UFO Alien Invasion. (Freeware open source)

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    I just realized they finally have version 2.5 stable out. They do not have any other download location but the one easy to miss link on the download page, but discussion on the forums suggests it is more stable and more fun than the now years old 2.4.
    (Here is the link for 2.5. It does not include a version number in the filename, so you may want to consider putting it in a directory called 2.5 or something.)
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    I might have a go later, I've even contributed with the balancing for that game earlier(though it was all changed again last time I tried it out), also the game early game was nearly impossible last time I tried, couldn't intercept the UFOs to get any missions.
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    Indeed, a nice game. And come to think of it, I haven't played it for quite some time.

    Albeit it must have not been nearly as long as it was for you Aegho, as I hadn't any problems with intercepting UFOs then.
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    The stability is much improved from 2.4. I am harvesting from UFOs and enjoying the heck out of it.
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    It seems they stretched the content a bit thin at parts. I have researched everything available to me and basically have to wait until I recover something new from the aliens to research.

    One thing I quickly learned is that you need to make your bases function pretty task specific. I remove all workshops from bases I use to send my teams out and fight the aliens. I need the room for alien containment and laboratories and living quarters on those bases. I just have workshop bases that transfer whatever is needed to those bases.

    Resources are hard to get. But I have found that there is a bug of sorts that can be exploited to avoid the transfer time between bases. Items can be sold at a workshop base and bought at the exact same moment for the exact same price it was sold for. (Hopefully there will be a fix of some sort that prevents or perhaps just increases the price to buy back goods at a different base from the one that sold them.)

    Still, with a bit of restraint that bug is trivial. The game is much further along than it was last time I played it. (The 2.4 days.)

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    So I downloaded it but my monitor resolution is not supported(1920x1080, aka 1080p), seems like it prefers 4:3 aspect ratios(for example 1920x1200 is supported). Bleh.
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    1920 x 1200 is 16:10, though, definitely widescreen
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    I just play one of the bigger that will fit in a window. But I too find it greatly lacking in that it has no real 16:9 ratios available.