1.0D Traders do not leave and new ones keep coming

Discussion in 'Bugs' started by Jagwithtude, Nov 29, 2016.

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    I guess the traders love my colony because they never leave even after new traders come, I can still trade with the new arriving traders, the problem is that even though the old traders goods are still listed as trade goods, the trading depot does not recognize them as being there for trade and as I have a total of 14 traders coming to my colony each time, it is kind of hard to know what can be traded or not.
    The photo shows my problem as you can see the old traders are the ones just standing around and their "stuff" is still on the floor of my trade depot while the new traders are just arriving with their goods in their arms. So now I have a total of 28 traders at my depot just hanging out.


    Is anyone else having this type of problem? Here is my save if you want to check this out.

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    I had this in my games too. They did eventually leave...after about 4 days. It got confusing since there was another bug with traders fleeing due to combat messing with their AI too (which is fixed for next patch yay!).
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    Good to know it will be fixed, in other games they left as well but like your game after 4 or 5 days but in this game they just hang around and don't leave unless fishmen or bandits attack the colony then they flee but at times after they have fled they are still on on my map just walking around the edges of it.
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