a boringly easy cipher

    Lost: one Fainting Couch. Reward if Found. Please return to Percy Grenville-Wyndham, known Hedonist and Artisan.
    I drown my sorrows and search for the illuminating light of the Green Fairy.
    Beware the Crustborer! It wasn't a good idea AT ALL.
    We all believed that anything that glowed so prettily must be harmless...
    May the Holy Cog have mercy on the gear of my soul.
    The Heliograph tower collapsed... communications lost...
    Lord Palmerstoke's editorial told me that this was impossible. A myth, he said, perpetuated by Sailors.
    For the Empire!
    The Royal Proclamations keep getting more, and more, dire.
    The Capitol is rolled in darkness. The Panopticon is lost.
    We pickled the creatures for study back at the Capitol, but something terrible happened on the supply zeppelin home...
    Never trust a man with an oversized hat. Who knows what it conceals?
    Thank heavens for the mercury tincture, for at long last we can stop the deplorable practice of treating our artists by setting them on fire.

    The soldiers were gently pickled for easy transport to the colony. I still feel the vinegar in my ear canal.
    A healthy fear of cephalopods is to be encouraged in every young naturalist.
    Beware the ill omen that is the Carrion Buzzard.
    Ms. Wheelsaw acted as supervisor of the workshop due to her Station above the common labourers.
    To bring Order to the province, glory to The Empire, and honour to Her Majesty. That is the Bureaucrat's goal.
    To the east: the sea. To the north: trees and swamp. To the south: forested bog.
    Will the labouring class not stop dying from outbreaks of Bloody-lung Swamp Boils?
    The Dame Fannie Violet Peridot Carbonvale was the Scion of the Brixton Sedge Carbonvales - who, it is said in hushed tones, lost the greater part of their family fortune in that unpleasantness surrounding the tragic explosion of the Great Zephyr.
    From outside of time and space, they plague us
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    I don't know if this relevant, but William Wyndham Grenville was Prime Minister of the UK from 11 February 1806 – 31 March 1807 and Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston was PM from 12 June 1859 – 18 October 1865...
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    ...OK I think I have come to the conclusion that it is going to have a strong horror/suspense element to it
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    Wait a second, is this about a clockwork/steampunk society fighting against alien evils brought on by the development of electricity?
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    Ok I am somewhat lost. This thread is all over the place.Unfortunately for me, I only discovered it like a week ago.

    I hate being lost. To help myself mostly, I am going to build a timeline of events (to my understanding) and maybe you guys could be polite enough to fill in some of the gaps of what is going on or already understood :)

    • Date Unknown: Odin officially announced? - I cannot find anything on the web
    • Jan 10, 2012: Nicholas Creates this thread (Link)
    • Feb 29, 2012: The first Odin related Weblog is Posted (Link) - Odin is discussed as a project being started, team being assembled. Name internally debated. Contains Concept Sketches of pipes and furnaces, giving an industrial feel to the reveal.
    • March 1, 2012: Nicholas reveals that the game has some economy (Link)
    • March 5, 2012: Weblog for Gaslamp new offices with Odin animations (Link) - animations show a system of axles on trestles
    • March 16, 2012: Nicholas is getting tired of us not getting it. Posts list of what we should know (Link)
    • March 16, 2012: Brief mention in a weblog about Odin. (Link) - Discussion of registering and trademarking of the game takes place. Not a tower defense
    • March 20, 2012: Second Weblog with Odin Concept Art of Characters (Link) - These Characters are referred to as poets
    • April 25, 2012: First Weblog post dedicated entirely to Odin (Link) - Odin is announced to multiplayer. Displays the animation of chicken. Discussion on taking advantage of multiple cores, textures, and rendering. It is Not an MMO or 'Online only'
    • Jun 29, 2012: Xaxio does a comprehensive list of information including twitter links regarding Odin. (Link) GLG employees are impressed, releasing more art. Included is a link to Terraria forum from Nicholas saying that the game will be sandbox
    • July 5, 2012: Weblog with the Squid Deer Appears (Link) - More concept art, ingame art and a banner
    • July 13, 2012: Anniversary Weblog. Odin to be revealed in the coming Year (Link)
    • August 16, 2012: Nicholas reveals that the walls have secrets (Link) - Tells players to check the bugs thread. In the thread he has included a New build, which implies that there are things hidden in the new build (much like steam hides things during holiday seasons). Shaken suggests looking at the standard non-wizard grafitti. Others suggest looking at the executable, but that pisses Nicholas Off. Nicholas reveals that a cipher has been used to encrypt the messages. Null asks if it is Vigenere cipher and Nicholas reveals that it is, with a fairly easy 9 character Key. Null Decrypts the messages and posts them. (Link). Lots of Zalgo conversation ensues.
    • August 17,2012: Ominous Timer goes up on the homepage.
    • August 23, 2012: Daynab links a post Nicholas made in the SA forums telling people there are 25 ominous scribbles.
    Thoughts and edits Welcome.
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    In some ways I feel Nicholas Pain that the community wasn't really catching on to the leads that they were throwing out. I feel though that he has to give us some slack for a variety of reasons. I consider myself a fairly large DoD fan, the webpage is my most visited location according to chrome, and I had no idea this speculation thread had been around so long. Only stumbling across it 6 days ago when the timer went up.

