What should we expect after release?

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    Hi, first, let me excuse me for my english. Im not a native english speaker so dont expect too much clarity from this post. I will translate my thoughs the best i can.

    Im a long time lurker of this project. I started following the develop of the game in 2012/2013 when i read a preview made by pcgamers. I got hooked instantly, i mean, a mix of anno 2070/ceasar/dwarf fortress? SIGN ME IN MADAFAKA.
    I started reading the blogposts religiously, i daydreamed about the possibilities of such a game, but after some time i just stopped paying attention. Life and college and whatnot. After some the game catched my attention again when it launched on steam. I thought the game was a little rusty back then so i just left it in the library, expecting that with time it would convert in this amazing game that was promised.

    But that never happened, im not saying that clockwork empires is bad, its good, but its different. There are no mega projects, no mad poets setting the town on fire, no pipes and steampunky factories, no sea monsters, no land and air vehicles. I played the game a couple of months ago and i thought, hmmm, its starting to feel more like a game, i can see that is starting to get in shape, but then the game was released. After that I felt like a couple of reviewers, the idea is good and the foundations are there, but it needs more time in the oven.

    So after this little rant my question is, what can we expect in the future? You guys are planning on keeping developing the game at full speed or the game will be this plus some bug fixed and a couple of additions?
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    Oh yeah, they'll definitely keep supporting it and adding content. Gaslamp is well known for doing that with Dredmor. As for the immediate future, I recommend checking out the latest blog if you haven't yet. Along from various fixes, we're getting roads and fences at the least ( and possibly some surprises here and there, but don't quote me) by the end of this month.

    Down the road, I'm sure we'll see all kinds of content added in one form or another. Just can't expect everything talked about from the beginning of the project, because some of it just wouldn't be able to fit into the game as it stands.
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    I think they have mostly recovering from release week. Expect great things from them.
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    Great. I thought for a moment that they would move on another projects after a couple of updates. This game has a lot of potential.
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    Very Intersting.

    FYI I have suits older than you and the object depicted on the Avatar .