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    FYI, like Fallout 4, XCom 2 is also due out for November. And FYI: It is reported to be PC-only and will more fully support mods than Enemy Unknown does.

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    I just hope it is better than the remake of the original games made. To this day, I still say the original X:Com was the best. (The old DOS version in case anyone misunderstands that.)
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    I actually appreciate the new XCom -- it got rid of a lot of unnecessary minutia, and reduced the game to its essentials. Don't get me wrong -- it has a few problems. But I found it more enjoyable than the original.
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    Fond X-Com memory: Discovering Laser Pistols, and later Laser Rifles, could be sold at a profit to fill gaps in my defense budget. I funded the defense of Earth by dominating the arms manufacturing industry.
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