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  1. tojosan

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  2. Tikigod

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    Bed changes sound great.

    Mining changes sounds even more great. :)
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  4. mcnostril

    mcnostril "The First To Crash"

    Just more evidence that all colonists are fearless still.
    Also the dreaded RED ZONE.
    I know know, I already mentioned this one, but I actually looked at the "combat with horror" effect, and the +15 fear doesn't seem to actually be doing anything. In that whole battle, the highest I saw was an overseer get to 89 fear, 24 despair, and he was still chasing selenians across the map to clobber them (no special traits either)
    I'd definitely like to see colonists practically go mad at the sight of these, unless they are made of Sterner Stuff (ooooh, how's that for a trait against Horrors).

    Screen Shot 08-10-16 at 10.18 PM.JPG

    Incidentally, some kind of toggle for the healthbar displays would be nice (or have them disappear at far zoom like everything else, it can get quite busy when traders + soldiers + enemies + colonists are in one big fight)

    Also this happened:
    Screen Shot 08-10-16 at 10.28 PM.JPG
    Not sure what awakened them (it was in fog of war) but when I sent my squad to investigate, they were just frozen there (and the squad is not reacting to them at all)
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  5. tojosan

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  6. Jubbly

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    Mining changes are interesting, my mine pops up with a new ore found every 1-2 minutes, so i'm assuming you could mine everything from one spot? (given all the pumps etc)

    I've got a building without floors and walls, not sure why (screenshot attached)
    Also noticed that wine is invisible on this stockpile
    2016-08-11 (1).png

    The self serve pub seems to work better (there's no need for someone to be there all the time) and I'm pleased that you are adding table chair combo item back in... don't forget an actual bar tho ;)
    When the pub overseer is carrying alcohol the bottles appear with a red outline (like they are unclaimed items) seems to just be cosmetic though as they still top up the big barrel in the pub.

    The upkeep stuff is a million times better, although my barracks and mine keep burning down now because no-one wants to do maintenance on them, the barracks kind of makes sense since the soldiers only hunt and soldier... but not sure why the miners don't repair the mining stuff themselves.
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  7. mcnostril

    mcnostril "The First To Crash"

    Crash on load

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  8. Braincooler

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    It would be nice to authorise the "table + chair" objects in the pubs, so we could arrange the room with a table with several chairs around it :)

    Edith : Oops, just saw that it had been added to 53B. Thanks dbaumgart.
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  9. Alephred

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    First impression of the new mineshafts: I really like the ability to focus on the mining products you want a Mine to produce, or focus on excavating downward (and now it really is possible to delve too deep). Neat!
  10. Cengro

    Cengro Member

    Is it me or does the barbershop even work? All I get is the message "Is the barber in?"
  11. tojosan

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    I discovered the barbers apparently spend most of their time talking. Like a real barber.
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  12. wargarurumon

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    seems there's a problem with selecting the deep vein button, and also i don't seem to be getting any of the ores that are supposed to come out of them

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  13. Braincooler

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    Error message spotted.

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  14. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    ooooooo! ... Fixed for 53B.
  15. Wolg

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    Watching every overseer in a starter colony engage deathwurms in separate one on one, hand to hand duels over the course of four game days, I'm inclined to agree they don't get as scared as they should... That sort of persistent mob brutality should probably be predicated on nearby friends sticking with the same fight.
  16. gmkchicago

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    -I don't think the pub is working if Laudanum is selected. I have it in stock, but the pub oversee will not pick it up and bring it to the bar. And the dialog window states that there is none in stock.
    -The 'W Upkeep' figure at the top of the screen is hidden the other buttons, so you cannot see how many you have or need.
    -The revision to how a laborer picks up multiple items at once is great, I've noticed quicker production times.
    -Artifacts, when right clicked, allow a designate as trade item, but that does nothing.
    -Is it possible to bring back right clicking on a single resource to mine/forage/etc? For example, in the swamp biome, a source of lumber is the mossy branches. I prefer to harvest those one at a time, rather than clearing an entire square of swamp.
    -If long pork is turned into sausages, is it still considered cannibalism?
    -I get indications that new ore has been discovered in my deep mine. However, that ore is not added to the list of mineable products in the mine menu.
  17. Unforked

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    Got a funky UI glitch when I clicked on the fourth mining level:

    Will the fun new mining modules like the vent unit and de-watering pump eventually be animated? They're begging for it.

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  18. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    Correct. The civilian thing got taken out last-minute due to other issues (and I neglected to update the changelot). There's a more proper way to do it that's on the TODO.

    1. Weird! Got it reproing locally. Logged as OC-5325.
    2. Yay!
    3. Looks like the Artifacts are set so you cannot trade them at all. They shouldn't have "set as trade good" on them at all, and ... I'll double-check as soon as I found one.
    4. We've got some ideas on how to give some finer control for this, it's on the TODO.
    5. Hmm, actually: no, it isn't. Heh. I guess it hides it well enough! Might have to 'fix' this ...
    6. This is now logged as OC-5327!

    Fixed for 53B.
  19. tojosan

    tojosan Member

    Will 53B include a Mac update?
  20. Drumhead

    Drumhead Member

    Played a long time last night and forgot to eat dinner (oops) in the process. Overally, really like the mining and public house improvements.

    As always, some odd stuff happened (this is off the top of my head atm).
    - had a foreign invasion, asked for guns, asked for extra troops. had a victory. extra troops said they were leaving but never did. I got a 4 person squad of redcoats for free (not that I mind really).
    - gun lockers (given with the invasion) got built but left the boxed module behind again.
    - I was in the desert map so I got that new plant thing I have no idea that's really spikey. it produces syrup for boozing, but the syrup doesn't register in the ui as a valid ingredient for brew basic alcohol (brew vat). it works tho, and it makes a 2nd level alcohol right out of the brew vat. sweet!
    - OH! really annoying issue with scroll bars when assigning a squad sometimes. sometimes it would instantly reset to the top of the scroll menu when selecting overseers, making it impossible to select an overseer beyond the first 4 or so.
    * side note, I still want a way to hide the already assigned ones in that menu. renaming farmers doesn't help when the scroll bar freaks out and you click the wrong one, again...
    - innkeeper only carries one bottle of booze to the pub at a time despite the fact that we have stacks. Seems rather odd
    - now and then I get a 'task completed' message for a standing order (usually 100 planks or 100 kitchen things on the stone stove), after witch I need to cancel and remake the standing order (as it gets ignored otherwise). I think I saw this in the last version too now that I think of it.
    - There was a script-error at some point ( to do with hunger I think, it had a string concat in there somewhere too), I was unable to take a screenshot tho, as the usual f12 button seemed to be not working (maybe a steam thing on my end no idea).

    As always, great fun. The crazy aggressive civilians made for an interesting game. My first naturalist spent the better part of a week hunting bandits with a shovel. She died due to an obelisk, after killing 3 bandits somehow.

    Edit: aha! got a screen of the script error this time.

    Edit2: It looks like my redcoats actualy did leave today, just a lot longer after the message than I thought.
    Also, I notice that my mine is getting deeper (over 200 [units]) despite being set to level 2 mining. I would expect to only get past a certain depth if mining at the lowest depth available.

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