Werediggle + weapon/unarmed bonus

Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by Emilio, Dec 16, 2011.

  1. Emilio

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    Good Morning

    I'm trying out the new DLC and from the looks of it it seems that in werediggle form I loose the benefits of the static bonus of weapons and unarmed skill. Can anyone confirm how the werediggle interacts with these

  2. Null

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    You don't get any stat bonuses from skills. At all. Don't accidentally smelt something either. The only things in diggle form are your diggle stats, your equipment, your active buffs, and your procs.
  3. blob

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    I feel like it makes sense.
    Like I dont see someone in a werewolf / Mr Jekyll monster form start crafting or cleverly use any capacity/ complex item. I think its the point to lose all those bonuses, that's why the buffs are so insane in diggle form. A x3 multiplier on your damage almost constantly is OT even without the skill / armor bonus.
  4. Velorien

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    But if you want it to make thematic sense, why do procs and weapon damage stay? Why does my Werediggle continue to use his weapons when he's forgotten how to do so, instead of (say) getting damage based solely on his Diggle form? And why does he continue to be a trained assassin when he can't even remember how to swing an axe better?

    For that matter, how does he remember how to wield procs while forgetting the bonuses that come from the very same skills that grant said procs?

    BTW, Dr Jekyll was the original; Mr Hyde was the name of his more bestial form.

    The other thing is that taking away all your other skills kind of splits your character in two. Suddenly you have the Werediggle form character and the non-Werediggle form character, and while the two share *some* stats and an inventory, they otherwise play as two completely separate characters who don't really synergise. Whether that makes thematic sense is up for debate, but it certainly doesn't lend itself to designing a build or developing more than the most basic strategies.
  5. blob

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    Oh yeah i know that. I d be up for the diggle to use the melee factor and multiply it.

    Oops, wasnt sure. Thanks :)

    Yeah its a design choice. Currently its a bit in between and weird. I guess it either has to be a lot less powerful and keep the skills, or no skills at all and very strong by itself. I like the idea of a double character though, its original.
  6. Waervyn

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    I have been trying out the Werediggle, without much succes at the moment. What kind of build do you recommend?

    I've been trying it together with burglary, artful dodger, mace specialization, dual weapon, archaeology and berserker rage.
  7. Emilio

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    Didn't experience that much, but my skill pics would be
    - Assassination as it keeps the procs
    - Berserk as it keeps the procs
    - Demo for the circle which should be nice
    - Shield bearer for the buffs and procs
    - Armsmith for the buffs and procs
    - Mace if dwarven handshake works, need to test this one
    - Werediggle cause it's the theme :)

    Will try after I finish my mage run (btw, mage makes it a piece of cake after level 4 or so)