What are your favorite games of all time?

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    I've played this about 3 times or so, and we actually won the first time I played (it was an older edition of the game). But I had to die in the process lol. I essentially sacrificed my life to win, so the other players cheered me :cool:. I haven't played it in years, but I had some nice memories, so I did purchase the new edition about a year or two ago (haven't had a chance to play it since).
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    It reminds me of this one time when we were playing Dungeoneer and I had to survive one more turn to win (two game sets, team battles [4 teams for 8 people], and my ally needed that one turn for us to be able to win), and the 3 players that were still alive just rushed me with whatever they had at hand. One defeat later, I just reminded them that the random character draw gave me a necrowarrior (he has one 1-up in form of a revive).

    After that one, I can't play necrowarrior in team battles any more. They really don't like it when I win at most weird games because of some random features they forgot about. :D

    PS. Oh, and there's that one time when we were playing Munchkin with 6 players, and I and the other guy formed a pseudo-alliance (with both of us planning to backstab the other one at some random moment). Then we were both level 9 priest-somethings, each one with hand full of monster buffs to trap the other, and the resident girl drew Divine Intervention during her turn.
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    These links are to a NWN mod pack and server that is free to play and still supported. I am going to give it a try and see if I can enjoy it or if the game lost the appeal once and for all time last time I memorized every last detail of the game... (This mod and server is for online play, and they have changed most everything in the game so you will want to examine the Wiki before jumping in.

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    And here's a link to my NWN server of choice. I can guarantee it gets regularly updated (cus I do it)


    We're moderate magic level, fair level of changes but nothing you need to spend forever on. Most stuff is fairly intuitive, and we actually offer a decent 1-40 experience followed by competitive pvp and challenging pvm.
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    I for one hate PVP. I will likely look around for the current best single player mod set for NWN and the expansions. I want to play through again. What I am having the most difficulty deciding is what to build for. I always liked the Arcane Archer Builds, but they can be a bit squishy and will die easily if caught without a good defensive build. But then I may make a melee monster tank to kill very quickly up close and to laugh when the enemies strong hits land. I rather like immunities. So mixing ten levels of Pale Master in sounds good for any build, but is impractical except in a few.

    I *Hate* D&D CRPG spell systems though. If spells regenerated even slowly I could stand it, but having to put my character to sleep every few minutes to refresh the spells is stupid. The game seems to love spawning enemies right on top of you all the time, so mages and archers are a luxury I may be able to opt out of. Few if any times I can recall was I ever required to kill something at range.

    Anyone have a recommended mod set and build for a melee savant? Perhaps something with a boatload of immunities to sneak attacks/crits and even decent full time concealment? (I doubt that, but why not ask.)
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    I seem to remember one of the best NWN builds was some sort of weapons master based crit build with a scythe(exotic weapon). Which ended up with a decent crit range and huge crit multiplier(x5 due to scythe, which is why it is used).
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