Too Many Bits: The Digging Diggle Edition (LP) (succession)

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  1. Have you ever wanted to play a game where you not only can screw yourself over, but can be screwed over by the actions of other players? If so, you're in for a treat! As discussed in the other Let's Play thread and the multiplayer brainstorm thread, this will be a succession game where multiple players take turns playing the character. Players with a 32-bit OS go in Essence's thread, 64-bit players go here.

    One floor = one turn. Whether you choose to clear the floor completely or just hurry down the stairs to make life harder on the next guy is up to you. Once you descend a flight of stairs, save your game and post it so the next player has the opportunity to get started. AFTER uploading your savegame, feel free to write out some anecdotes, post screenshots, etc.

    Once it's your turn, you get 4 days to take your turn and post the save for the next guy. If you start but can't finish, your successor has the option to pick up where you left off and finish your floor and their own floor. If you go completely AWOL, then the turn passes to the next player.

    If you die, post a screenshot as soon as you can so the next player can get started. They get 5 days to create a new character of their choice and play the first floor.

    If you want in on this, please post and I'll add you to the list.

    To avoid breaking saves, we will all use the current version of the game (RotDG v1.09b) and a special modpack containing the current version of any mods that are in play. DO NOT LOAD INDIVIDUAL MODS, they will conflict.
    How to save and upload, please?
    Save your game as per usual. Then, find the "character name.sav" file and attach it to a post with the "Upload a File" button.

    How to load game, please?
    Download the latest *.sav file that one of us has uploaded, and put it in the folder where all your other save files are. Overwrite the existing save as necessary if we're several turns in.
    Mods is a who?
    Oh god. Er. Yes. I hope you know how to install mods already; there's a sticky topic in the Mods section of the forum that will help you. If you're still confused, I willl TRY to help you.
    I'm not very good at this game, can I still play?
    Hell yeah! Dying is entertaining.

    What's happened so far?
    Pre-game: Some IRC discussion of the character build. Forum signups! This post.
    The future: You will meet the Flying Drunken Dragon-Style Kung-Fu Digging Werediggle. And together, we're all going to get killed by Dredmor.
    I get 4 days to take my turn?
    Try to aim for 2 days / 48 hours ...ish, or less. But we won't skip you unless you take more than 4 days. It's pretty easy to clear a single floor in one sitting - and even faster if you stumble over some thaumites!
  2. Answer the following questions to join:
    1. Are you interested in playing? I'm looking for 5 active players, and an infinite number of backup players should the crew on the Bridge get written out of the story like Tasha Yar. (or just fail to take their turn multiple times)
    2. No Time to Grind: Y/N?
    3. Going Rogue difficulty level... right?
    Bonus points: PM me an email address so I can nag you to take your turn!
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  3. jadkni

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    Yes, no preference, and of course, in that order. ;)
  4. Loren

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    Yes; Yes; Yes; I volunteer to be the redshirt.
  5. LPx64
    The Misadventures of the Flying Kung-Fu Master
    The tombs, graves, and fiends that he WEREDUG!
    How he became "Also a Dragon"!
    The story of his DRUNKEN RAGE...

    I've been having some strange bugs. At first, the game crashed on character creation. Then, it occasionally did some random crashing when I tried a bunch of different configurations to test it. Unable to consistently cause a crash, I gave up and created the character again. This time, no crash. Let's hope it stays that way.

    You will NEED the mods I have used in order to load my save file. I added spell icons to Gravedigger and made some adjustments to Dire Gourmand that haven't yet been posted to the mod's threads. As such, your safest bet is to move your existing mod folders somewhere else temporarily, then simply put the mods attached to this post into your mods folder.


    My theory is that there's a certain room causing the game to crash when generated on Floor 1. As long as no similar crashy room exists on later floors, we should be fine (until we die).

