You can only level up one skill at a time. What skills do you choose?

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  1. Andras_Zodon

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    And of course, in what order would you level them? Mod skills apply, too!

    To be clear, what I mean by this is that you choose a skill and cannot level other skills until this skill is maxed. you continue until death or all skills are maxed.
  2. Smoogly

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    Big game hunter is one of the optimal skills to go full in early and its only 4 levels. So the first floor is doable without messing up a builds flow or speed in-fact it accelerates it because
    Its boosts xp gain on an enemy type thats very common
    Early heals from meat spawn can later be easy lutefisk conversion
    Save the steak for encrusting max hp

    the debuff is ok early but the aggro is nifty

    spawning 4 diggles is amazing plain and simple