"I've played this game ____ many hours, and I'm still a noob!" moments

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  1. My noob moment? Encountering for the first time a diggle god shrine on Level 10 and not having the slightest idea how to activate it or use it ....... I hate to say this but I'm still having that noob moment. Help?
  2. TheKirkUnited

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    First examine the shrine carefully and ask yourself, "Do I really want to draw the attention of this fearsome alien deity?" and if the answer is yes, click the statue. If not just walk away and don't look back.... and try not to think about it either.
  3. I've included a screenshot from my fresh loaded game and unless I'm being very obtuse ... what statue?

    I click on it and all I see is that.
  4. Daynab

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    That's a fake one :)
  5. A fake one? A part of me wants to shoot the programmer for having about an evil sense of humor as I do at times. Another is very glad to see that my game isn't hosed.
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  6. TheKirkUnited

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    Oh yeah, those do nothing. Move along, nothing to see here.
  7. Marak

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    The shape is a bit weird, but the shrine closely resembles a small desk with an old CRT monitor on it. There's a suspicious, 4-windowed logo on the front. What could it possibly be a shrine to, I wonder? ;)

    Edit: yes, it took me until about my 7th character on Floor 10 to figure that thing out.

    Edit edit: it's just there as a joke, it does nothing. Now those Diggle God statues, on the other hand...
  8. Rawk Hawk

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    50 hours in and I just now noticed the female character plays a DS when you idle for too long.

    Also farthest I've ever gotten is level 7 where I just gave up because I accidently sold my best armor (the serpentine one)
  9. TheKirkUnited

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    You'll facepalm when you start playing again and find serpentine plate on the ground.

    My noob moment is still dying on the first floor with mage builds. This continues to happen.
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    Not sure that qualifies as a noob moment. You can make some mage-y builds that are downright terrible with 0 melee attack power and no direct damage spells at level 1, but with the "payoff" that they'll open up into super-powerful builds by Level whatever. It's quite easy to die with a build like that, especially if you're on Going Rogue.

    Trying builds like that on GR is how I got my Normandy achievement; it wasn't on purpose. ;)
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    Bringing this thread back because we have some new people around the forums, and I really like what's been posted in here.

    After 400 hours: The addition of auto-lutefisk made me explore, for the very first time, the hotkey binding. Yes, I am ridiculous.

    Also, everything in this thread on melee power. http://community.gaslampgames.com/threads/melee-attack-ranged-attack.4763/ I always just sort of assumed melee power was flat, non-typed damage. I was wrong.
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    I think number of hours can be cut down considerably is the player steps up a try to create a mod that he wanna play.

    I am taking this route.
  13. Frelus

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    Still never killed him with 100+ hours playtime T.T
  14. Mr_Strange

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    I'm approaching 700 hours, and there are still 8 skill trees I've never maxed out!
  15. Rakankrad

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    150ish hours in, I still carelessly walk around the dungeon and step on traps "Oh well, I'll just eat something to refill." *surprise evil potato room when you open the door!*
  16. Noxor

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    In nethack (a very old rogue-game) there are two types of deaths named:

    YASD ... Yet another stupid death
    YAAD ... Yet another annoying death

    And the only method to avoid YASDs is discipline, good manner and creative gaming. Same in DoD. It's not a cleaning the dungeon simulator. You might close a door behind a monster and survive a situation. This really works.

    Some lessons are very hard to learn. There is no duty to open an evil chest. Noone blames you for playing cowardly - it's often an aspect of wisdom to run away. And the hardest lesson is that even if a failure chance for a situation is below 5%.... this probability is dangerous.
    Most of my DoD deaths were YASDs - less than 0,2Death% are YAADs (spawn of a chief bee in the first room with a difficult class; a monster triggers a strong area trap when your HP is down and having reduced sight; standing in the middle of a strong quest spawn; shooting a bolt of squish into a zoo and hitting an invisible unseen monster 2 fields ahead instead of the center).

    Surviving isn't comfortable.
  17. MasterShizzle

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    My noob moment was realizing that I could separate stacks of items with Alt-clicking. So there was no reason for me to be lugging around 8 Ingot Presses when I could sell 7 of them.
  18. Rawk Hawk

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    I didnt know this
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    Don't feel bad, I was about 85 hours in before I found out.
  20. OmniaNigrum

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    It should be plastered all over the tutorial. (I have not touched the tutorial since 1.06 or so, so I have no idea if it is even mentioned.)