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    Mh, i was on the whole time since I posted, I think.
    Anyway, in the web version it lists you as friend.
    Btw: Anyone want to know what happens if you eat werewolf meat? Look the attached file.
    I guess I would play either a spellcaster (wizard, if you are sorceror) or hunter, then.

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    I should note that although there are different items on the dungeons, they are otherwise identical. If you find a Mimic, you can warn us and we will certainly do the same for you.

    Last night DragonDai played a Knight focusing on One Handed Swords along with a shield. So it would be optimal if whatever class anyone else playing chooses, they use different weapon types. I will be using Staves. (Polearms in the game at this point.) I will be primarily focusing on Death and Light magic. Death has massive power in short ranged spells like Touch of Death and long range spells like Fireball. But that risks destroying items too. Light offers Lightning and the holy grail of the game... Identify. I think Remove Curse is Life, but it may be Light too.

    So if you play a caster, we can share spellbooks a bit, but you eventually forget spells and have to read the books again. They wear out too. The first of us to manage a good Fire Resistance will be the pack-mule of the scrolls and books. But that is trouble when fighting since they will be encumbered all the damned time. Luckily, playing co-op we can trade items without expending time. So once one of us has killed all threats or blocked them off, they can take the weight until the others are done killing and past danger of item loss.

    If you eat Fire Blob Goo, you gain intrinsic Fire Resistance some of the time. If you eat Floating Eye Goo you sometimes gain telepathy. Telepathy is easy to determine. Fire Resistance is different. You either have to resist a Fire attack, or we need to find a Wand/Spellbook of probing to determine your intrinsics.

    If you want to play a caster, I suggest deciding what realms you want in advance. That way we can each maximize our skills in different realms and have most of our bases covered. Life is my least favorite. But it can and absolutely will keep you alive once you find the right books. Dark is not going to be one of mine either.

    I discovered what may be a bug in the game last night. Casting Drain Life repeatedly gained Life skill. It is Death realm. I have yet to confer with Waz to verify if this is unintended or if there is some cross skill gains by casting.

    If you manage to get extra keys, drop all but one and trade that one to each other player and pick up another until you have just one. They are invaluable for locking doors so nothing but massive creatures can get through. (Trolls just knock the door off it's hinges.)

    If you get a wish by any means, stop everything and tell us. If we already have a spellbook of Identify, then it is less of a priority.

    If one of us needs something badly, we may discuss it and decide between all of us what is best for the wish. This is co-op after all. :)

    If you are dying, let us know. Do not keep it to yourself. We can trade items in zero time if we can get where you are safely. Potions of Paralysis and Polymorph are great for helping stop something awful from killing you. Paralysis does not last long though. Polymorph has a chance to turn a bad thing into a much worse thing though. But usually it seems to be something easy. If you absolutely know you are toast, trade everything to one of us. Then try to take off items one at a time so you can trade them. We may as well give as much benefit as possible to one-another.

    There is still much I do not know about the game. But we will be speaking on Mumble while playing. So we can share insights into anything we come across.

    As far as I am concerned, the more, the merrier. But I think there is only room for four players in a co-op game. (I could be wrong, and would love to find out.) Each of us fights the same monsters on the same dungeon floors, but finds different loot. This makes it easier than normal.
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    OpenOffice or your OS kinda messed that up if you were trying to post a screenshot.

    Werewolves are awful. Never eat their meat unless you have no choice or an amulet of Unchanging. Even fighting them and getting hit has a chance to infect you.

    There are actually some advantages to being a werewolf. But having all your items you skill fall off without warning while fighting really sucks. It may as well be a death sentence.
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    Waz Friends.jpg

    Do I have your name right?

    Mine is OmniNegro. (I know you already added me as you said in your previous post.)

    *Edit* Added the last two images.
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    Well, I did not know that, but I quite like the dog thing. The bad thing was I was in a kind of cell with only a ladder going up being the only exit. The good thing was that I had a levitation potion with me. Yay.
    Edit: Yup, you've got it right.
    Edit2: Just started a new Coop game as Sorceress. Don't know if it will stay that, though. Gonna take death/drakness for delicious wizardlock which saved my life quite some times in single player. Also the bolt thing is quite nice (the one you mentioned)
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    What class are you running? Want me to jump in?

    Oddly it now accepted you and you are added and confirmed like DragonDai. :)
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    Also, does anyone know what portal stones do? I just found an orange one, I guess you need a blue to leave one lying somewhere to be able to step through the other?
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    Multiplayer clearly has some issues. It shows no game started, and for some reason it added you twice. I will have to mention this to Waz later.
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    I'd love you to jump in ^^
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    I honestly have no idea how they work. I have discovered them before by accidentally polymorphing and dropping some. I never managed to use one though.
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    It still says "No Game Started." next to your name. I tried restarting my browser and clearing the cache too.
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    Maybe it was cause my char was not named Frelus. Now I play wih a char named Frelus. Try :D
    Also, I just found another book of absorb curse. You can have it when/if you connect.
    Edit: Wtf just found a third.
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    I am in! Also playing a Sorcerer. Death Magic Rules!

    We need to get Mumble up... PM incomming!
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    OMG! Mittens of Strength + f'ing 17!!! 17!!!! And I'm a sorceress! Wtf is this? Am I She-Hulk, now?
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    Okay Omni, I'm here :)

    Eventually, web and standalone will have exactly the same features, and buying on either will give the other as well. It's taking time to integrate both systems. Be sure to "Connect" your Desura game. This will give you a login for the web version. If instead you've bought the web version, play there for now and I'll shortly send you a CD key for the Desura version.

    Voting is off now for the web version anyway, since Wish voting was getting out of hand (too many people wishing for silly stuff). I'm going to turn it into a more normal suggestion voting system.

    The guild info is a bit out of date - Waz no longer comes in the game, just a dialog saying the demo is over. I'll bring him back one day.

    As for Elbereth... tut tut... real NetHack players don't need that :)

    But seriously, I only strive to make WazHack "reminiscent" of NetHack, not a clone. I'm on the NetHack DevTeam, but I doubt we'll be seeing WazHack's Portal Stones in NetHack any time soon. When a NetHack player plays, he should get the sense of "neat, that works just like NetHack", but a non-NetHack player shouldn't get "WTF, where did that weird idea come from???" So, for example, you can't choke to death from overeating. In general, there is far less Instadeath in WazHack (but just as much Permadeath).
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    You're definitely not the first co-op players ever :). When you click on a co-op score, all the players who played that game are listed, not all co-op games.

    No magic markers - in general I'm trying to keep out anachronisms. They are fine in NetHack, but in WazHack, I think they'd break the immersion. So no kitchen sinks in the dungeon either.
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    Nice to see you here, Waz!
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    Hey, Waz, how do you use a potion of ink? I was told you're supposed to use a quill, but I haven't found one.
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    Oh, I love this game, especially the floating around with 2 cursed rings in my game with negro - 1 ring of levitation and another one of invisibility. I thought I'd starve, but then a friendly water nymph hit me and I read "The water nymph steals your cursed ring of levitation".... I laughed so hard you won't believe ^^
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    YAY! I wins!

    Omni and I started a co-op game, I think he got down to about 900 or so (but I forget, maybe a bit farther) and then had to leave, so I played the rest single player and WON (and TOTALLY resisted the temptation to go mess with the Romans while I had the Amulet). Attached is the picture of my score on the all time Knight list (how in the world do people get to level 40 LOL).

    And nice to see you hear Waz. As you noticed, we are drumming up a lot of interest in your game over here. :D Good game is good.

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