What does the encrusted "broken star" mean?

Discussion in 'Conquest of the Wizardlands' started by Infiltrator, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. Infiltrator

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    Edit: it limits the number of encrusts you can do?
  2. Bohandas

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    Yeah, but what's the limit?
  3. Null

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    The limit is how unstable something can get before you die.
  4. ploki122

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    It's been said that every encrusts you do, there is a RNG(100) roll compared to your instability. If it's under instability, your equipment is now slightly more unstable...
  5. Infiltrator

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    What? So you can instantly and randomly just die from using encrusted equipment?
  6. greggbot

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    No, but instability is added with every encrust, and it adds effects such as random blinking and explosions. A lot of the time, this can make you teleport into a group of monsters, or just die from the explosions, so using over-encrusted equipment is very unsafe.
  7. Bobson

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    Is there any way to see how much instability you've accumulated?
  8. Daynab

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    It will say in the description what grade it's unstable. "slightly" etc. each grade is 5%.

    Unfortunately the actual chance is 100% if you are not using the hotfix right now.
  9. Bobson

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    Yeah, I noticed that. Hit, teleport, hit, teleport, hit, teleport... I'll go look for this hotfix.
  10. Borodin

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    I'm not sure how it works on items that don't get used to hit like weapons, or get hit, like armor. Amulets and rings, for example--unless, of course, the unstable effect is triggered when your body takes a "magical hit" to an amulet or ring-based resistance. I've taken that path myself, and only encrusted both rings and a torque once for level 6 alchemy, since it gives a "slightly unstable" result to each.
  11. Kyrie

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    So the explosions from my Clockwork Gauntlets with 3 Rocket Encrusts and 2 another defensive arent the added effect of the Rocket encrusts?

    I dunno if it's because my tank build, but they never gimme damage... (well, i use clockwork knight and the defensive heavy clockwork armor, so...)
  12. Infiltrator

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    Where can I get the hotfix?
  13. Daynab

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  14. Wootah

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    Well I don't know what my encrust number has gotten to. I have never had one proc so I don't know what any of the negative side effects even exist.
  15. Infiltrator

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  16. Einhander

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    I found over encrusting my items to dangerously to be a blessing, I managed to over encrust everything I could and the "effects" kill everything around me so I don't have to. Oddly enough I seem to resist all the negative effects and take no damage and retain my health regeneration normally.

    I originally just wanted to see what would happen if I did the taboo but ended up being a murderous storm that even Dred and Digula fear.

    Try making:
    Clockwork Knight
    Duel wielding

    I use that skill set along with boilerplate armor +clockwork gear with chain axes all dangerously encrusted.
    My result was epic amounts of slow turns and unstoppable killing :D