Vlad Digula's stats-- good lord

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  1. SkyMuffin

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    looks like if you want to kill him, you should go for :dmg_righteous::dmg_acidic::dmg_putrefying::dmg_aethereal:, or anything that hits over 30 with :dmg_piercing::dmg_blast::dmg_crushing::dmg_slashing:. But then, he also has scary :dodge::block:.

    compare this to Dredmor:

    Dredmor, however, has much higher chances to cast scary stuff on you than Vlad Digula.
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  2. Daynab

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    Vlad Digula is essentially the hard mode of the hard mode ;)
  3. Kazeto

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    Well, the fact that he is a miniboss (most of which are pretty challenging for the level they are on) of Diggle Hell should've tipped people on that particular thing some time ago.
  4. Gaidren

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    The first rule of Vlad Digula is you do not melee him unless you are counter/dodge capped.


    This dude crit one-shot me through a block, with Fiscal Hedge active (on GR).
  5. Giygas

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    How to Beat Vlad Digula:

    1: Silence him.
    2: Pelt him with bolts.
    3: For the love of god, DON'T GET HIT IN MELEE!!!
  6. Also his spell list includes Mass Destruction.

    ...and one of my friends killed him twice I DON'T KNOW HOWWWWWW (oh wait yes I do it was by breaking the encrust system until they were immune to damage)
  7. OmniaNigrum

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    Is he susceptible to Killer Vegan animal charm? (The activatable ability.) Or is he considered undead? Silencing him would be a top priority at a distance. Then stay the hell out of melee range and pelt him with everything you can find. If you do not have enough spammable items and a reliable teleport, just run like hell.

    :dmg_righteous: is clearly his weakness, but it would be really hard to find enough damage doing that to whittle down nearly 1400 :life:.
  8. Hot-D

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    How I beat Digula: LOTS OF [​IMG]. Gog's Tactical Pyre is truly a must have. You can summon some Wyrmlings too so Vlad has to stay on the same spot.
    I beat him on Dwarven Moderation though. I also got lucky, somehow. He only needed to cast that electricity spell twice in a row to ruin my day but I guess it's like this for everyone.
    I could have silenced him thanks to License to Cast but I forgot I had that spell since level 3...
  9. SkyMuffin

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    10-15 Holy Hand grenades could do it! they are pretty common late game.
  10. His taxa is "Diggle Prince", so no.

    I'm pretty sure you need more. Like 30-40 of them.
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  11. Maze1125

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    Looking at those stats, he has zero :resist_piercing:, so that would seem to be the easiest weakness to exploit, given that :dmg_piercing: is much easier to come by than :dmg_righteous: .
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  12. Lorrelian

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    Just kill him with The Sword In The Stone.
  13. OmniaNigrum

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    Actually The Sword in the Stone does mostly :dmg_crushing: with a dab of :dmg_righteous: . Maze1125 is right. I entirely overlooked the fact that he has zero :resist_piercing:. That would make the heavy-hitter crossbows slaughter him with ease. A mere several hundred shots with a good one would do him in. :D
  14. Giygas

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    Clockwork rail launcher with 2x gaudy baubling. That's, like, 50 damage right there. Add a bunch of non-weapon piercing damage equipment (stiletto boots, diggle ring of digglish torment) and he'll be going down alarmingly quickly, given his health.
  15. OmniaNigrum

    OmniaNigrum Member

    CRL is 24 :dmg_piercing:. That is four shots per hundred off his health. So 4 * 14 = 56. So even with shitty 0 damage bolts it would never reach a hundred. But he is still massively potent, and unless silenced, he will wipe the deck with you via TFB. And if he gets to melee....
  16. Lorrelian

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    You make it sound like I need more than a dab to crack that weakness wide open. Actually, I think Eye of Ra would be a solid option too. You only need one point of the right damage to get the +10 bonus. The real worry would be overcoming his absurd dodge. Magic, particularly something in the flavor of acid, transmutation or existentialism would be a solid choice. So, maybe a real reason to take Emomancy?
  17. Kablooie

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    Like I said, I'm huntin' him dowwwwwwwn . . . . . c'mere, Prince! :dmg_piercing::dmg_righteous:

    EDIT: He was a tough nut, as tough or tougher than Big D. Seemed particularly vulnerable to :dmg_blast:, as well as :dmg_piercing:, of course. In the end, his toes curled up like every other Diggle's . . .

    EDIT PART DEUX: . . . err, they have toes, right . . ?
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  18. impishacid

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    Clockwork Drill Bombs. 'Nuff said.
    (Also - for me, by far the biggest threat was actually his Thor's Fulminaric Bolt. getting hit by a surprise 70 voltaic damage was quite Fun.)
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  19. SkyMuffin

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    It does 10:dmg_righteous: on the initial target, then 10:dmg_righteous: for each "flash". Since Vlad Digula has -10:resist_righteous:, each hit (that successfully went through) would do 20:dmg_righteous:. But he would probably block or resist a ton of the hits...so maybe each throw would do 60 damage. That's 3 hits out of 8 or 9 going through.

    1400/60 is about 23 haha

    1400/40 is 35
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  20. Noxor

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    Got it on GRPD - and again - the clockwork drill bombs (10x) made the job.
    There is a very nice tinkerer encrust for the crossbow which gives +5:resist_righteous: and +5:dmg_aethereal: damage.
    Crossbow stat was +42:dmg_piercing: and +5:resist_righteous:. It was easy with preparation - not even one melee attack needed.
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