What games are you playing and why?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by OmniaNigrum, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. OmniaNigrum

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    Currently I am playing Borderlands GOTY. (It comes with all the DLC expansions.)

    I am playing it because I watched a bit of Twitch.tv showing someone playing it and they were just plainly horrible at it. I decided to dust it off and play a different class from what I did last time I played. I am currently playing the Soldier. I am mostly prioritizing shotguns and a scoped Combat Rifle as my weapon for distant slaughter.

    My character just finished all the quests in and around Fyrestone. (I think that is the spelling.)

    I never saw or even heard of Twitch.tv until I saw that the Ouya console in development will support it. I still wonder if they mean it will be possible to watch it, or if they intend to go all the way and allow players to stream their gameplay from the Ouya to Twitch.tv. If so, it will be awesome.

    That is my current game obsession and what brought me to play it again. I anticipate I will give up in a few more days after the new wears off. It always works like this for me. But it may last a bit longer since I have never played the Soldier before and find him pretty decent. I loved playing Lilith and using massive elemental damages to destroy things. But it seems that elemental damages are weaker in general than I thought. My damage is better in most cases except the Sniper's awesome ranged attack potency.

    I use the turret only to replenish ammo and health and to weaken potent foes. It is all but worthless against mobile forces even fully powered up. As time goes on it will be even more worthless. I already have a few class mods that I switch between as needed. One regenerates ammo pretty well. The other increases Combat Rifle damage by ~40%. I use the last one all the time except in the few occasions where I am out of combat and need ammo and my turret is still charging.

    Please feel free to critique my post, my game tactic, and even the purpose of this post if you like. I would love to hear from fellow gamers and hear what you play and why.

    Oh. I hear they are already making a Borderlands 2. That could be great. Anyone hear anything worth mentioning about it?
  2. Frelus

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    Vampire The Masquerade - Bloodlines
    I just picked it up again, never having finished it (Due to updating my XP to Win7), because someone mentioned it (Dammit!).
    Also, DoD (duh), Terraria on a server with my brother, and, occasionally Krater.
    I guess I do not have to elaborate on DoD, but the reasons for playing the other games (And my strategies) are:
    Kind-of best PG ever. I am currently playing a female Tremere (Bloodmage), focusing on my bloodmagic (duh) and social stats.
    I am still in Santa Monica, finishing the Jeanette-Therese-Bertram quest (had to start all over).
    I gifted it my little brother while it was on sale, and we are currently building a little world (If anyone wants to join, I might open a Hamachi network for this). We are still quite early in the game, at least on these characters.
    It is a quite fun game, and will especially be once Coop mode begins. It is the other big thing I am desperately waiting for apart from CotW. My group momentarily consists of a mutated tank, a mutated healer, and a human CC-guy (Forgetting the names).
    They are all max-15 and currently level 9 and 10, the medic being 15.
    These are the games I am playing a lot right now, although I am tempted to learn how not to suck in Star Ruler, too.
  3. LionsDen

    LionsDen Member

    I really liked Borderlands, I loved playing as Lilith. :)

    Right now, I am mostly playing Two Worlds 2 and enjoying it. I enjoyed the first one quite a bit and decided to play this one. I also purchased a few other RPGs on the Steam Summer Sale so I have some stuff to keep me busy. :)

    I did get Risen, Divinity 2 The Dragon Knight Saga and Dragon Age Origins and I picked up Legends of Grimrock. They all looked good and fun and seem to have good reviews so I decided to get them to have some fun with.

    I also picked up Fear 3 as I loved the earlier ones and wanted to play this one.

    And finally, I picked up Sins of a Solar Empire, Trine 2 and Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines. I have the second vampire game but haven't played it because I wanted to play the first one first. I had purchased the first one once before but when I finally had a chance to install it, I found out I had one of the bad discs and couldn't do it. They wanted $10 to replace the discs and I needed my receipt which I didn't have so I said screw it, I'll get it someday really cheap somewhere and I did. It only took me a decade or so. :eek:

    I usually only play one game at a time so until the new DoD Expansion comes out, I'll probably be playing Two Worlds 2.
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  4. Frelus

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    Care with Vampire, you *need* the community patch.
    Also, when it says steam not found, restart steam, that should do it.
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  5. banjo2E

    banjo2E Member

    Beat Hazard.

    I've owned it for ages, actually, it's just so amazing

    It's kind of like if Asteroids and Gradius got together to play Audiosurf.

    Also you aren't penalized for using your bombs and the game lets you buy a skillset which makes you almost impossible to kill. By which I mean, "invincibility powerup distinct from and more common than bombs".
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  6. Loerwyn

    Loerwyn Member

    Nothing, really.

    But I do need to get my butt in gear and finish:
    Divinity II: The Dragon Knight Saga (I finished Divinity 2 before the remaster, but I'm doing it again)
    The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition (Bought on release; only really got to it post-EE. In the last third now, so if I try I might finish it tomorrow)
    Broken Sword 3 (Started, but not got too far.)
    Anno 2070 (I got stuck on a mission and I should really restart it, but I can't be fudged)
  7. Wolg

    Wolg Member

    Beat Hazard's a good one. I quite liked Bloodlines as well, despite the bugs -- I sometimes wonder how it would have looked and played if they'd built it on Doom3's engine instead. Borderlands... the core game is good, so is the zombie expansion, but the two following ones sorta killed my interest, so I only made it about 30 minutes into the robot one before moving away. I'll still probably try the sequel.

