Those new skills, and what each level brings.

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  1. Shwqa

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    I have used confiscate evidence on many artifacts with no problems
  2. Linkedwulf

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    I can't seem to reproduce it either. Can some of the new weapons stack? I saw a post about enchanting bolts at Krongs and stacking them with not enchanted bolts of the same type. Maybe that's how i missed it.
  3. Oh, did you have another of that item? Because the bug is that occasionally (mostly when you're crafting things) they'll stack, and stacked items will only remember a single one's enchantments. So if you craft two clockwork chainaxes in a row, the second one will autostack with the first and - after being alt-clicked off the stack - will be unenchanted. Which is a really longwinded way of saying that the bug is with item stacking, not confiscate evidence.
  4. Blue

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    Did anyone try using tourist's sample the local cuisine to make a killer vegan eat meat? Or to make a vampire eat at all? I'm curious.
  5. Linkedwulf

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    I think i had another unenchanted weapon of the same type in my inventory. I guess that's what happened then. I will have to be careful about equipment not purposefully stacking in the future.
  6. shaken

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    Just tested both of these because I was curious.

    - Cannot cast Sample the Local Cuisine on Food items (shows the Vampirism message).
    - Can cast Sample the Local Cuisine on non-Food items, receive the Food buff, and heal from it.

    Fallen Vegan
    - Can cast Sample the Local Cuisine on Meat items, but will still receive the Fallen Vegan debuff.
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  7. Kazeto

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    In other words, I reckon it's working as intended.
  8. Blue

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    Thanks for the research, Shaken. Between the health regen bonus (which vamps are now scaling to, somewhat) and the possibility of eating, I think tourist will become a permanent fixture on my necro vamp gish builds.
  9. Borodin

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    Sands is only 3x3, from what I've seen, and never increases in size. Can anybody confirm?
  10. Unicycles

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    ^ Sands increases in size depending on what other Egyptian spells you have active. Having Eye of Ra active seems to add a secondary burning effect around the outside.

    Got a question though, does one of the communism buffs grant teleporting on hit? I can't seem to figure out what's making me jump all over the place. It's not nice when I'm in my little demonologist circle and then suddenly in the middle of a zoo! :eek:

    Edit: Nevermind, I think I just got a bit too excited about encrusting my hat.