1.0 Traders not entering/placing items in Trade Office

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Cheshire, Nov 12, 2016.

  1. Cheshire

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    Not sure if this has been mentioned but usually only 2 out of 10 traders manage to place items in the Trade Office.
    The rest of them will just place it on the floor outside/adjacent buildings.
  2. Jagwithtude

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    I think this might be normal as this happens in my game as well, I don't mind though as it doesn't matter where they set down the goods as long as they show up on the list as items for trading.
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  3. Cheshire

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    It seems weird when the traders place stuff behind my trade office though.
    Makes the game lack abit of that polish.
  4. dbaumgart

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    Traders will currently target a tile within +/-5 tiles around a random spot inside the trade office. This pretty easily lands outside of the building itself.

    It's ... not hard to make them place items in the building itself. (30m later) -- there, done. It'll roll out in experimental 1.0D.
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  5. When I buy items from the traders, where do they actually go? Because I have 10 pipes in my inventory, which I got fron trade, but I can't figure out where they are.... :confused:
    I fear they might have got "buried" under a near building...
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  6. Sathra

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    They should be wherever the trader-servant put them while trading. Then one of your labourers will come by and move it to a stockpile.
    So its probably on one of the 'odd' stockpile squares where your dudes decide to pile 4-12 different types of commodities (usually one of the corners).
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  7. the problem is that they are not registered in any stockpile... I'm think to push a hard-hauling period by pausing every job and un-assign almost all workshops. If they are around the trade office, it's on the completely other side of the colony in respect to the metalsmith. Which is also on a cliff... Ergo, it will take ages to be picked by the workers of the metalworks... :eek:
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  8. ironbear

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    No need to "pausing every job and un-assign almost all workshops". This seems to be bugged too. Although the items is not registered in any stockpiles. But if you look at your total inventory above you will see that it have been registed there already. You can also use them..... I bought some sands and I can't find them in my stockpiles too. But when I make glasses, the colonists is able to bring forth the sand. I don't know where it came from, seems like invisible, hahahaha
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  9. Cheshire

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    Can't wait for 1.0d!
  10. I know those pipes are somewhere and are usable, I actually did use one of them, but it took forever for it to be transported to the metalworks! I ordered 3 iron ovens, it took forever only to build one with the traded pipes, the other two were built with newly produced pipes. It took far less time! I will post something more complete this evening, if I have time.

    Edit: here are some images of my colony. look from1 to 4

    v1.jpg v2.jpg v3.jpg v4.jpg

    1, it's my trading office, you can see circled in red some opium buoght from trade scattered around. 2-3: this is the path to get from the trading office to only metal-permitted stockpiles (blue) which are next to the metalsmith. The segmented line is what you would think it's the most linear path right? But there's a twist! image 4, there is cliff! so this is the path. The game is already sluggish, you need a lot of time to hope that the workers will actually go and retrieve the pipes from the trade office...
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  11. Ok, I tried a bit (yesterday evening) the hard-hauling mode, but it doesn't seem to be a short-term solution... I should probably build a trade office near the smith and re-trade them with other pipes...
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