Tower Defense games?

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by Essence, Jul 20, 2012.

  1. Cream Magneto

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    play the original turret defense on starcraft 1 like a boss.

    third on defense grid,it has the real GlaDOS and ponies!

    no Orcs Must Die mentions yet? im ashamed.

    better yet,OMD 2 is coming next week and it has multiplayer! Dungeon Defenders is shaking in its diapers =D
  2. SkyMuffin

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    The best tower defense i've played is YouTD. it's a map for Warcraft 3 (yup, people still do things for WC3) where people can make their own towers and then they get voted on/balanced by the community. It has a ridiculous amount of depth-- towers level up so there's strategy involved in choosing when to get new ones so that XP isn't split too much. Monsters drop items that you can equip on your towers or your builder. And there's a ton of different damage types, monster types, and resistances you have to master. The best part is it that it has persistent leveling through save codes-- as you continue playing, your builder levels and gains special passive buffs for your towers. If you haven't played it, it's worth reinstalling WC3 for that alone.

    If YouTD had its own separate game, i'd pay $50 for it. It's the kind of game you could spend hundreds of hours on.
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  3. Hybelkanin

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    Played some coop Dungeon Defenders with JadedMieu and one of his buds tonight, was pretty damn good fun !
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  4. OmniaNigrum

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    Dungeon Defenders is a great game. They are still releasing patches for it. That says something. Last time I played it there were two classes less than there are now. It could be played with great skill by a few players together and if they each know their roles and plan accordingly, they can support one-another very well and synergize to a degree almost no game even approaches.
  5. banjo2E

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    It's very hard to play this game singleplayer, which is my only gripe. I play Monk more than anything else, and love the electric field. But I am useless against flying enemies, and god forbid something electric immune hits me. (Also, berzerk fields are useless because monsters never actually attack each other.)

    And, of course, whenever I join random servers 95% of the time I'm on a team with wizards who spam electric towers. Le sigh.
  6. Frelus

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    Would not happen with me... I am the guy who places 2 deadshot and 1 missile tower and stands next to it with a huntress fairy....
    The strogest tower in game shooting every 0.5 seconds is quite funny, and you cannot even count the projectiles of the missile turret...
  7. Loerwyn

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    Constantly releasing patches isn't always good. The rate at which they put them out and how frequently they have to fix the patches points to an absolutely shockingly poor level of testing and QA going on. It's been a problem I've seen on the Steam forums for a long time, now, and they've not shown any signs of improvement.
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  8. OmniaNigrum

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    The more complex the code base, the more often you have to fix the same bugs. My signature says that pretty well too. :)

    How many times has the equipment eating bug been fixed here? That in no way means the game is poor quality. It merely means it is complex.
  9. mining

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    I can get behind Althea's statement in a big way.

    Edit: And Omni, technically your sig should be: Writing perfect code is twice as hard as writing code with some bugs in it :). If you get it right the first time (somehow), debugging is easy. If you get it subtly wrong the first time, it's likely you didn't fully understand some aspect, or made a poor assumption - and hence will be unlikely to locate the issue at all.

    Edit Edit: Also, no offense (hur dur) but Dredmor is probably... less than perfectly maintained and written. e.g. some of the more persistent bugs that have been in from the start, or relatively constant save game breaking. Complexity and code quality are independent, and crashes are a function of both variables.
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  10. Loerwyn

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    But Dredmor doesn't get multiple weekly patches that break things even more. This forum alone is proof enough that the patches are tested for some time before being put out.

    Also, Dredmor is on an in-house engine, I believe, whereas Dungeon defenders uses the industry-wide Unreal Engine 3. One has many years of use, expertise and literature. The other doesn't.
  11. Omni's sign is a quote.

    And to stay sort of on topic:
    Curse you Essence! Now I'll have to play Kingdom Rush until I finish it 100% and it's tiresome after a time.
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  12. Cream Magneto

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    its mostly the size of the patches that are the problem,imagine downloading half a gig of patches every couple of days,gg if you have capped bandwidth.

    the biggest flaw with DD are the shared defense points,a random noob can literally waste all the DP with underpowered towers and ruin the game for the 3 other people,no wonder you get kicked out on sight unless you have gear with +2000 stats,it makes for an angry community on par with Dota and League of Legends 0,0y-~~
  13. mining

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    True, they do that in the RC's - I told one of my friends the RC# for YHTNTEP and he did a double take and said "I though they started testing at X time - how do they have Y RCs!"
  14. Loswaith

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    A thing to keep in mind with dungeon defenders is is it designed around using multiple characters (even if playing single player). That said there is a major jump in difficulity when the expansion started showing up. The jump, so much so, in that it seems the expansions seem to assume you have the top gear and level from the base game (so actually level 70+ with all 4 base characters) thusly you need to be very powerful to actually defeat their bosses (even on the medium, AKA normal, difficulity).

    Unless you want to spend heaps of time on Dungeon Defenders I cant actually recomend playing it (unless you can regularly get 3-4 people playing), due to that.

    As to the OP I cant realy recomend any, as personaly Cursed Treasure is likely the best one I've come across to date (but then im not a huge fan fo tower defence either).
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  15. SkyMuffin

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    I liked Dungeon Defenders for the 40 or so hours I played it, but the grind felt pretty steep after playing through for the first time. I didn't want to do the same thing over just to get some fancier items. But I can see why people like the game, definitely.