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    I don't know if this has been suggested before, but I think a, "Heart of Darkness," style biome would be pretty cool. The biome would feature one large, navigable river that ran straight to the back of the map, surrounded by nigh-impenetrable, tropical jungle. Obviously there would be much room for concealed Fun, doomed expeditions, isolated outposts, and more!
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  2. Her Majesty's anti-paranormal investigation squad I think.
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    Yeah that one.
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    Ecologically fragile Fynbos shrublands, Temperate weather, rocky rolling hills, and a diverse array of plants with valuable oils and medicine to be extracted as well as making for excellent grazelands, but exceptionally sensitive to overexploitation. Massive wildfires break out with alarming frequency.

    Billabongs that make it important to hunt and gather water at certain parts of the year, briefly having the wealth of floodplains before drying back up to desert. The heat is oppressive and the location remote, and many animals are dangerous, massive reptiles included.
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  5. fleshyechidna

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    Aw man, imagine getting small boats from other empires just passing through your colony, knowing of what horrors lie beyond.... and then imagine them coming back.
  6. The idea of seeing ships or refugee's fleeing from other colonies and passing through or settling in yours is one that sounds really awesome. Imagine a colony being lost to madness and a few survivors that fled make a new home for themselves in your colony, but they spread more madness to your colony by settling there.
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  7. fleshyechidna

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    This talk of survivors actually raises an interesting question. Will you be able to settle in the ruins of an old colony, and if so could you possibly find the remains of the previous settlers? cause it would be pretty cool finding the perfect location, and then seeing the bloody remains of a barber spattered across the ruins of an old shop floor.
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    What should definitely exists as Biomes :

    - The Steampunk island of murderous water : Tundra with Geysers and stuff. I feel it's ever better if it's an island, but it could very well be inland with lakes (that contains murderous fishes)..
    - Steampunk oversized Taiga : Basically, everything that represents life, but bigger. Huge pine trees with huge Aurochs and very huge beetles.
    - Steampunk Cog-nitive Biome : A regular plain, except that you're pretty sure that an acient pious civilization was here before. There are most-probably-man-made contraptions around. This could include a forest glade cleared in the shape of a cog, or some kind of rein or saddles on beetles,
    - Any chances for a Niagara Falls tribute? Basically a biome where there would be a relatively huge mountain, and a gigantic waterfall on it (could be fit into the murderous water biome as needed).

    Heck, I would love if there could be a rare Dredmor biome, where you have some of those weird trees and the very rare Diggle Beetle?
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  9. EleSigma

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    A Dredmor biome easter egg would be nice. Very small and hidden away on the far reaches of the map. Chocked full of Dredmor references, and maybe Dredmor statues.

    I just thought about a prehistoric biome consisting of plants and possibly some creatures from the Carboniferous period like fern tree jungles and swamps, mossy forest floors, giant insects, trilobites, giant and bizarre fish as well as cephlapods. Of course the biome would be void of coal.
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  10. astaldaran

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    I want to be able to capture the diggles and then domesticate them and have my soldiers ride upon them!
  11. ploki122

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    I think you mean destroyable dredmor statues...
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  12. Idle Dice

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    Nice one! I really love prehistoric megafauna such as the Devonian era giant sea scorpion, late Carboniferous griffinflies, and Mio/Pliocene Argentavis birds and chalicotheres. Some of the chalicotheres look like the result of an unholy union between a horse and a sloth.
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  13. Potjeh

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    Elysian Fields. Sunny meadows full of cute peaceful critters frolicking around. Gentle weather makes farming almost effortless, and resources in general are plentiful and easily accessible. In short, this place is perfect. A bit too perfect in fact - prolonged exposure will turn any citizen into a poet.

    Now how's that for terrifying mass-madness ;)
  14. Mystrogak

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    This is a very cool idea;

    The biome you are in should react to what your doing, if you cut down X number or X% of the trees in a forest biome it can no longer be a forest biome, it will slowly turn into a new biome(when X trees or X% of trees in forest biome are removed a timer begins which randomly changes a tile every Y seconds to a new biome). Each biome would have various triggers for this similar procedure, the possibilities are endless!

    Its like terraforming; perhaps if this idea is explored correctly this approach could solve some of the discussion based around difficulty explored in this thread and would also allow for a very complex game style Where experienced players know biome progression and can avoid the troubles of certain biomes by terraforming ina certain direction. I think im getting a bit over the top here! but this is how it might play out:

    So i start my game in a cozy forest biome, with not so many enemies (a novice style difficulty), but now ive chopped down loads of trees, no trees means nothing drinks up the rain water, now im in a swamp biome . Mist starts to be frequent in my colony now, the types of enemies have become poisonous and given the low visability my people become more mad. Now my people have become more mad, thus i have some sort of mad swamp biome.

    A little more related to the thread title:
    My biome idea would be based around the natives that populate parts of your island; perhaps stone heads like Easter island are around, obviously the native village etc.
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  15. There should be a MOON BIOME. Absolutely nothing. Just craters and soil. Watch your settlers die slowly while approaching insanity.
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  16. Hell Grunt

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    You mean a battlefield biome with decaying corpses causing madness as people eat the crops and slowly devolve into neanderthal-like cannibals.
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  17. EleSigma

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    Building on this stream of brainstorming we have going on:

    Ancient battlefield biome, something like the Dead Marshes from LotR, at night ghosts and eery orbs of light appear over the marshes and will lure citizens that view them into the marshes where they will drown and join the ghosts.
  18. Mystrogak

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    Oh i like that, but it should begin with just a single ghoul, which lures your townsfolk in and kills them the marsh, and then they rise as ghastly figures of the night to repeat the process! It could quickly escalate out of control until there is a horde of undead! Making that part of the new world almost un-settle-able!!
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  19. The walking dead 1800's style?
  20. Mystrogak

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    Upperclass "Patrick Moor" look-a-like zombie!

    But in all seriousness, no not zombies. Zombies are way too over-saturated!

    I was thinking more like a sobbing child ghost, crying in the distance that lures your citizens in before horribly murdering them in some devilish way!
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