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  1. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Mining interface completely overhauled; depth now unlocks deeper strata which the player may choose from when mining. Different stratum combine with nearby resource points to result in different sets of products when mining. Deep mines may find interesting things.
    added 3 new modules: Dewatering Pump for mines, Ventilation Unit, and Steam Distributor
    added new office type: "Training Academy" (your overseers can learn skills here faster than normal)
    added unique icons to some of the new traits
    minor tag updates to a few commodities/foods
    "singing terrain" event arc effect increased
    added The Larch
    added an Occult Inspector event
    Sunny Day now starts during the day (because it's weird to start this at night)
    added tech to boost quality of life for outdoor workers
    Assignment beacons are now grayed out when their assignments are disabled.
    overhauled Public House (can select booze type to serve, booze type appearance is preserved when serving, colonists can self-serve, pub given larger effect on memories/QoL)
    made rogue stahlmarkian starting position more random
    horror corpses can now be destroyed by damage
    Pubs will serve tea if they are out of everything else
    foreign relation state changes now handled as FYI-style alerts
    Workshop upkeep jobs are now handled by the workshop work crew, if a workshop work crew is available
    characters picking up a stack of m things from a stack of n items no longer play their animation m times; they play the animation once and pick up the entire stack, all at once
    tooltips can now be anchored to screen position
    added wrapped text overload constructor to cut down on illusion code lines
    object tooltips now show how many of a thing are owned, show tags (don't yet show where to build them but that's TODO)
    character tooltips are now anchored to bottom right, and are starting to show useful information. (THIS IS FAR FROM FINISHED, but as it stands they're already significantly more useful)
    balance: civilians may randomly flee instead of performing melee combat
    balance: traders will now always have some repair trunks and basic materials on them
    balance: beds now restricted by character social class
    balance: Cots and Lower Class Chairs no longer require upkeep
    balance: military modules now require upkeep
    balance: reduced upkeep costs across the board, but especially for low end modules
    FIXED: combat music cues should only fire for combat involving your colonists
    FIXED: title of "aristocratic manor" command no longer says "A"
    FIXED: friendship scripterror
    FIXED: more instances of empty-handed traders (almost there)
    FIXED: rare resetWeapon scripterror
    FIXED: alert for angering bandits appearing when no bandit witnessed your desecration of their foul tents
    FIXED: can no longer reset research in lab with fewer points than advertised
    FIXED: various incorrect utility caps in office jobs leading to unexpected behaviour with certain office workcrews
    FIXED: science skill display in Laboratory
    FIXED: header on Laboratory points filled alert
    FIXED: various issues with Foreign Office jobs not being carried out correctly under some circumstances
    FIXED: scripterror in "get swole" if overseer job was changed rapidly and thus anim name was lost
    FIXED: typography on j and other characters
    FIXED: depressingly complicated scene graph loading bug causing crashing on save games
    FIXED, another, different, save game crash
    FIXED: not saving/loading workshop module attached to a job between saves would cause production menu to occasionally not update when a job was complete
    FIXED: loading the save game you just saved causes colonists to re-appear twice in the colonists list
    FIXED: commodities disappearing from stockpile when two containers are merged (again!)
    FIXED: Boxed rare paintings are now tradable
    FIXED: bug with mining techs
    FIXED: crash when opening trade office menu
    FIXED: changing research category in Laboratory could mark projects as "already researched"
    FIXED: eating fishperson pie is no longer considered cannibalism
    FIXED: lab techs displayed "researched" after switching programs
    FIXED: tooltip info persists across save/loadskin
    FIXED: an issue where for initial pause tooltips for characters were broken.
  2. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    Nice stuff
  3. Unforked

    Unforked Member

    This is a big one, so much to process here. I am overwhelmed in a good way.

    As much as the new mining depth intrigues me, the new events excite me, somehow the bed restriction makes me happiest. It just adds a nice touch of contextual "realism" I've been craving.

    Thanks for staying up so late to get this out!
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  4. Mikel

    Mikel Waiting On Paperwork From The Ministry. Forever.

