Your favorite builds?

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  1. Coldfire

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    I was just wondering what everyone's favorite skill builds are!

    Character type (Warrior, Rogue, Mage):

    Starting skills:

    Skills assigned at each level:

    Additional notes:
  2. Serith

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    Character type: Rogue

    Starting skills: Unarmed Combat, Berserker Rage, Artful Dodger, Astrology, Perception, Archaeology, and Tinkering

    Skills assigned at each level: (Still playing this character so nothing to add here yet.)

    Additional notes: My Monk Archaeologist has no need for puny weapons. He and his fedora are capable of beating everything up.
  3. tcjsavannah

    tcjsavannah Member

    Character type: Fighter
    Starting skills: Swordplay, Dual wielding, Berserker Rage, Artful Dodging, Master of Arms, Smithing and Alchemy
    Additional notes: Haven't done much with alchemy, but after smithing two swords of cold steely death and getting counterattacks up to a great spot, he's slicing through mobs like a hot knife through butter
  4. ibazly

    ibazly Member

    Obviously I haven't had much time to play! This is a build I invented that I call "The Viking".

    Character Type: Warrior (Primarily)

    Skills: Axemanship, Dual Wielding, Berserker Rage, MAster of Arms, Viking Wizardry, Assassination, Smithing.

    Skills assigned at each level: I'm still working on it, naturally, but I started with upping smithing by one, then learnign the second viking wizardry spell, as crowd control becomes pretty necessary, regardless of your weaponry. I will likely develop the skills then in this order: dual wielding, assassination, master of arms, berserker rage, and axemanship. In that order, then probably continue building in roughly that order. We'll see how it goes!

    All of these basically go toward improving melee attacking, but also grant some mild crowd control abilities through viking magic. I thought it was a creative build. I'm not sure if there are other skills that cover "viking" skills either, but this build has a lot of skills in it labelled as being "viking", so I rather like it. Let me know what you think!
  5. Coldfire

    Coldfire Member

    I've had no luck playing a mage whatsoever. :p I keep dying halfway through the first floor. xD
  6. Skyblade799

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    Character Type : Rogue/Warrior (mainly rogue)

    Starting Skills: Unarmed Combat, Thrown weapons, Artful Dodging, Perception, Burglary, Archaeology, Tinkering

    Skills assigned at each level: Depends

    Additional notes: I have found this character to be fantastic at handling hoards and getting through tough situations easily due to the items and skills he can acquire/use.
  7. Rowsdower

    Rowsdower Member

    Here is my newest (after five tries):

    Character type: Arcane Warrior

    Skills: Swordplay, Dual Wielding, Berserker Rage, Mathemagic, Viking Wizardry, Ley lines, Archaeology

    Skills Assigned: I've started with a focus on swordplay, berserk and dual wielding traits with one exception "Skatha's Roots" the second Viking skill (found that it is effective for holding overpowering individual opponents in place while i fall back, like those who come out of "evil chest").

    Notes: This class is deeply offensive and survivable. I found that on the second floor and after I was tending to get overwhelmed with my warrior builds Mathmagic offers me a ready out via the mana cheep teleport spell. Viking powers up my already strong offense and offers some supporting spells and ley lines insures that I can keep my buff always. Archaeology offers free exp. and gives the rouge points that allows me to disarm traps with relative ease. so far so good.

    Another because I've heard people say they have had trouble clearing first level with a mage (I haven't been too deep into level 2 with it, the game crashed, but I was breezing):

    Character type: Mage

    Skills: Mathmagic, Psionics, Promethean Magic, Blood Magic, Ley Lines, Golemancy, Staff-fighting

    Skills Assigned: Your first priority should be to max Ley lines, once this is done, cuppled with blood magic, mana largely ceases to be an issue. Then Jump to Animate mustache, that little guy is lovely.

    Notes: try not to engage your enemies in melee until you have weakened them. This should be easy considering you have both mathmagics teleport and psionics sleep spell (this can be your best friend) Use wise placement of Golemancy's Animate blade being to weaken enemies and them lay the final blow with your stave. You'll do fine.
  8. Lordxorn

    Lordxorn Member

    Interested to see no Necromancy, that spell is a real bitch because it curses you as well.
  9. Aarika

    Aarika Member

    Just started this character today but so far I'm doing quite well:

    Character type: Mage

    Starting skills: Golemancy, Necronomiconomics, Promethian Magic, Magic Training, Blood Magic, Ley Lines, Archaeology

    Skills assigned at each level:

    Additional notes: So far I'm not sure how useful Archaeology and Ley Lines will be, I'm leaning towards a more magical based skill. I haven't used every skill yet so I'm not sure what they all do. I'm thinking perhaps Vampirism and ...the name escapes me at the moment, the description was something about looking to the stars.
  10. Zzinged

    Zzinged Member

    Archaeology is handy for dealing with traps.
  11. Lazer_69

    Lazer_69 Member

    Character type: Warrior/Rogue

    Skills: Swordplay, Dual Wielding, Berserker Rage, Artful Dodging, Deadshot, Vampirism, Smithing

    Skills Assigned: I got Vampirism first off, so you can heal. And the sparkling vampire is useful too. It does an AoE %age of stunning opponents. Useful on bosses. Then i started to get Smithing, and by the time you get level 4, you will have plenty of materials for some high level stuff. Then i got max swordplay. Then Dual Wielding. And that is all ive got upto.

