OS X Snow Leopard Vanishing armor absorption?

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by madcow, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Don't worry about it, I've worked in the service industry for a decade so I know what it's like. We sell codes for adding prepaid minutes on your cell-phone, the other day a customer wanted to buy one, I ask him what operator he's using. He looks at his phone and says "Nokia"...

    Anyway, let's hope for a fix soon, as bugs go it's a really annoying one. Oh well, I'll just run a few builds without proc buffs, the rest are at least manageable.
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    *Sigh* another one. Maybe the save helps. This time without dual wield.
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    Apparently my issues are related to this... mac, definitely noticing total HP going down. I may have been randomly getting extra block probability as that was well over 100
    Blood Mage

    Things that happened shortly before noticing this: picked up a couple of new items (will detail at a later point if interesting) and encrusted extra max HP... Save game attached. I may have an older save on steam cloud so going to download that now and see if it's earlier and if so report back.

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    Unfortunately that appears to be a phantom save... oh well.... other things that had changed recently Blood Magic - last two levels got.
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    I get the feeling that this is related to this bug.
    Note the HP, I'm thinking it's related to the stacking necro debuffs.
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    Edit: I see this isn't new. Oh well, more datapoints can't hurt right?

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    Perhaps the player's stats should just be stored as an immutable binary tree of buffs, or something semantically the same (space isn't a big problem as immutable trees can be pointed at as subtrees in derived trees without worrying about the subtree changing). The extra overhead shouldn't be too big a problem and it'll make these subtle in-place update bugs impossible.
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    I just started playing DoD a few days ago and I've run across this bug in my first run-thru. I've attached 2 save files form the same character, one prebug and one bugged that are very close together time/experience-wise. Hopefully these can help solve the issue.

    OS10.6.8, no mods or expansions
    Skills: Swordplay, Dual-wielding, Berserker Rage, Assassin, Viking Wizardry, Smithing, Alchemy

    I noticed it happened right after I bought the 4th skill in the Berserker Rage tree (aptly named Berserker Rage). I tried unequiping everything, etc.

    AWESOME game, btw. I absolutely love it. It's amazing that a game with a $5 price point even has cross platform support.

    Edit: Oh, I forgot to mention the bug is lowering my Absorption to 0 and Melee to 1.

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  8. Daynab

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    Hopefully the next live patch will be fixing this, I know we've tried a bunch of things to resolve it.
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    Just had my visual sight radius reduced to -5. Was having my best game yet, too. Is it pretty much hosed now?

    For helpfulness, I was on level 6 or 7, wandering around killing things. Found an inconsequentia, was fighting a Dead Head or two, and then poof, lights out.

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  10. stille

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    I've also had my health regen drop to -5 and my visual radius drop to -4, I think. It seems to happen when I save the game, and the health regen has also been known to go up. It was at -7 a while ago.

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    I'm having this problem, with counterattack chance. Without any buffs or equipment, I have 15, which seems to be actually -10 or so, because enabling the +25 dagger stance does nothing, but does allow increases from swords and other gear to show. I'm attaching a savegame.

    I tried the "level up with no buffs" thing, and that didn't have any effect. Is there a savegame editor or any way to salvage this character? It's really demoralizing since this one was going so well, and since I have no way to know it won't happen the next time I have a good character going, either. :(

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