[WIP] Toy Soldiers mod (need ideas!)

Discussion in 'Modding' started by Alistaire, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Alistaire

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    I'm working on a Toy Soldiers mod - this means skilltrees that involve toys. It also means I didn't make the great title image for this skilltrees mod yet.


    > A complete TCG (Trading Card Game), with all monsters currently ingame. When you throw the card, it spawns a monster.
    > Lego brick and marble traps.
    > A skilltree built around the TCG stuff, giving you packs of cards with every skill level and such.
    > Some kind of bombardier class that throws legos on the ground.
    >* In addition, the TCG will feature utility cards that help you get around the dungeon quicker and such.
    >** Costume boxes that get you itemset pieces. I hope I won't die from the itemset trigger spellDB.xml

    Original ideas

    * - suggested by LionsDen
    ** - suggested by Kawauso

    So I need ideas/suggestions!


    Enraged Diggle

    Unfriendly AI

    Steam Golem
    Mustache Spirit
    The Great Pumpkinn

    Diggle Commando
    Young Carrot
    Magic Golem

    Blink Batty
    Unhealthful Golem

    Monstrous Mask
    Demonic Denizen
    Cold Carrot
    Icy Golem
    Icy Wyrm
    Magic Dragon
    Snow Baal

    Hungry Golem
    Gold Golem
    Grandpa Mustache

    Lava Eely
    Magma Carrot
    Flaming Golem
    Big Red

    Blob of Corruption
    Arch Diggle
    Djinn Fizz
    Fell Carrot
    Far Darrig
    Mortal Machine

    What other toy traps/obstacles should be added to the bombardier (working title)?
    More toys! I need more toys!
    Skilltree ideas - anything involving toys and possibly nutcrackers (toy soldiers)


    Oh, and have a teaser for the TCG!

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  2. LionsDen

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    Magic the Gathering has cards that heal the player and add mana. You could add that type of card. There are also cards that affect creatures/cards in play. Cards also exist that can banish/destroy specific creatures/cards.

    A way to destroy breakable walls would be good if it was common but didn't do a lot of damage. The game could really use things that don't do much if any damage but allow you to break open breakable walls in an area effect.

    Another thing the game could use is another way to move items/objects so non teleporters can reach them.
  3. Alistaire

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    So; Magic the Gathering utility cards (a.k.a throwing AoE stuff and potion effect stuff)? I like the idea.
  4. Kawauso

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    I suggest that you take a look at Toy Commander, a Dreamcast game.

    If you want to stay in flavor with the game you could probably add something like a robot diggle toy as a summon.

    Also pens and pencils bolts. And of course an indian costume with toy bow and arrows.
  5. Alistaire

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    Your suggestion about an indian costume will be implemented, but in a bigger /costume/ system (if you've got a full set of a costume, you'll gain magic imagination powers). I hope itemsets will be out soon, lol, or I'll be making itemset triggers for the next 2 years.

    Pens and pencils aren't really toys in my opinion so they will not be added.

    Also, the robot diggle might be an overkill; there's gonna be summons of every single monster in the game in this mod - yea, maybe too much.
    I could add it as a statue tho (because ain't nobody got time for monster sprite creation).
  6. Kawauso

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    Kids will play with anything. You can give them pen and paper or the world. They will still play with it.
  7. Alistaire

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    But it's not about kids, it's about toys.
  8. TJSlipperman

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    I was wondering when someone was doing a mod that used Lego bricks as traps (I'd also thought about the idea myself). I'd imagine it'd be pretty painful stepping on them! Perhaps you could also smith or tinker multiple Lego brick traps into wearable Lego equipment, such as a Lego Armor, Helmet, Shield and/or Sword?

    Also, this might appeal to those of us who are Bronies (even though there's already a few other Brony mods out there): The 'My Little Pony' figurines which can be used as 'trinkets' in the ring slot, with different character figures giving different buffs or enchantments...
  9. Alistaire

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    Lego Flipflops sound like a great idea at first, yes, but after finding out they were 2*4*1/3's, and they got stuck in your feet, you've been physically impaired for almost a month, during which you were furiously trying to detach them from your feet with your teeth - despite your mother yelling at you to stop using your mouth when playing with your Lego's.

    Yes. This will be added.


