Why is buying DoD+RoDG as a bundle is more expensive then buying them separately on Steam?

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    I wake and see more replies and none of them acknowledge that the UK has any censorship. I freely admit the US has its fair share of idiotic censorship. But some exists here in these very forums. If I were to use another word in place of idiotic, that just happens to mean "Slow" then you would object. You did before. :)

    Censorship is the responsibility of the people that think it appropriate. I personally have nothing against a person who may be retarded. I even have a retarded friend. See? I said it.

    I do not feel bad for saying it either. I do not consider that a derogatory word in any way. My retarded friend calls me a "retard" regularly when I make a mistake while we play games. I am not actually retarded, but my responses are slower than they used to be, so his usage is perfectly in line with the literal meaning.

    As for the Witcher EE, that was the point they removed all copy protection from the game too. So the only version of that I ever played was the EE version.

    Nudity is probably the single dumbest thing ever to censor. Who is actually harmed by a person not wearing clothes? I am in my underwear. I would be nude if it would not offend my family. But they are set in their very slow ways.

    It is actually illegal for me to remove my clothing and leave my home. That is stupid. If Humans ever expect to be intelligent creatures we must recognize that our bodies are just what they are. They are not weapons when exposed to the elements. Nor when exposed to the eyes of others. I have attended nudist/naturalist outings. And aside from the occasional idiot, they were absolutely free of prejudice and any detectable sexuality. Most people there were in fact there with their family. Some were clothed in part or in whole because they felt like wearing clothes.

    Not all the USA is idiots screaming for blinders over their eyes. Nor is the UK. But such examples should be pointed out if people think they do not exist. Lest they live in ignorance. Be well.
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    Let's keep things on topic, please?

    (Although, that said: my office at UBC is twenty minutes from the largest nude beach in Canada.)
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    From my experience, a large portion of online retailers do exactly the same thing. But you're all rich over there anyway, right?

    As to bundle vs. base price, this isn't something exclusive to Steam. Sometimes it's people just being idiotic, sometimes it's intentional. People look and see "Oooo, bundle! Those are always a bargin!" and grab it without even looking. Some stores depend on this behavior. While it's a pretty dick move, if people aren't smart enough to look before they leap...
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