1.0 When placing landmines, the top text says "Place Decorative Plant"

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Kaidelong, Nov 4, 2016.

  1. Kaidelong

    Kaidelong Member

    This one was hard to notice.
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  2. Darkmere

    Darkmere Member

    Clearly we need camouflaged landmines. Double-plus bonus if they're shaped like potted plants and can walk on their own.
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  3. Kaidelong

    Kaidelong Member

    That source mod was amazing
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  4. PeterH

    PeterH Member

    They make good trade goods, those landmines. Historically, I lost more of my citizens to landmines than those things ever killed enemies - be it soldiers or bandits. Meh.

    <sings> "where have all - the flowers gone .... loooong tiiiime passing" (look it up if you're too young to remember it).
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  5. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    OC-5926, we'll take care of it. Thanks!
  6. Exile

    Exile Member

    Look up Flowers of the Forest.
  7. Jonta

    Jonta Member

    Check this verion out pretty cool.

    NB: Landmines always kills a lot more civilians than soldiers, that why better export than use :cool: