Vlad Digula's stats-- good lord

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    Really my method for him is a bit cheap... Although I WAS like lvl 7 and on medium difficulty, but I just SPAMMED Call the Sandstorm with most of the Egyptian buffs through a door >.> and then when I was low on mana I'd just use Thaumatergic Tap and he went down after a few dozen spells. If you're wondering WHAT I was doing in Diggle Hell when I was only on floor 2, I discovered a really hilariously-cheap method of level grinding, spam Call the Sandstorm, and so long as I had Froda's Jump Discontinuity I could pretty much get out of ANYTHING, it was ridiculous how much that devastated EVERYTHING XD, I mean you go from level like, 4 to lvl 7 in no time flat.
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