    I think the idea is great, the problem is visibility. When steam does one of these complex discovery style campaigns, the introduction and basics are very open and obvious. This gets lots of people looking. Then the more difficult things get solved by a much smaller portion of the population.

    Personally, I play tons. I knew there was a build floating around that had tons of ingame fixes. But I figured I would just wait for the 1.1.2 patch for the fixes. Had I known there were clues in it, I would have downloaded it in a heartbeat... which is another reason the steam one works. They patch everybodies game files for the discovery campaigns, and then patch them out again later.

    I think it is awesome that you guys are doing this, I am as stoked about Odin and will buy one and possibly many copies as soon as it is released, but I hope Nicholas isn't disappointing that people didn't figure things out faster.
  9. Man so it's a sandbox multiplayer game?
    *speculation powers on*
    GLG is making a Cow Clicker sequel named: Deer Clicker (the squid can be bought at the ingame cash shop) :D
    *speculation powers off*
  10. Nicholas

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    Oh, a lot of stuff here is fairly accurate speculation.

    We're just not going to tell you what is accurate until we decide to.
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    Gods, a burlesque troupe could learn a lot about teasing from you guys.
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    This is what I'm thinking too? Well, not necessarily the development of electricity part. But everything so far seems to be VERY HEAVILY referencing the clockwork/steampunk (and hence Victorian England -style) Empire already referenced in Clockwork Knight and various other tinker-related tooltips; the other major references are lovecraftian horror. I'd wager there's going to be a lot about the fall of their overstretched thalassocracy to Foul Outer Beings etc.
    I'm kinda guessing a war between the Empire and the Lutefisk God, but there are so many vague, unconnected lovecraftian monster references so far that whatever th enemy / enemies are could be practically anything.
  13. Nicholas

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    Bzzt. No Lutefisk god.
  14. Loerwyn

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    But who do I have in mind when I lutefisk things in the lutefisk cube, including lutefisk, because the Lutefisk God demands lutefisk, then? ANSWER ME THAT, NICHOLAS!
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    Odin is an urchin abuse simulator. It plays like Sim-*Whateverthefuck* and has steampunk and mechanical apparatii to help with abusing the awful little monsters. Also, Squid were merged with Deer to help the assault on those little pesty urchins.
  16. I am standing by my speculation that the setting is in some part inspired by China Mieville. I mean, they had references to The Scar in Dredmor...

    Beyond that I'm not going to bother. (...though if it's multiplayer only I will have ALL THE SADS because I can't do multiplayer stuff)
  17. I say it's Zybourne Clock, brought to life at last. (Obviously the Something Awful link is yet another hint as to the true nature of this game.)

    But seriously, I'm imagining Captain Nemo vs. Giant Space Krakens.
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  18. Sorry for the double post, but I heard a bit more about this thing. Wow. Gaslamp Games, you're pretty damn awesome.
  19. Nicholas

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    Oh, has it leaked?
  20. Not enough to worry about it, but bits and pieces.