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Discussion in 'Conquest of the Wizardlands' started by Psiweapon, Aug 7, 2012.

  1. Lorrelian

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    Test of Time procs if you're in the area of effect of Call the Sandstorm, Ruin of Time procs if you hit pretty much anything other than Vegetables (not sure why that is, but eh.) The effect is supposed to be a nerf for a very powerful spell, except it has no time limit and can be removed. I'm not sure what's going on there, or if it counts as a bug or not.
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    Does it cancel test of time? Because that would be a nerf right there. Test of Time is nice.
  3. Tom Chiles

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    I have not officially tested that out so don't quote me on it, but I had test of time, used Call of the Sandstorm, and noticed a few minutes later that I had ruin of time.

    Back to original topic:
    Egyptian magic is amazingly powerful. Get the glyph of Ra, and every once in a while recharge you mana. You will be incincible.
  4. Borodin

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    From what I can tell, Test of Time replaces Ruin of Time as you progress further up the Egyptian Magic tree. It's the equivalent of a negative side effect due to amateurish casting, being replaced by a positive one as you improve.

    He'll be invincible for a few days. Read back a bit in this thread. Gaslamp has announced that they will nerf the hell out of the spell in the patch due out very soon. We're just discussing our hopes for how it will be handled.
  5. DuckAndCower

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    I'm not sure how it works, but I'm guessing it's random. I have noticed, though, that you can just click the X on Ruin of Time's icon to get rid of it.
  6. Borodin

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    It's not random. You'll get Ruins of TIme during the earlier stages of climbing the Egyptian Magic tree, but hardly at all later on--and the reverse is true of Test of Time. I didn't get RoT at all after getting the full tree.
  7. klaymen_sk

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    I kept getting Ruins of Time even at the penultimate skill, maybe even after reaching the capstone. I'll have to look at it again.
  8. Knallis

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    Before posting I had tried that, actually, casting it on myself and just hitting myself. Still got Ruin of Time. Also casting it while close to my target enemy (like a boss) got me Ruin of Time as well. Casting it on an empty space got me Ruin of Time too.
  9. Lorrelian

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    Hm... when was that? I just tested it in a mass casting on a zoo, with myself at the edge. Got Test of Time, no Ruin.
  10. Looking at the XMLs, unless they changed, Ruin of Time is supposed to proc on monsters only I think? As in it's supposed to appear on the monster, not you, so the cancellable thing doesn't matter much. (there's a comment in the XML "anyone want to let me know why the ruin of time is fired on the player? I suppose taxa isn't respected in that case" which makes it seem pretty likely that's how it's supposed to work)

    Also Test of Time erases Ruin of Time, and because they have the same icon you can only have one or the other, so once you get it you shouldn't be able to get ruin of time.
  11. Giygas

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    As soon as I got Sandstorm, I tested it on a Diggle (poor diggle) and it gave me the Test of Time.

    On a different character, I started spamming it once I had every glyph and I still got Test of Time.

    But yeah, it's probably just a bug as Tentacled said.
  12. Kazuhiro

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    A term coined by D&D players. I THINK it refers to a race called "giztherai" who are notoriously deadly warriors. It's sort of a generic term to refer to warrior/wizards.

    Okay, everyone's talking about the sandstorm and it seems that matter is settled, so I have a different matter to discuss:

    The tree clearly has some shenanigans going on with "if you have glyph X and Y on, then you have a chance for Z." I've only ever seen the basic one with the asp and Imhotep, though. What others are there?

    Also, if that Asp+Imhotep one I mentioned is the one making yellow poison clouds pop up all around me, then it's a fucking liability. It's the reason that character died.
  13. Lunix Vandal

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    Sandstorm, obviously, gets extra area and effects based on your active glyphs. Call the Nile, similarly, gives a wider spread of self-buffs beyond its basic +regen:
    1) Asp procs poison clouds on the tiles diagonally adjacent to you.
    2) Imhotep adds a short-duration heal-over time, as though you had eaten a Fairywodger.
    3) With both Asp and Imhotep, you get a maxed stack of Asp Empowerment.
    4) Anubis gives a 100-turn buff (Life Mostly Eternal) that gives a good spread of +damage and resists, at the cost of making you slightly more vulnerable to conflagratory and righteous damage.

    Dependent on what parts of my posts here are included in 1.1.2, the patch will add another trio of procs:
    1) An Egyptian Bankster has a chance to reclaim some money over time (via Pyramid Schemes) when he gets smacked with a Banksterism debuff while running Imhotep -- or, similarly, to get extra money from High Interest Loan. Well ... outside the Wizardlands, anyways.
    2) Nile + Ra gives a 100-turn buff (The Unconquered Sun) that also gives a good spread of +damage and resists -- notably, it more-than-compensates for Life Mostly Eternal's downside.
    3) Asp + Anubis adds a chance to proc a single-target poison cloud when you hit things in melee, which consequently adds a copy of Asp Empowerment if you have Imhotep running.

    Eeyup. Solution: Don't get hit (to avoid the clouds proccing), or run Life Mostly Eternal for the asphyx resist.
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  14. Nikolai

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    Oh. And using Paranormal Investigator's capstone with Glyph of Ra on will give you a fancy buff to both melee and magic capabilities. Dunno if it actually works, though, but it's something about Gift of the Goa'uld.
  15. Psiweapon

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    OP here.

    Sandstorm has been acceptably nerfed, but at least I can go back to the character that got trapped in the wizardlands (and that sparked this post)

    Talking about that, I had stolen the Kronghammer from Brax, killing him.

    But now the dungeon has reorganized itself... and that means two new levels of loot and apparently that the incarnation of Brax I killed no longer exists, and he or his dread minions aren' t after my hide.

    EDIT: Oh great, I just accidentally angered one Brax at the fungus level, when attacking a fruit treant or whatever. Now there's dread collectors again - and this time I didn't even steal anything.
  16. Borodin

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    Acceptably nerfed. Can you please explain what that phrase of yours means? :)
  17. OmniaNigrum

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    I believe he means he approves of the nerf and feels it is not too much.
  18. Borodin

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    I was hoping for a few details, though. :)
  19. hafu78

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    It seemed the same to me, honestly, but maybe it costed more mana or did a little bit less damage.
    Still trucked through everything.
  20. Stryke

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    It definitely does less damage, Zombys were shrugging it off though some others were less lucky. Buffs seems to work now with Test of Time being on a timer and the monsters getting Ruin of time.