Too Many Bits: The Digging Diggle Edition (LP) (succession)

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  1. Just for fun, while we're waiting for 1.0.10 to hit, I started up a quickie without mods. I am using Essence's rebalances (which adjust the core game files) but did not load any mods in the Mod Loader. Mayhap that'll be more compatible with people. If you aren't using Essence's rebalances, first of all, what's wrong with you? Second of all, you should probably use those in order to ensure you can load this save.

    Be careful when replacing your files, make backups! Post if you feel like picking it up and playing the next floor or two (so that multiple people can't accidentally try to take the same turn).

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  2. Gateman

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    If it's still up for grabs, I'll give it a go
  3. If your operating system is 64-bit, have at it!
  4. Gateman

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    no clue, all I'm seeing in SiW is xp personal, so i don't know if it's 32 or 64

    guess the best way to find out is to try it
  5. Gateman

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    quick question, though, which one is the save to go after, there's like a dozen
  6. Kazeto

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    If that's all you are seeing, then it most probably is 32-bit.
  7. It's the save on this page, page 2. The one in the post you replied to. :p

    I'll delete the other ones though.

    Regardless, on Windows XP you're probably ether not going to be able to load my save, or the guy after you won't be able to load yours. But what the hell, give it a shot. At the very least it adds one more data point to what little we know about how saves work.
  8. Gateman

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    I'm counting 15, i just needed to know if there's one in particular we're playing
  9. Gateman

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    must be running 32 bit, can't load the saves, so I guess I'm out
  10. You're talking about the entries in the .dat file, I think? The character name is Dwergle.
  11. Gateman

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    nah, when i loaded the game there was a bunch of different characters, i guess from other players.
  12. jadkni

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    I'll load it up and take my turn, if it works.

    Cross your fingers and hope I don't get us killed!
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  13. jadkni

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    Mission accomplished!

    Previously, on Dungeons of Dredmor...

    I completely ignore this bookcase by the way. I'm the worst Berserk Weredigfungolodualmacitician.

    Then I find a bone. And then I find -

    Not bad.

    Guess who doesn't remember any of the rune combinations by heart? Oh well, no great loss I guess.

    Why hello there, beautiful.

    And wouldn't you know.

    An assorted collection of 100 bolts, mud wens, and softballs later...

    Better than nothing I suppose, but I like that damage absorb for now.

    I like my current weapon loadout, so I take the trio of enraged XP presents instead.

    Oh, you better believe I'm not leaving this floor without you.

    I found a zoo, but somehow forgot to actually save the image. Oops.

    While I'm tracking down the last wight who teleported away, though, I find -

    Christmas came early! :D

    I find that wight eventually, and you'll never guess where he just happened to warp into.

    That's why you take a teleport, though.

    Well, this floor is just about taken care o-

    I told you I wasn't leaving without this.



    So I didn't get us killed. Hooray!
    Godspeed, next person.

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  14. Great job! So glad it worked.

    I recommend - your photobucket pictures aren't pictures, they're links to pictures. When clicked, those links to pictures link me to slightly shrunken pictures, which I must then click again!

    Simple, yet effective narrative. My first floor was extremely boring and I was disheartened that my awesome first run was lost to file corruption, so I didn't bother this time around. I liked yours though!

    Note for the next player: there are 2 unused Krongs up on floor 1, if you can make it past the Collector Demons of floor 2! :D

    Anyone with a 64 bit operating system and RotDG installed is welcome to pick up jadkni's save and take the next turn, or I'll do so in 48 hours!
  15. jadkni

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    Actually, I did that intentionally - used the thumbnails as links. I thought that twelve pictures would take up too much space and be obnoxious to scroll through. Next time I'll just shove the fullsize pics directly into the post, it takes a lot less time for me.

    If anyone does try to get to the krongs on floor 1, I apologize in advance for the army of dread collectors. I'd have gone up and used them beforehand, but... well, you know. Shrike Ring was calling.
  16. I'm not against clicking the pictures once; clicking twice drove me crazy though! And they're your posts, so do them as you prefer. I am but a voice in the crowd - an organizer, not a boss. :)
  17. TheKirkUnited

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    I'd be interested in joining this round robin operation if there's still room.
  18. Grab jadkni's save files from his post, backup your files, get started!
  19. jadkni

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    Don't go back to floor 2 though - many strong men await you there.
  20. TheKirkUnited

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    Now that I've begun I find myself a bit ill equipped on the reporting end of things. Which is to say I don't know how to take screen shots in DoD, despite the absurd amount of time I've clocked on it. If one of you kind gents could enlighten me it would be much appreciated.