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  6. [​IMG]
    Whatever you do, DO NOT GO UP TO FLOOR #1. IT WILL BE BAD. I missed 1 opportunity for heroic vandalism, and 1 krong altar is unused, but trust me... IT AIN'T WORTH IT! I cleared a pretty good chunk of floor 1, but had to flee downstairs, which ends my turn.​
    As mentioned in the OP, posting the save for the next guy is the priority, THEN you can get flowery and narrative afterwards. So here's the save. I'll explain later. We didn't set any turn order so whoever calls "dibs" first by posting can go ahead and load the mods, load the save, and play floor 2!​
  7. It started out as a pretty ordinary game, even easier than usual due to a great starting loadout. Gravedigger gave me an axe, Kung Fu gave me a robe, Gourmand gave me a hat and mace - I went ahead and dual-wielded (with penalty) until I found a tome. Leveled up a few times... grabbed skills that sounded fun.

    Flying sounds fun. Not necessary, but fun. Booze is tasty, and can be used to fuel a Gargle Blaster if we find one. And on the less silly side, Berserker will help the next player regardless of whether they decide to weredig or to weaponslap their enemies. Character shaped up nicely. Especially when I found one of my mod's tomes! A chance to playtest it and make sure it's working. (In the previous version of my mod, the cookbook's name had an ampersand in it, which is an XML no-no.​
    The artifact? I didn't even have to bum it off Inconsequentia! It was just lyin around on the ground. Unlike the tome, which was lying around on a pedestal.​
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    I was going to grab this turn but I can't get this save to work at all. I've put it into the correct directory, but for some reason it just isn't there. I'm crashing to desktop frequently when looking through my saves as well.

    I have no idea what I did wrong.
  9. Daynab

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    You need to edit loadsav.dat and add the path to your save after the 1 line. (create a new character, save, then open loadsav.dat and just replace the filename, for an easy way)
    Should probably be in the OP
  10. Uhhhhh crap. Ok. Here are the parts that might be relevant?
    TheDiggologist the Adventurer
    on Floor 1 of The Crypts
    And in case I'm a dunce, here's loadsave itself.

    When I fully understand what's going on and how to make it go, I'll add explicit instructions to the OP.

    How do the devs view our save files without needing the loadsave?

    Edit: Looking at Daynab's post, you don't need to use the 13 - the rest of it goes after the first line of your loadsave.dat. I think.
    OR, just rename your loadsave.dat to loadsave1.dat, and put mine in there.
  11. jadkni

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    Well, editing my loadsave file seems to have broken something and all of my saves are gone.

    ... well. Yeah. Ehm. Anger.

    EDIT: After saving over my loadsave with that one, I still can't seem to load the save. I just crash. I think I may have fundamentally broken something.
  12. Dang! :(
    You didn't delete any of your own lines did you? There shouldn't be any need for that... take out the lines that you just added and see if you get them back?
  13. jadkni

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    From what I can tell the saves are still there, but are now all named 608. I'll worry about getting this to work before I try to fix these saves, heh...
  14. Ok. Very sorry to hear about that. Back it up (I should have prefaced EVERYTHING with "back up every file we touch", sorry) and try to remember/write down anything you can about what changes were made.
    And I just edited a couple posts back with an alternate idea for making this work, might be simpler.
  15. jadkni

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    It's not your fault, somewhere in trying to get it to work I did something to break my own saves, not your bad.

    I'll pass on this turn and try loading the next save, something about this one just doesn't want to work. Maybe I'll have more luck with the next.
  16. Daynab

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    I suggest in the future you send loadsave.dat along with the save file. The person receiving then backs up his own loadsave to play later.
  17. Daynab

    Daynab Community Moderator Staff Member

    Okay, I can't get it to work either. Steps I tried: Downloading all your mods, the loadsave and the filesave and clearing out what I had, crash. Tried my old method of just creating a savegame and replacing, crash. Tried to make a character with the SAME skills and name then replacing, crash.
    I have no idea what's going on but I'll talk about it to Nicholas when he has time. It sounds like it's not bit incompatibility, at least.
  18. jadkni

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    Well, I don't feel so bad now at least.
  19. I can start again without Interior Dredmorating - out of all the mods used, it's the one most likely to cause crashes, have issues, be funky. Skill mods are pretty simple. I once left out 5 or 6 lines of code, and the mod still worked 95% fine.

    That would be a shame though, because IDredmorating is AWESOME. Hopefully nick can wave his wand in a way that excites us, makes us feel special, and solves all our problems.
  20. Loren

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    Feel bad not, y'all. I just tried to load this too, to no avail. So, uh.. probably not the bit issue like we thought. Good thing you notified nvining already, daynab.