What kind of colonist is considered an NCO?

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  1. Unibrow

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    I had an event that required that I either have a barkeep, a vicar or an NCO to resolve it. I assumed the NCO would be an overseer assigned to the barracks but that didn't seem to count for the event. Is it a different position that is considered to be the NCO? Or was the event just not working properly?
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  2. Nicholas

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    Which event?
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  3. Mikel

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    Sounds like colonial spat.
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  4. Unibrow

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    Yes, it was the colonial spat.
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  5. Mikel

    Mikel Waiting On Paperwork From The Ministry. Forever.

    A barracks overseer is an NCO, and I have seen it work. However, there are possibly some variables at play... did your NCO have military experience or did you press another into service?
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  6. dbaumgart

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    If the NCO is one of the people involved in the argument, then they are not a valid solution to creating an, ah, "resolution".

    Edit: We could perhaps make this more clear in the set-up.
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  7. Unibrow

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    Oh that makes sense, I went back in my logs and the NCO was indeed one of the colonists involved in the spat. I hadn't considered that.
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  8. Exile

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    Edit: Perhaps the Clockwork Empire Monarch would be aware of a clearer solution
    How would you make the colonial spat, if ,indeed it is an actual usually white spat, clearer.That may cause it to become invisible.
    Although that is an event of a spat, between two folk,the event not being a concrete noun.
    But you will still obtain another ,like, regardless of my bewilderment..


    Should that be an enigma?
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