    Notes: Vampirism makes it SOOO FREAKIN HARDDD GRRRR LOL. A real challenge. You cannot eat anything. You gain about +3 health each hit. The second ability for it gives +4 health for every corpse you eat. I do not recommend Vampirism for a long game. Im currently on level 7, a frost level. Ive got swords with 9 and 10 stars, 10 star armor, 9 star boots, 7 star helm. I die so easily. Only the first level was a challenge. Levels 2-5 were easy. Only problem is that you can't heal fast enough while you kill them. I suggest to sub Vamp for another skill that uses Mana, because i didnt have any skill that used mana.

    ADDITIONAL NOTE: I gain +1 Health every hit i do on Level 7. Might be a bug? idk. I two hit nearly every monster though. but fck its so hard. Especially if they hit you for 10, and sometimes 18 dmg. (total of 55 health)
  12. Animation

    Animation Member

    I have a vampire monk-berserker. He has vampirism, berserker, unarmed combat, critical hits, artful dodger, perception and burglary.

    Good times!
  13. AlixWolveria

    AlixWolveria Member

    Character type: Rouge-Bomber

    Starting skills:Thrown Weapons, Unarmed Combat, Artful Dodger, Perception, Burglary, Archaeology, Tinkering

    Skills assigned at each level:
    Lvl 2: UC
    Lvl 3: TW
    Lvl 4: TW
    Lvl 5: (Not there yet :/)

    Additional notes:
    Get Unarmed Combat since you wont start off with many throwing weapons. Once you start to get enough materials like Black Powder, start crating bombs / concussion bombs.
    In the meanwhile, you should be able to snag a few trap and be able to use them in sticky situations.Position yourself well since bombs have the AOE effect and you wouldn't want to get caught in it. Perception & Burglary are there for extra exp/trap snags. Archaeology's great for Refilling Anvil of Krong in it's final stage.
    Tricky build that requires a little planning ahead due to the usage of traps & explosives, but so far i'm doing well (and pretty fun to that fact)
  14. Leaf

    Leaf Member

    Character type: Mage/Rogue (1 Warrior, 3 Mage, 3 Rogue start)

    Skills: Staff, Blood Magic, Perception, Alchemy, Burglary, Promethean Magic, Magic Training

    Notes: This is a variation of my first try which had Necromancy instead of Blood Magic, wasnt bad but never really used the dark magic. Also went the entire lifespan without ever finding a grinder T.T

    As for the current build, I went leveling Promethean immediately till you get fireball. Once you get the wyrmling, you are good to go for the first 2 floors. Once you get fireball, you can literally clear out monster zoos with ease. Everytime a monster dies, no matter the cause, you gain back one mana. So I would finish monster zoos with full mana again. The wyrmling is just back up.

    Once you get fireball, i maxed Magic Training, got alchemy 2 to make better booze, then worked on Burglary to deal with the traps. Right now im leveling staff as monsters wont attack me if my pet is next to them. Saves mana.
  15. negorath

    negorath Member

    The builds I've had the most success with so far are:

    Character type (Warrior, Rogue):

    Starting skills: Swords, Dual Wielding, Berserker Rage, Master of Arms, Assassination, Archaeology, Smithing

    Skills assigned at each level: I usually get a few points into Smithing quickly; higher Smithing produces more ingots per ore chunk, and gives me more to craft with.
    After that I usually try to max out Dual Wielding, followed by Swords.

    Additional notes: Good solid build which excels at 1v1, so when I encounter zoos I just back up a bit and let them come at me one and one in a narrow corridor.


    Character type (Mage):

    Starting skills: Staff, Blood Magic, Archaeology, Alchemy, Burglary, Promethean Magic, Magic Training

    Skills assigned at each level: Get fireball, this spell is awesome, and one level in Archaeology for "It belongs in a Museum". After that you can get pretty much anything you want. Maxing Magic Training helps a lot though.

    Additional notes: This is a slight variation of Leaf's build, except I've traded out Perception for Archaeolgy. It helps me detect and disarm traps, and "It belongs in a museum" is a seriously under appreciated spell that well help you level up rather fast.
  16. Valygar

    Valygar Member

    My only mage succesful so far:

    Character type: Mage/Rogue

    Skills: Staff, Alchemy, Burglary, Promethean Magic, Magic Training, Ley Walker, Artful Dodger

    You only need the promethean skills to do real damage. First level it up right to the Wyrm pet, it will take you through level 1 and 2 quite easily. Next focus on spell power and mana regen, and you can spam the Promethean spells. Easy Peasy.
  17. Leaf

    Leaf Member

    Sadly, I lost my save for the Mage/Rogue. Currently trying out Negorath's adjustment but here is another I tried before that...

