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    I think that Wizardlands may also generate based on the DL you are currently on when you go in? Example: If you go into a DL1 code while on DL2, you get totally different items and monsters.
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    I'll experiment with that as well, it might show promise.
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    Updated with all the other latest codes in the spreadsheet for DL1. Found various sources of good loot. If these can be confirmed, please repost in this thread. Allow several hours for next update, as I will be exploring floor 2 and its corresponding wizardlands.
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    Giygas, I seem to have the same problem.

    Cyrgorgorgorkol did not have the same loot. I found a stony wand, potion of purity, and a ring of ash. All were ground loot.

    Blaewnuzgorlech was different as well. Contained an artifact helm near the out portal.

    Binarpbagorng did contain two rings and an artifact robe as well. The rings were stupid good, and one of them was in a barrel.

    Argitpokgorjaf gave me an AL 1 ring but it did have bronze greaves.
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    I can confirm that the loot has varied considerably in some Wizardlands, whereas I've mentioned the places I know of where the loot has varied. There's something else at work in the loot gen we don't know of as yet. :p
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    For all I know, having a different OS means that DoD will process the seeds differently and thus wizardlands generated will be different.
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    We'd need a spreadsheet for each individual OS in that case - dare we even try something like THAT? :eek:
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    I tested all my Wizardlands from floor 1 if that helps at all in your quest to decipher the lost algorithm of the Wizardlands.
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    It would help to know the results of those tests. ;)
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    See above.
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    Ah, derp moment for me, sorry.
  12. Achzanmaggorrah: A DL1 WL that contained a chest with a AV 6-8ish ring (had 3AA for me), 2 potions, a camera out in the open, a tentacle wand in the open, and an unimpressive crude artifact viking helm. If loot is not consistent in chests, this may not be worth including... but 3AA ring right away is pretty useful for me.
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    In that case, my first wizardland (the one with the steel cuirass) was created on a Mac.
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    I seem to have gotten a wizardland with 7 rooms. The loot consisted of numeroues drinks, some lockpicks, a rusty bardiche, a named 1* rough iron hjalmr (helmet), camera wand, potion of stealing, potion of lively regeneration, potion of invisibility, bronze ring, tantacular wand and a chevre log cheese. My character has not been to DL2 yet and I'm running Windows XP with the steam version of the game and only have my Needful Things mod going. No chests had any rings, the only ring I found was the bronze ring and it was on the floor I believe. According to Nicholas or someone quoting him anyway, even stuff in the chest should be consistent across different games and even operating systems.
  15. That sounds very similar (the cheese, helmet, potions, etc), but the awesome ring was in one of the two treasure chests in the starting room. The other chest in my first room had that cheese log. I also had not been to DL2 yet. On Vista, no mods.
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    The funny thing is that I usually get the same loot that others have gotten in a wizardland. Only once or twice before was it different from what others have found.
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    Added Eylioobakoljo to spreadsheet - artifact helm, artifact Beige Wiz robe (really good resists), invis pot, lockpicks. Lots of mobs camping the spawn point.
  18. Nogfrorhogorcra: Level 1, has One Sparkling Glove. (that's about it though)
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    Level 4
    A nice artifact collar and some odds and ends, including lockpicks.
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    Im not entirely sure but the loot might be generated based on difficulty level. I entered some code that stated its DL1 - Easy while I was on Dwarven Moderation and the loot didn't match.