    I will give it a spin tomorrow perhaps. You guys are too good not to give it a shake.
  5. berkstin

    berkstin Member

    Mac version doesn't seem to have pushed out to Steam yet. Guess I'll try it manana as well!!
  6. Alavaria

    Alavaria Member

    I was getting fed up of having 50+ Middle Class beds just to ensure every overseer could use one. Thank goodness :)

    (I'm still gonna have everything in a single massive building most likely, but now I guess one can just ignore lower class cots now?)
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  7. mcnostril

    mcnostril "The First To Crash"

    Oooooh that UI tooltip.
    The "Total owned" is such a huge quality of life boost, and the expanded colonist stuff is nice too. Being able to access all of this straight from the game window is great.
    My main feedback for this bit of UI would be placement; right now, bottom right is kind of awkward; I play fullscreen at 1920x1080, and it's just a long way to look, especially since what I'm focusing on will generally be somewhere near the center of the screen. Maybe float it like it used to? Dunno if it's too big for that now... or bottom center above the stamp icons? Far right right corner is not working for me.
    Other than that, nicer formatting on the colonist tooltip? The item tooltip is quite readable at a glance with the different fonts (bit too tiny maybe) and tag sections, but the colonist one is a bit harder to parse at a glance.

    Also the upkeep countdown in the workshop UI is great. I dunno if that was there before (I feel like it was mentioned earlier but this is the first time I notice).
    EDIT: The upkeep thing cuts off on housing interface

    However, I have noticed that my performance seems to be worse on this build when zoomed out (super noticeable when I'm scrolling around).
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  8. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

    Mac build is waiting on, I kid you not, Mac-compatible font code. @mcnostril I'll take a look at the performance issues in the morning.
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  9. Very early into my first playthrough, the only oddity I've run into is I got a batch of lower class colonists with no sort of pop-up alert whatsoever, they just popped into existence without any sort of fanfare. The new tooltips are very nice guys!

    Edit to add: The colonists popped up at the same time as a workshop was completed, I wonder if this had anything to do with it? Also. I got the "Colonists Want a Barracks" pop-up even though I had already built a barracks.

    *Also, the tooltip for making Cooked Meat indicates it should be producing 4 cooked meat per raw meat input, but it's only producing 1.
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  10. Nicholas

    Nicholas Technology Director Staff Member

  11. Errr..I'm not entirely sure how those work. If I upload the last one that was created from that game, does it include everything up to that point? Just in case, here that is.

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  12. Jubbly

    Jubbly Member

    Just played a bit..
    Tooltips on the various items are brilliant, a big improvement.
    Repairing appears to be working well now, no burned down workshops yet and taking upkeep off cots means the early days of the colony aren't such a drag.
    Soldiers are much less responsive, attacked by bandits and obeliskians and they stayed in bed while my colony was wiped out, not sure if that's intentional, certainly in my previous games soldiers (whether on shift or not) would react to any threat.
  13. Samut

    Samut Member

    Always nice to see CE's development chugging along and progressing.
  14. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    Fungus stew lists "raw fungus" as a requirement, but doesn't seem to produce; the fungus baskets are tagged as "raw food" and "fungus".
  15. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    Logged checking immigration notification as OC-5306
    Logged barracks events as OC-5304
    Logged cooked meat as OC-5305

    Logged raw fungus chicanery as OC-5307
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  16. Naffarin

    Naffarin Bureaucrat-Inspector Exemplar of The Empire

    The ministry of niggling pedantic pernicketiness objects to the tooltip saying otherwise
  17. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    Whoops! Fixing that now.
  18. DaCrAzYmOfO

    DaCrAzYmOfO Member

    Will tea leaves be required to operate the pub now? I know it was a crop in certain biomes and had no use before.
  19. dbaumgart

    dbaumgart Art Director Staff Member

    Not, uh, at this point. (It is, of course, possible to make tea out of all sorts of things!)
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  20. Soopah

    Soopah Member

    Just to clarify, Tea was a cash crop that I couldn't brew (Maybe I just don't know how), does that mean we can brew it and have colonies drink it?
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