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    This is a Wizard skill that's all about high-cost, high-power spells that synergize well with large amounts of :savvy:.

    Level 0: Sound Test. Long, narrow cone-type spell that deals :dmg_blast: and :dmg_aphyxiative:. Before :savvy:, 15 :mana:.

    Level 1: Sickening Beats. Minor debuff to just about everything onscreen. Makes them marginally weaker, marginally easier to hit, and marginally less resistant to :resist_voltaic:, :resist_blast:, :resist_aphyxiative: . Stacks 5 times. Before :savvy:, 25 :mana:.

    Level 2: Stuff. I know I'm going to put *something* here, I'm not sure what yet.

    Level 3: Mana Battery. Recovers some mana, based off :mana_regen:. 75 turn cooldown.

    Level 4: Dovestep Infusion. Passive boost to :dodge:, :reflection:, :life:, :life_regen:, :dam_voltaic:, :resist_voltaic:.

    Level 5: Ride the Lightning. Teleport to a square, everything near the destination takes a steep :magic_resist:, :resist_blast:, :resist_aphyxiative:, :resist_voltaic: debuff that doesn't stack but lasts quite a while. Before :savvy:, 50 mana.

    Level 6: Bass Cannon. Think "gatling digging ray". It shoots rainbows. Scales well with :haywire:. Before :savvy:, 100 mana.

    I've no idea how balanced any of this is, especially considering that every single level in the first testing build has a passive buff of some sort, mostly :savvy: because Teslan Bard. Right now I'm focusing more on making the spells and stuff work like I want them to.
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    First things first: What kind of format are Dredmor's sound effects?

    I'm also having trouble with the graphics of Bass Cannon. I want to ideally have three cycles of the animation, or if that doesn't work out one Digging Ray pulse then two quick waves of single-square animations, but the last time I tried it out it gave me two normal pulses for some reason.
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    Well, I'm not an expert but you want to do something like the Dragon's Breath, first skill of the Promethean?

    <spell name="Dragon's Breath" type="template" templateID="30" anchored="1" icon="skills/spells/dragons_breath32.png" wand="1">
    [B]    <effect type="trigger" spell="Dragon's Breath 1" amount="0" />[/B]
    [B]    <effect type="trigger" spell="Dragon's Breath 2" amount="0" />[/B]
    [B]    <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/combust_hit/combust_hit" frames="7" firstframe="2" framerate="35" sfx="flame" centerEffect="1"/>[/B]
    Can't you do the same thing? I mean, first at all, the spell with the first animation. Next, the first spell is followed by the second, which contains only an animation on a template, etc.?

    Something like...

    <spell name="bass canon" type="template" templateID="xxx">
    Trigger "Bass Canon 1"
    <spell name="bass canon 1" type="template" templateID="xxx">
    Trigger "Bass Canon 2"
    <spell name="bass canon 2" type="template" templateID="xxx">
    I'm not sure, if I'm wrong, explain it to me, would be nice to understand my errors ;)

    P.S. : Same question about the sounds.
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    Sound appears to be the wav format. Just check out the sfx directory. They need to be in the soundfx.xml file to access them I believe. You would really need to ask Ruigi.
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    The way spells work in this game is, if a spell triggers another spell, the triggered spell happens once on every single square the first spell targeted. At least, usually. I'm still not entirely sure how diggingbeam works, if I can cast it, perform an animation, have it trigger a subspell that targets single squares, with the animation repeating on each square, and have that spell trigger a subspell that also targets single squares and repeats the animation on each square...and have a result where the original diggingbeam animation repeats, at normal speed, once.

    <spell name="Bass Cannon 01" type="targetfloor">
        <effect type="damage" righteous="5" righteousF="0.25" secondaryScale="5"/>
        <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/digging_ray_hit/digging_ray_hit" frames="9" framerate="270"/>
    <spell name="Bass Cannon 1" type="targetfloor">
        <effect type="damage" righteous="10" righteousF="0.50" secondaryScale="5"/>
        <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/digging_ray_hit/digging_ray_hit" frames="9" framerate="270"/>
        <effect type="triggerfromlist">
            <option name="Bass Cannon 01"/>
            <option name="Bass Cannon 02"/>
            <option name="Bass Cannon 03"/>
            <option name="Bass Cannon 04"/>
            <option name="Bass Cannon 05"/>
            <option name="Bass Cannon 06"/>
    <spell name="Bass Cannon" type="diggingbeam" icon="skills/taste_the_rainbow32.png">
        <requirements mp="100" savvyBonus="0.5" mincost="20"/>
        <effect type="dig"/>
        <effect type="damage" voltaic="20" voltaicF="0.50" secondaryScale="5"/>
        <anim sprite="sprites/sfx/digging_ray_hit/digging_ray_hit" frames="9" framerate="90" sfx="masterspark"/>
        <effect type="triggerfromlist">
            <option name="Bass Cannon 1"/>
            <option name="Bass Cannon 2"/>
            <option name="Bass Cannon 3"/>
            <option name="Bass Cannon 4"/>
            <option name="Bass Cannon 5"/>
            <option name="Bass Cannon 6"/>
        <description text="Shoot a beam of high-energy Dovestepian plasma at the target. Though this spell is powered by voltaic energy, its actual effects, while always destructive, are quite variable."/>
    I was trying to make the animation play once at normal speed on all the squares it targeted, then twice, on single squares at a time, at high speed. Instead, I got the animation play twice at normal speed on all the squares it targeted.

    what the hell

    Let me rephrase: At what bitrate do I need to save my .wav files?
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    Don't know, can't you look up the bitrate of those wav files and just use that?
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    I am not sure this is enough to help, but Windows and VLC showed the following.

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