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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    A small hotfix has been posted to the Steam Experimental build, which should (I hope!) fix the bug where the game will suddenly lock up. Otherwise, it is identical to 42D. Enjoy your weekends!
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  2. Rentahamster

    Rentahamster Member

    Does anyone else have a problem with rallying? A lot of my troops ignore my commands to rally. It could possibly be related to having their former NCO die.

    edit: Or it could be related to their lack of guns.
  3. Rentahamster

    Rentahamster Member

    BUG: If you mark a building for demolition while there is someone constructing a module in that building, that person gets stuck in the construction animation.
  4. 4E game files included

    Thank you for all the love you have put in to this game. The game keeps improving and evolving with each revision.

    The Good:

    Wait a minute.JPG
    First, character window changes is giving the player better insight as to what actions are needed to further the colony (or just to watch the beginnings of the train wreck of spectacular disaster unfold). I think it adds depth to the game when we can better visualize the relationship a certain memory has on a colonist's emotion/state of madness.

    The stockpile changes have helped a lot. The colonists have organized it in such a way that I now need one central starting stockpile versus several scattered around my colony (around Day 10 or so). Not sure if this is possible at this time, but can foraged/hunted raw food be moved to the stockpile after being foraged/hunted instead of being left alone for the next job? I realize these are separate jobs, but it seems counter-intuitive to me to hunt/forage then just leave it, hence forest meat mysteriously appears when we least expect it.

    The new category “Cook Basic Food” in the Kitchen workshop’s “Order Products” menu has helped streamline ordering of the colony’s menu. Less mental juggling for the player, so I consider that a plus. However, is there a way to allocate or set aside maize/wheat for alcohol? I’m afraid that setting basic food as a standing order would eat up potential sources of memory wiping when it is so easy to induce madness at this time.

    The little details are what do it for me. The bit in the spice rack about Gen. Cogburn's Auroch dry rub seasoning made me salivate like Pavlov's dog each time I see it.

    The Bad:

    Clear Aspen sapling.JPG Clear Pine sapling.JPG
    Not game breaking, but slightly annoying. When highlighting tree stumps, getting “clear pine/aspen sapling” message instead of “clear pine/aspen stump”

    Typo: seems like it should say “his” instead of “he” in this statement.

    Kicked a pistol.JPG
    Maybe I have a morbid personality, but seems to me that when kicking firearms, there should be a possibility of getting injury from this action and get a statement: “He kicked a Pistol and got shot in the foot.”

    I chuckled at this. NCO Jeremiah Thomp is getting Beetlemania injuries from behind. I have ordered him to hunt the beetle, but he keeps on walking, because he wants to sleep (in bed) so badly.

    Good news: colonists will eat flesh cubes if they are starving. Bad news: Kitchen crew is still NOT touching the cube of flesh no matter what recipe it request (e.g. basic food, tin of corned beef, etc.).

    I find the ability of militia/bandits able to see through and shoot through walls amusing (e.g. Day 11 combat). I will assume combat is still being tweaked to change this behavior in the future, but I this may deter people from purchasing CE at this point. (I found out later that TBolivar mentioned this earlier in

    As with Rentahamster’s comment, my militia is ignoring my rally order.

    The Ugly:

    stuck in module.JPG
    Colonists are finding themselves inside modules. In this example, Sadie Crimblewicke is starving because she is stuck inside a stone oven.

    Thanks again for allowing us the opportunity to see your work develop and get better over time.

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  5. Tikigod

    Tikigod Member

    They've always done that. Since Day 1.

    They see, shoot, hear, and often even walk through walls. LOS isn't really a thing.

    If it ever did become one, then honestly I think the game in general would become rather unplayable at this point.
  6. Jim Andrews

    Jim Andrews Member

    Sounds to me like you have a witch in your colony. Search the woods nearby for a house made all of candy.
  7. Mokkun

    Mokkun Member

    Had some script errors, Uploading the log in two parts as I played some yesterday and some today. And please for the love of all thats holy, add .rar to uploadable, as it more than halved one logg ( that I will have to add as link as .zip it was 26 MB.

    Had two script errors:

    Had at end, some problems whit jerky gameplay.
    Also, only suffered 1 attack by enemy soldiers, did not get any messages about friendly soldiers.

    Almost forgot the idiot that got stuck on a grave in the graveyard and died of hunger.

    My little 100 citizen outpost when I ended..

    Those two kitchens staffed by overseer and 4 subordinates each do not keep prepared food for all the people, should have gone for 3 kitchens, Must say the food bit almost got me this time too..

    Link to part two of the log PART 2.rar?dl=0 First that is in attached files is just the beginning, all the good stuff, (script errors and stuck guy) is in part two thru the dropbox link.

    Forgot, had trouble whit people not stocking items lying around town outskirts, As we have forbid items, could we also get a haul these items as quick as bloody possible order? please? I just cant stand the mess on the map..

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  8. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    We'll check those errors out, thanks. Filed tickets.
  9. Drumhead

    Drumhead Member

    A little off topic, but can we please get some form of military squads only filter again? It's difficult enough needing to micro-move multiple squads rally points through the workcrew window in order to raid bandit camps. Having 20 workcrews with military squads scattered among the civilians is pretty painful.

    Also, if soldiers who are in combat could keep fighting when the sun goes down instead of walking home leaving everyone else to die, that'd be nice.

    That said, I am liking where this game is headed. How long till the barber shop is build-able? I noticed it's in the module placement ui :)
  10. Rentahamster

    Rentahamster Member

    That's why I don't bother micromanaging optimal military traits anymore. I say screw it. My first 5 or 6 overseers are farmers. My next 3 or 4 are military. The rest are artisans or nothing. It makes organizing military operations much more manageable.
  11. Clockwork Empires.jpg
    This happens to new construction as well, Rentahamster: While helping construct a stockpile/airship mast setup, Maude Steelocke got stuck in the module.

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  12. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    I think it was taken away because the UI wasn't great at the time to communicate the state of what was selected - we'll figure something out.
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