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  1. Did anyone else play this game as a younger human... maybe still does? Trying to gauge the lingering interest out there. Personally I still love it... I blame the boyfriend for getting me (back) into videogames.

    What race did you like the best? What do you think of what Blizzard is doing now...?

    I'm trying to find the time to learn the custom mapping/modeling/texturing side of things, hopefully it'll help me when I start studying programming. Anyone get into that?
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    In order: Played it as a teenager, play it on and off now, I liked to play Night Elves but Orcs had my favorite Heroes, and I think it's unfortunate that we haven't seen and probably never will see a Warcraft 4.

    I was into the custom mapping but more into the custom scenarios than skirmish, balancing player start positions and accessibility of resources never clicked in my head and seemed more like work than a hobby. Never released anything on the Hive but I was working on this huge elaborate Werewolf variant that I almost finished but lost to a hard drive crash, hundreds of hours down the drain. Kinda lost interest in mapping after that.
  3. I played it when I was about 11 (sucked hardcore) and now I'm playing again as a teenager! Ahhh the kids they grow up so fast these days...

    Yeah, that is unfortunate –– I always wished that instead of making World of Warcraft, they had made a single-player (optional multiplayer) RPG set in Azeroth... still with the classes and races, but better story and quests, and less MMO. Lifelong wish for the perfect RPG... I'm gonna start NoX once I have some free time. Maybe once summer starts (god damn am I ready to graduate).

    Since nobody really plays online anymore, I want to make a single-player RPG map (I suppose people could play over LAN if they wanted). Is that what you mean by custom scenario? Super fun time. Also, I'm sorry for your loss –– hard drive crashes are the bane of digital existence.
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    I built (but never quite finished because I kept playing it instead...) a custom 1-4 player map that was a survival holdout against waves of creeps. Starcraft 2 has a similar map for Terran but less sadistic, as in their version units you lose don't join the enemy, plus in the standard version of theirs there's a victory condition, rather than just trying to get a better survival time.

    Good game, pity where the franchise went.
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    I'm a little late with the reply, but whatever, Daynabie won't kill me for that.

    I was quite into it when I was in high school, due to a friend of mine playing it and needing someone he would be able to play the game with. And about a year or two afterwards, when I was still not busy enough to stop; I even made a few skirmish maps for it (under a different name, and nothing overly popular, so you likely won't be able to find any of that now) and one "custom" skirmish one with additional heroes for every race (modelling is a pain; but it was a good practice for the courses; that one was never publicly released, though). Nowadays I don't really have time to play it, and I seem to have lost the CD with the game (although I do have a copy on my external drive, but once again, I don't have time for that), so I'm not playing it at all.

    I can't really say what my "favourite" race in the game was, but I enjoyed playing with both Humans and Night Elves; not so much with Orcs and Undead, but it never went to the level of disliking playing with them (it is just that some units of theirs were not quite suited to my tastes).
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    Laddered Random until I had the Turtle (which has sadly expired because I don't log on often enough). Was happiest to see Orc as my random, sad to see Elf, randomed Undead like 30% more than any other race I think? (could check stats on Bnet before account expired)

    Played a lot of Dota, a lot of Allstars, a lot of TDs (Switch was super cool if you had 6 non-moron non-troll teammates), moderate Bships (good friends with several of the creators), helped make a few Mobas (TFC, Smota). Partially made a Techwars style map before that genre got flooded, project died when partner quit playing. Partially made a Moba, project died when hard drive died. Twice. Followed by my enthusiasm. I still have the design documents, just not the hours of actual Map Editor work.

    Mostly quit playing when LoL came out with:
    A. A reconnect feature built in.
    B. A ban system for trolls, racists, and other ne'er-do-wells. Leveling up a new account keeps them out of my games much longer than bnet's "hurp durp now I'm BabyPuncher379 instead of BabyPuncher378" and non-universal banlists anyway.

    Haven't laddered or allstar'd in years, still fire it up occasionally for TDs.
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  7. Wow, I wish I had once played it online or with other people. My only experience is my boyfriend's stories about the glory days of StarCraft I, so I know nothing. Sigh… I'm just trying to make some cool single-player campaigns inspired by Rexxar's. I always liked night elves too… probably because I started out as an impressionable 10-year-old girl. Pretty elf ladies and such.

    I played LoL (badly) for a while, but it was fun. They're still going strong with new champions and such? Maybe I'll start again, :3

    ~Thanks for talking everyone~