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  1. Isasaur

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    Let's see... I was playing on GRPD and both of the first codes (which are supposed to be for GRPD, btw) gave me the different items from what they were actually supposed to be, also, I'm not using any mods that alter the Wizardlands.
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  2. OmniaNigrum

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    The codes are seeds. They do not yield the same results for everyone. In fact, they cannot. I am pretty sure that is already in this thread somewhere...
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  3. Kazeto

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    Operating System for which the game was made, version of the game itself, and difficulty level all change what the seeds generate.
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  4. Isasaur

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    Well, I guess that does it, lol, I bet most people trying these codes and reporting unaligned results have different OSs(?)
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  5. Isasaur

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    Fozaromkolmag: DL3 and has 2 anvils of krong and AV2 One Sparkling Glove
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  6. DavidB1111

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    I just went to Fozaromkolmag and I got only a crappy ring and a artifact robe of the beige warlock. :(
    What is with the widely different results people get. :(
    If anything, easy dificulty should give you better gear than hard difficulty, not the other way around. :( Don't want to make hard too easy. :) I don't think I've ever gotten the same result as someone else.
    That's the only thing I can think that changes what's in a wizard room.
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  7. Isasaur

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    Read a few posts above and you'll understand why.
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  8. Kazeto

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    If you are still playing the way you were the last time you wrote about it (Elvish Easy), then that means your difficulty level is different from the one of the player who posted it (because most people play on either Dwarvish Moderation or Going Rogue), and the difference in the difficulty is what causes the same seed to give you a different wizardland.

    PS. Long time no see, DavidB1111. I'm glad you visited us again.

    @Isasaur: In the future, if you see DavidB1111 asking a question which had already been answered, just re-post the answer for him. He's sort of mentally absent sometimes (not that this doesn't happen to everyone sometimes), but he has a reason for that and he is a nice guy (or at least appeared to be all the time he posted there), so it's better that way.
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  9. DavidB1111

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    Yeah. I've been a bit out of the loop for a bit. Real life is a funny thing.
    Back when I posted last, I don't think we ever got any evidence that the difficulty changes the seed for the Wizardlands.
    Now we know, and knowing is half the battle! :)
    At least, I didn't think we knew back then. I feel really silly if we did. :)

    And maybe this will inspire me to see if I can play on Dwarvish Moderation sometime. Have to start small.
    I wonder if changing how the difficulty affects things in the config will change the Wizardlands generation, like changing Elvish Easy to be like Hard.
    Because I have an idea based on Omni's Elvish Reality I don't want to spoil yet.
    And yeah, I'm back for the most part, and a bit sick.
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  10. Daebis

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    Hi All
    this text is 1/3 by Me and 2/" by copypast Google
    edit the 1st post for the next user ...

