"Unboxing Clockwork Empires" - boxed module questions

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    Experimental *would* have been Friday, save for the fact that I had to rewrite the entire save game system (well, enough of it anyhow.) It doesn't have everything that has been discussed, but a portion of the features should be ready to go in a first experimental build (and then we will probably have everything crashing and exploding for a few days.)
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    Sounds good.

    Explosions are pretty. :)
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    What slightly irritates me about the module in box system is how bogged down the more basic workshops are by the necessity to create each piece of furniture individually. What I would prefer is producing the furniture by type, with added resources being needed to create more advanced versions. Example being Carpentry Workshop produces a Bedframe which can be made into Cots as is; or with additional cloth used to make a Middle Classed bed, etc. So instead of tracking a ton of different kinds of crates you are producing the types of crates you use most in bulk.

    This still lets the player get gifted crates, and makes it easier to track them at the same time
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    For boxed module assembly in the workshops, you need to make the standing order check to make sure that no one is currently making modules that would fulfill the work order. For example, if I put in an order for 1 workbench, and I currently have 5 carpenters, they are all going to make a workbench, and I'll have 5 workbenches instead of the 1 I ordered.