Wizardlands with good loot

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  1. Elliot

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    Achfurjalgorzuk: Level 1
    Found a ring with +1 :dmg_necromatic:
    +1 :resist_hyperborean:, +2 :resist_nercomatic:
    +1 :burliness:
    +3 :mana:, +1 :edr:, +2 :sight:
    Nothing else worth writing down in my opinion.
    NEEDS CONFORMATION, has been very helpful resists for me thus far. Also is boosting my eye lasers!
  2. Penguins

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    Mutnuszankiipor: Level 4
    I found a ring in a chest right before the end that I've attached a picture of that was pretty good.

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  3. The only ring I found was in the first room. Called Kromnusnus the Robustious Gemstone. +1:life: +2:mana_regen:
  4. Elliot

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    I should mention the "main treasure" was a wooden sword artifact with :nimbleness: I believe . Too bad the ring wasn't duped for others... :(
  5. Warlock

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    I'll see to it when I get home.
  6. DMT

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    Level 1.

    It has a bolt of squid (perhaps 2, I forget the stack size) and various other loot, perhaps a tentacular wand (Not sure of this, I'd only noted the bolt o' squid). Would be good for any build that has trouble with early monster zoos.
  7. Robsbot

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    OK so I've done some testing with Binarpbagorng. No matter what DL or character level I go into it it ALWAYS contains the exact same two rings. Names, stats, place in the Wizardland, everything. It seems like we can rule out those as determining factors.
  8. Kazeto

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    The determining factor is your operating system.
  9. Robsbot

    Robsbot Member

    I doubt this as well. Using several codes posted by the same person yield differing results. I may have the same items, I may not. Unless they play on multiple operating systems, use codes from friends, or some other such nonsense then this is invalid.
  10. Kazeto

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    That some seeds are interpreted differently does not mean all of them will be interpreted differently - originally, they were meant to create the same things (other than the really random elements, but those are always rolled on the spot), but something went wrong with the random number generator, and since those are different for different operating system, it is a natural conclusion that it is dependent on one's operating system.

    This doesn't make much sense, you know. Why would something that is not an "absolute" be invalid because, well, because of someone not playing the game on multiple operating systems or using codes from friends?
  11. Robsbot

    Robsbot Member

    It makes perfect sense. If someone posts multiple codes then there's a high probably they play on the same machine which should contain the same operating system. I listed a few possible considerations where their operating system would differ but they seem like extreme cases. You stated as a fact that the OS is the determining factor but when I use codes on my non-differing OS from someone generating the codes on a non-differing OS the results can differ. By logical conclusion, your "fact" is incorrect.
  12. Kazeto

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    The way you worded it before, not really.

    Now that is a good way to put it. And it really means that my "fact" is just an assumption.
    Though it still in not proven that it is not OS-dependant at all. If anything, we can assume that OS is not the only factor, but whether it is one of many factors or not a factor at all is something we would have to test to find out about; that is, unless we just wait for them to fix it, which is kind of the preferred course of action.
  13. Giygas

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    I checked. I DID get a ring, but it was just a statless plastic ring. The artifact at the end was indeed a wooden sword with +1:nimbleness:.
  14. GreyICE

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    Croewnrhopotwa - DL 13 (BE CAREFUL) but it contains a Sapphire Ring of Deepest Skies (ground loot) which gives +5 Health/+5 Mana/+2 Health Regen/+2 Mana Regen. If you can loot that early (I dunno, invisibility potions, something) it will make life a lot easier for casters. Probably a death trap though, the Red Deth are intense there.
  15. Kyrie

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    Achitzangornuz - DL1 - Arcane - 10 Rooms - +11 Stats Ring - DWARVEN LANDMINE ROOM,Teleport Lever Room.

    Didn't note the stats of the ring, but were nice!

    (Ah yes! I was using the Test Hotfix 10)

    EDIT: Just a Question? what is "AV" the number of bonuses the ring have?
  16. Kazeto

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    "Artefact Value", when an item with AV over 0 is generated, it gets a number of random bonuses equal to its AV, with said bonuses being pretty much anything - primary stats, secondary stats, damage, or resistances.
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  17. Warlock

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    Notice: Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been sick lately and thus haven't been able to use the computer much. I'll also be very busy for the next couple of days at least working in the hospital to cover my sick leave. Once I can get back to you guys I'll analyze all the entries and update the list ASAP.
  18. Merneith

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    Artifact Sneaky Slippers, Circinated Silver Shield, Rocket boots

    Added to the main wizard words spreadsheet
  19. Lucentdepths

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    They may not in fact be the same OS, some architectural differences may occur, such as one person using an x86 build (32 bit) of WIndows 7 as opposed to a x64 build (64 bit) of windows 7. Its the same operating system.. but also not. Also, again using Win7 as an example, most operating systems have many versions. Now the various versions typically just add extra functionality and the way the kernel performs operations shouldn't really vary, but some more specialized versions such as enterprise and maybe ultimate versions, may be running additional processes that could affect the outcome in some way as well.

    Or it could just be the game. Shrug.
  20. GreyICE

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    Patch iteration and the new Wizardland rooms they added in the latest hotfix have changed all the loots.