    Currently playing Payday: the Heist, Dredmor, both the Left4Dead games, Dredmor, and Frozen Synapse. I was playing Diablo 3, but it lost out to Dredmor once I reached act 2 nightmare.

    Still have to get to Hydrophobia, Shoot Many Robots, Binding of Isaac and a few others bought or received during the Steam sale.
  8. Haldurson

    Haldurson Member

    Mostly DoD (of course) and The Secret World. In TSW, I'm up to the Blue Mountains where I've been getting my butt kicked a whole lot. I've been tempted to change my build a bit or something, though I don't know if my experience is typical or what. The game difficulty seems to be ramping up as I proceed. It's one of those things that if you make a slight mistake during some combats (even non-boss fights), that it can mean the difference between winning and losing. I also have no idea if I'm training or using the right skills, etc. Maybe I should go back to the Savage Coast and run Inferno a few times. I feel overwhelmed with the number of skill choices.
  9. mining

    mining Member

    I'm doing NWN (cus its awesome) and LoL (cus its fun to play with friends) and DoD... a little less so lately, actually. Waiting on CoTW, tbh.
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  10. banjo2E

    banjo2E Member

    Checked out TSW. The concept seems amazing, but the subscription fee is not for me. It probably wouldn't run on my system, anyway. :V
  11. SkyMuffin

    SkyMuffin Member

    Fallout: New Vegas right now. I finally bought it during the summer sale, when it was 75% off. It's nice to see the series return to the same general setting as the first two games -- the Washington DC setting in FO3 was nice, but it got a little boring after awhile. The city setting also made it feel kind of cluttered/claustrophobic at times, whereas the desert in New Vegas is much more open.

    So far I am satisfied with what they've done. My only gripes are that unarmed is underpowered early (hard to find better items like spiked knuckles), and the carry weight is annoying. But I got around that with a console command. I'm looking forward to how the NCR/Legion conflict plays out...

    I've not played Dredmor so much lately. I am also waiting for that expansion :eek:
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  12. N490

    N490 Member

    I haven't played Borderlands in a while. I can't really comment on your Soldier's tactics. It's the only class I haven't touched.

    I'm switching between a few different games these days.

    Legend of Grimrock - I got that in the Steam Summer Wallet Beating. A different kind of dungeon delving. Less funny then DoD, except when you fall down a hole that wasn't there seconds ago.
    SPAZ - Because I wanna know how far all those tech and upgrades go and exactly how all of those ship models work.
    Offspring Fling! - Because we all need to throw cute birds from time to time.
    Frozen Synapse - One day, I'm gonna finish that campaign.

    I'm considering getting Sound Shape and/or Dyad and/or El Shaddai soon. I'm just not sure which one and when.

    And yeah, I'm waiting on CotW too to get back in the dungeon. So many games.

    Oh, yeah, and Dota2 *digs hole to hide*.
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  13. Hybelkanin

    Hybelkanin Member

    Like some of the others here I'm DoD break until its time for Wizardlands.

    Things got a bit crazy during the steam summer sale for me as well, I've barely gotten around to trying half of the games I bought. The titles I'm putting some time into currently are Civilization V: Gods & Kings, Dungeon Defenders, as well as Diablo III. Bought D3 like a week ago and despite a mass exodus of players according to their forums, the game is for me at least great funs. In true roguelike fashion I am playing hardcore mode (permadeath), of course, and got a monk close to end of Act 1 on nightmare difficulty.

    Oh, and I've got a few hours sunk into Bastion and Borderlands as well. Some friends bought Borderlands during the sale and I joined for some coop play. Having already pretty much 100% finished the game, its starting to get a bit dull to play, but I am looking forward to the sequel!
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  14. Loerwyn

    Loerwyn Member

    Questions, if you don't mind:

    Is it standalone from V, or does it work as DLC?
    Must I get it? I want Bouddica, damn it.
  15. LionsDen

    LionsDen Member

    Yeah, I got this as well. I tried the demo a while ago and I liked it and had it on my wishlist. So when it went 75% off, I just had to get it. :)
  16. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    Did the Steam Summer Sale Wallet Beating have the DLC for New Vegas? If not then it is really a petty discount they gave.
    (Credit to N490 for the correction. I like that. :))

    This thread is doing great. Thank you each for making this worth reading.
  17. klaymen_sk

    klaymen_sk Member

    I don't playanything at the moment. Well yes, sometimes I play one level in Trine 2 for the experience hunt, fire up a round of Company of Heroes or something like that, but that is more of wasting mi time, than "serious" playing. I don't know what is happening to me, but instead of playing I do something on Boardgamegeek or Videogamegeek.
  18. N490

    N490 Member

    The Complete/Ultimate/Goatee edition was at 75% off too.

    I can assure you of that. I... bought it too, along with Grimrock (as mentioned above) and Dear Esther.

    Also, CiV Gods and Kings is an expansion, so yes, you will need the base game. Comments on it seem to be that it is a worthwhile upgrade, religions and espionage complementing well the base game.
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  19. Loerwyn

    Loerwyn Member

    That doesn't answer either of my questions.
  20. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    What is not answered? He said it requires the base game to work. It is an expansion. Companies have tried to blur the line between DLC and expansions in recent years, but he answered your question about the standalone part fully. As to the rest, well we could argue either way. In truth it does not matter. It needs the base game and installs upon it and works as a unified product after that if I understand correctly.

    If part of this is still unclear, may I ask you to clarify what you want to know? (Because I simply do not see anything of importance remaining unanswered.)