    korptwefrogorzar 1 Wizardland
    twykiichugorarp 1
    powgornuzgorjaf 1
    nazaecramagit 2 ><
    zezarnusmagcra 2
    wkkolommagnus 1
    wkpotgorkolm 2 ><
    crozuklechgorcra 2
    urhocrakolkol 3
    Zanzarnuzkullewn 5
    sapkullcralioocra 6
    powzankolliootwe 6
    <Typeanythingrandom> - Diggle Hell
    Bzatfrokullgorfur -
    Negkiiitgorunfuum -
    zooseetwegorfro -
    fwizzukgorbel -
    lkwaomgorlech -
    puchujalgortwe -
    utwebelgorjo - 1
    cyrzarlechmagewn - 3
    naomizkolcha - 3 Portal Debug
    masunfuumwakolunfuum -
    Lktwefurgorba -
    Toguzfrogorkii -
    Arglioochugorarp -
    Crojolzgoriz -
    Nazukporgortwe -
    Darzarzarakfro -
    Corpchuunfuumakfur -
    Eykiikullakjaf -
    Valnglechakfro - lvl 1
    Argrhomaggorng - lvl 1
    Nabamaggornuz - lvl 1
    Zecrachuakkii - lvl 1
    Darmagzarakpak - lvl 1
    Eykullchagorjal - lvl 1
    Fwrahunfuumgorkol - lvl 1
    Chrkiifrogorfur - lvl 1><
    Zprahlechgorwa - lvl 1
    Negnuszzararpgor - lvl 2
    Pillechkullarpwa - lvl 2
    Achzukrhomagewn - lvl 2
    Korpporitkolzar - lvl 3
    kromkolnusmagarp - lvl 3
    achseegormagnus - lvl 3
    mloizkiirahewn - lvl 15
    Argitpokgorjaf - GRPD, Lekon's Seerly Robe, Giant Stone Club, Tesla Wand, healing potion, minor loot - CONFIRMED
    Bangjafcragorwa - GRPD, AV3 randart at end of trap hallway, Coat of Denim, Handy Wand, Tesla Wand, Verdant Poison - CONFIRMED
    Bangpokcragorit - Tentacular Wand, Poison bottle bolt x5, N-dimensional Lathe, minor loot
    Binlioopokgorpok - AV3 Randart at end of trap hallway, Stony Wand, Mossy Shield - CONFIRMED
    Bitkolewngorbel - AV2 Beige Warlock robe, Horadric Lutefisk cube, Cybercone, Supple leather gloves, minor loot - CONFIRMED
    Bitjobelgorwa - Tentacular Wand, Coral Wand, Infernal Potion, Dire Empowerment Potion, AV2 randart - CONFIRMED
    Bittwenuzgorunfuum - AV8 artifact ring in chest, but otherwise minor loot - CONFIRMED
    Bzatrhotwegorchu - Iron Breastplate, Rough Iron Hjalmr, 3x Bookshelf in brazier room, assorted potions
    Bzatseeizgornus - 2x random potion, 2x random wand, Verdant Poison, 3x bookshelf in dusty library room.
    Chrjolechakbel - 3x random wand, random potion, Cybercone, minor loot
    Corpizakgorwa - AV8 ring, Haematic Phylactery, Coral Wand, Bony Wand, Iron Hjalmr, minor loot - CONFIRMED (some of this might be random though)
    Cornggorgorlech - Iron Breastplate, Cybercone, minor loot - CONFIRMED
    Corpnusakgorfur - AV9 ring, lots of minor loot, random potion, random wand - CONFIRMED
    Darewnomakchu - AV8 ring, lots of minor loot, 9x Bolt of Doubt, 8x Eldritch bolt - CONFIRMED
    Darporunfuumgoriz - 5x Stone Bolt, 5x Poison Flask, Iron Breastplate, minor loot, AV2 randart - CONFIRMED
    Darzancragorrho - AV3 randart at end of trap hallway, lots of minor loot, Diary of the Whills, lots of craftables, ~26 lockpicks, 2 searchable bookshelves, AV8 ring in a fountain (YMMV.) - CONFIRMED
    Denjoporgorsee - Bolt of Mass Destruction, Tentacular Wand, Zodiacal Wand, minor loot - CONFIRMED
    Eychaunfuumgorpor - AV9 amulet, Naturey Orb, Fabulously Striped Pants, lots of minor loot, 2 bookshelves - CONFIRMED
    Fojouzgorzuk - Bronze cuirass, Fiery Wand, Poncho with no name, 3x Eldritch bolt, lots of minor loot
    Fwliooitgornuz - AV7 ring in maze, Mossy shield, random loot
    Innuzfrogorom - Fine Linen Shirt, Wand of Tesla(5), Mana Pot., Tentacular Wand(3), Fabulously Striped Pants, Lobstermane Fungus, Voltaic Cell, Acid Ampule Bolt(1), Iron Breastplate, Named Bronze Greaves (some loot random)
    Izjalkolakit - Skull bolt x4, AV4 ring, AV8 amulet, lots of minor loot
    Kromewngorgorlioo - AV9 ring, mage-focused with very good stats, lots of minor loot
    Llwelechgorng - Fairywodger, 4x skull bolt, lots of craftables, Thieving Gloves, minor loot
    Llwengfrogorsee - 2 random wands, 4 random potions, lots of craftables, minor loot
    Naizitgorpok - AV7 ring, Thieving Gloves, Naturey Orb, Camera, lots of minor loot
    Pillioocragorwa - Good: AV11 ring with +4 crit, some craftables, minor loot
    Pnuarpgorjaf - Tentacular Wand x2, lots of craftables and minor loot
    Powlechbelgorzar - Stupidly good AV14 mage ring with +3 MP, +2 sagacity and lots of other nice bonuses, Handy Wand, Deciduous Wand, randart, lots of craftables, minor loot - CONFIRMED
    Twyrhopokgorunfuum - Bolt of Mass Destruction, Haematic Phylactery, lots of minor loot, AV2 randart ring in chest, random loot, AV1 randart at end - CONFIRMED
    Uitwagornus - Tentacular wand, 2x replenishment potion, rough silver shield, lots of minor loot - CONFIRMED
    Ukolcragorba - A very nice AV 10 amulet, lots of minor loot
    Valngjalgorgor - AV10 ring w/ +1 life and mana regen, lots of minor loot - CONFIRMED
    Level 2:
    Banglioomagmaggor - Tentacular Wand, Naarwhaand, Potion of Alch Inspiration, AV2 randart, some minor loot
    Corprhorahmagcra - Camera,Cybercone, Studded leather coat, lots of minor loot
    Darcrajafmagewn - Bolt of Mass Destruction, Studded leather coat, Spectacles, lots of minor loot
    Fopokfromagpok - Several wands including a Naarwhaand, Voltaic potion, swashbuckling belt, minor loot
    Frikolchumaggor - AV2 one-armed leather jacket. Wand of laser, 2x potion of dire empowerment, potion of radiance, lots of minor loot
    Izporngmagewn - AV8 ring, lots of minor loot
    Kromakseemagrho - Belt of Champions, Iron Breastplate, One Sparkling Glove, minor loot
    Kyewnpokmaguz - Dark Orb, Iron Hjalmr, minor loot
    Kyjoomarpnus - Naarwhaand, Gelatinous Wand, 3x potion, AV3 ring in fountain (YMMV), 4x Skull bolt, 2x Aluminium tube, minor loot
    Nangjafmagarp - AV1 Amber ring of unending time at end of elder rune hallway, Stony Wand, Wand of Bling, AV2 Toque of Kanada at end, minor loot
    Pakaknuzmagtwe - Crown of Yellow, Lederhosen
    Inombelgorng 1
    Nogfrorhogorcra 1
    Maspokchakiiwa 4
    Achfurjalgorzuk 1
    Mutnuszankiipor 4
    Zanitunfuumgorpok 1
    Croewnrhopotwa 13
    Achitzangornuz  1
    Togunfuumzuklechmag 7
    Zekolfurmagit 2
    Lktweunfakjaf  1
    Llwecraarpaktwe  1
    Tognusraharpmag 2
    Izbelzukarpng  2
    Togngitewnarp 8
    Zekiikiiewniz 8
    Puitnusmagit 2
    Chrtwejolioounf 6
    Korpitmagmagnus  2
    Fozaromkolmag 2
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  11. FaxCelestis

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    Biminimagba on no perma dwarven moderation is apparently an Egyptian Large Hadron Collider. No real loot but freaking awesome.