    Character Type: Duelist (3 warrior, 3 rogue, 1 mage I think)

    Skills: Sword, Duel Wield, Berserker Rage, Perception, Astrology, Assassination, and Artful Dodging

    First things first, buy or find another sword immediately XD. Always have your astrology buff up, it gives a few stats but has a chance on when hit to flash and stun all monsters around you. I found it procced pretty often in the later levels.

    Level up sword all the way to max first, this gets you a bunch of nifty skills and nice stats including counter. Becareful when using the ranged slash move as monsters can still counter this (this ended up getting me killed in the end T.T). Hunt for counter items to buff that counter as high as possible as you go.

    You have no crafting so I ended up selling everything so it worked out for my shopping needs.

    Im going to try this build again but replace Perception with Archaeology for that awesome Fedora XD.
  18. afterstar

    afterstar Member

    Character Type: Adventurer (Warrior/Rogue)

    Skills: Unarmed Combat, Shield Bearer, Artful Dodger , Master of Arms, Deadshot , Assassination, Smithing.

    You are tough as a rhino, can dodge like a snake and hit hard like a bull.
    The build is great because you don't need to find weapons to upgrade your damage and you can use the slots for TWO shields, how amazing is that.
    Your unarmed combat abilities have a knockback,which allows you to use another ability or two until the monsters are back to you.
    Shield Bearer and Master of Arms for a hoard of defense and Deadshot,Assassination for deadly strikes.
    Smithing, because I like to craft nice things and there are hidden recipies in the game for powerful items.

    Your first 6 levels, put them all in your unarmed Combat,you will get two amazing knockback abilities and your kicks will be superb; be wary,your awesomeness can destroy the universe.
    I definitely recommend trying Unarmed Combat with two shields,you will be suprised how good it is.
  19. Pelican

    Pelican Member

    Starting skills: Macery, Shield-Bearer, Berzerker Rage, Master of Arms, Viking Wizardry, Assassination, Smithing

    Skills assigned at each level: Duck and Cover!, Viking Temperment, Smithing 2, 3, 4, Shatha's Roots, Dwarven Handshake.

    Additional notes: First real character after screwing around with randoms to get a feel for the game yesterday. This is my first Roguelike but I seem to be getting the hang of it. Most of the way through the third floor and nothing can really create a threat yet. Only one zoo found and despite having an army of shopkeepers and a large bank account, I have yet to even find a second ring or a necklace. Feeling pretty strongly about this set up so far but really liking the idea of that double shield build afterstar posted.
  20. Aftermath

    Aftermath Member

    This is my first roguelike game, so I've just been dying a lot and changing skills around to see how far I can make it. This is my most successful so far, just a few rooms left to clear on level 5 (on moderate difficulty). And apologies for the long post, I'm just really into the game :)

    Character Type: Vampire Mage/Staff Warrior? I set out to be a mage, but I don't think I did very well.

    Starting Skills: Staff, Armor Mastery, Vampirism, Geomancy, Viking Wizardry, Blood Arts, Archaeology

    Skills assigned at each level: Vampirism first, then I got Skatha's Roots, Spirit Conduit, then maxed out Archaeology, got Suit Up (although it doesn't seem very good?), went up to Invive Thaumus in Golemancy, and now I'm working on maxing out staff for the big bonuses at the end. After that I'm not sure if I want to see the "game-breaking" Golemancy spell or the other Viking stuffs.

    Additional notes: I'm not as far as Lazer69 (or maybe a different difficulty?), but so far Vampirism seems like it's overpowered. I'm not sure why, but there are turns where I'll hit an enemy and heal for 20+ and it's not uncommon to jump to max health after a kill, maybe it's the haywire effect? The only problem that I can see is that I've developed a weird habit of eating the special or boss monsters even when I don't need the health. As far as vampirism goes, if not being able to heal is a concern, Fleshsmithing will still heal you normally (and has some great damage spells).

    Archaeology is really good. More than getting a bit faster exp, I love being able to reroll artifacts and use the Krong anvil twice, it's made a ton of difference this time around. The other thing is that as a vampire, the most dangerous things are traps, so being able to see and disable them easily is great as well.

    Is there a way to control the Golems? My mustache Golem will follow me around, but just stand behind me when I find enemies, I'm not sure how to make him more useful. The thaumus spell absolutely destroys in Monster Zoos and is really powerful (and cheap) on single targets, too. I've found myself using it more than the Skatha's Roots now.

    Here are my current stats: