1.0D Trade goods not being claimed

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    When i trade for items in the trade office, they simply vanish from the place and reappear at some sort of designated square at the "South" corner of the map (as you load the game up). I have placed an airship mast next to the spot for easier spotting.

    My colonists cannot access them, even though i own the items (which really messes with me).

    I can't even play like this! Trading for items is a fairly important feature, especially late game, and this bug exists in every game i start (even in 1.0). I might as well be a self sufficient colony, at least then i would not have to fight the game thinking it has items it can access, and trading away my precious resources just so i can break my inventory system and feed the ever growing blackhole square with even more loot.

    I also have about over 100 foreigners on my map who refuse to leave. They make for great meatshields but it's starting to lag...


    I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, verify integrity of files, deleting all of my saves, creating a new world, not updating to the Experimental build. Nothing worked... it seems to be bound to my account or something.

    It's strange, as i was able to trade goods without any problems. Only after i updated to experimental for the first time was my trading seemingly permanently broken.

    Whats more I've been observing the spot in new games i create by scouting them early and i found that it flickers items that are being crafted in workshops. This seems to be some kind of item generation spot that spits out items that are then picked up at a work table. Those items seem to be picked up just fine, but since these are trade goods brought in from a different source other then being opened or crafted, it seems to not know how to spit the items out from the ownership of the traders.

    This is all speculation of course, as i have no real idea how the game works.

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    I know how you feel, although I haven't had your problem of trade goods being left in strange places on your map and not being able to use them, I do have the problem of the traders never leaving and getting more and more of them in my colony, I also have a problem that the older trade goods that I did not take are still listed in the trade goods column but are no longer tradable so when new traders come it gets hard knowing what I can and can't trade with them.
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