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    I saw this bug in earlier games, but I thought it was doing something wrong. I would have a trader come in, I would attempt a trade and even though I was offering substantially more in goods, they would refuse. After that, their goods get stuck in the trade office. The traders would lease, more traders come, and even though they are in the office with their goods it will say "no trader in depot". In the attached save, the iron cogs I attempted to trade for with the last traders didn't get stuck in the office like in previous games. However, after unsuccessfully trying to trade for the iron cogs with the previous traders, I can no longer trade.

    It wasn't a huge deal in the temperate bio dome, as I could work my way up to making most things, in the harder, cold bio dome, it makes the games very difficult when you can't get the things you need and can't yet make.

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  2. Regina Absher

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    It does seem like I can trade with the new traders for the new items, but it makes the trade depot very problematic over time.
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    I have experienced this and then some. It's not that difficult once you know what goods are stuck in there and simply avoid toggling them.
    It's when you start having traders stick around on your map and building up into the hundreds while having trade goods vanish from the trading depot entirely while still counting them as owned so that when you try to always have 1 stack of paper and trade for 4 stacks in the depot that it breaks your auto-manufacturing and soon after your science, naturalist, and diplomacy office's are all shut down from lack of resources, that you begin to realize trading in general is pretty jank in this game.

    from the sounds of it you have the minor of the 3 primary issues.
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    Traders sticking around past their welcome should be fixed in the dev version, for next patch BTW - they very specifically have a timer set now to abort their mission.
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