    The br-.. br-.. bpo-.. ..stuff not. That's for the b.. br.. .. mod.
  10. A2Creativity

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    You could ads some enemy from army men like sarge and random soldiers that thinks you're a spy of yellow army.
  11. bluehinter

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    I'm not sure if you're intending to use the lego bricks as caltrops or as a self-assembling wall, but if it's the latter, you can always do something like my Real Cool World spell from Bowiemancy, where you create a series of 48x64 png's showing the wall being built, then use the final "finished" png as a separate objectSprite, creating a solid impassable object over the top of the target.

    I suppose you could even combine the two effects, having a lego wall that gets built around an enemy (also causing lockdown/paralyze so they won't step out of the wall), and then on the final turn, have the wall crumble into several jagged shards of broken lego (ie: spellmines) that do about as much damage as plastic caltrops.

    Here's the code if you want an example:

    <spell name="Real Cool World" type="target" icon="sprites/spells/real_cool_world_32.png" >
    <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/iceberg_grow/iceberg_grow" frames="8" framerate="90" centerEffect="0"/>
    <effect type="lockdown" amount="5"/>
    <effect type="paralyze" turns="5"/>
    <effect type="create" turns="5" objectSprite="dungeon/iceberg.png" self="0"/>
    <buff useTimer="1" time="5" self="0" allowstacking="0" stacksize="1" icon="sprites/spells/real_cool_world.png" smallicon="sprites/spells/real_cool_world_32.png" bad="1" >
    <primarybuff id="2" amount="-3"/> <!-- Nimbleness -->
    <effect type="dot" amount="5" spell="ChillyDown"/>
    <description text="Is it nice in your snow storm, freezing your brain?"/>

    The only other suggestions off the top of my head would be a wind-up diggle toy that runs in a straight line until it hits something and explodes, and an "Easy Cake Oven" which allows you to create miniature cupcakes every few turns.
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  12. Alistaire

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    I've added the Lego brick wall spell. Gotta add the spellmines, but it's almost done.

    Also, the Easy-Bake Oven could be a staff with X charges, right? right?
    (cause I have no idea how else to implement that without it being e.g a spell)
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  13. Hate9

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    A jack-in-the-box style trap that creates a wall when stepped on would be interesting...
  14. bluehinter

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    Since he's already got a lego wall spell, I think a better use of the jack-in-the-box would be as a sort of time delay knock/confuse/fear mine. On casting, the spell could target a section of adjacent floor and:
    • on turn 0, create a closed jack-in-the-box impassable dungeon object.
      <effect type="create" turns="4" objectSprite="dungeon/jack-in-the-box.png" self="0"/>
    • on turn 4, cast a spell using the anim sprite you want to show the jack-in-the-box springing out and the box itself disappearing.
    • also on turn 4, unleash a template 20, 12, or 13 attack with your knock and/or confuse/fear spell effect. (effectively causing nearby monsters to jump back in surprise)
    If you wanted to mix it up a little, you could use triggerfromlist to semi-randomize the time it takes for the jack-in-the-box to pop out. (one spell would be turns="3", another would be turns="4", etc..) If the spell also has the potential to damage the player, I'd make the minimum delay however long it would take the player to move out of the area of effect, but if the spell triggers anywhere between 2 to 6 turns after you set it, the player would need to keep that timing in mind when planning his strategy.

    Well, if you needed an early non-combat-oriented spell, I was thinking of something more along the lines of an adjacent spell with a fairly lengthy downtime that uses spawnitematlocation to spawn between 1 to 3 edible cupcake items. Something a bit like this:

    <spell name="Easy Cake Oven" type="adjacent" downtime="60" icon="skills/easycake_32.png">
    <effect type="spawnitematlocation" percent="100" itemname="Mini Cupcake" amount="1"/>
    <effect type="spawnitematlocation" percent="25" itemname="Mini Cupcake" amount="1"/>
    <effect type="spawnitematlocation" percent="25" itemname="Mini Cupcake" amount="1"/>
    <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/easy_cake_create/easy_cake_create" frames="4" framerate="90" centerEffect="0" sfx="magic" />
    <description text="Using only a small fission reactor and a 25 watt bulb, this magical contraption can produce piping hot mini cupcakes in under a minute."/>

    The animation could show a little pink oven sitting there with a timer slowly going around, and then once it disappears, only the cupcakes remain.

    Let me know if you think you'll use it, because otherwise I might try working it into my own mod. (though I'm not quite sure how I'd adapt it into a "usable" item)
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