Those new skills, and what each level brings.

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    Just that. I thought some folks who have already played through several games with the new expansion (and you know who you are) might help everyone by detailing the abilities, stat increases, descriptions, etc. Especially the etc part.
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    Haven't played that much since I died a couple of times to Wizardlands and other things, so here is the one tree i've mastered so far.

    Dagger Skilltree

    Starting: Daggers-- Daggers are Sneaky! +7:sneakiness: and +10:edr: when you have a dagger equipped. Effect is doubled with two equipped. No damage bonuses, unfortunately. However, sneak has been reworked so that it is really effective now. Once you get it up to 50ish, most monsters hardly notice you until you are right on top of them.

    1. Liechtenauer's Switcheroo: Used on an enemy NWSE adjacent to you, you appear on the other side of them. Has a chance to Confuse (50%ish) or Sleep (25%ish). If there's no space on the other side (a wall or object in the way, for example), it displaces the enemy and you appear where they were.

    Edit: I just discovered that you can drown from using this ability. Woops!

    2. Two Attacks One Dagger!: Basically as the description says. All your attacks have a chance to attack twice. It seems to proc more when an enemy is facing away from you/has not noticed you.

    3. Silent Deadly Dagger Sneaky Stance: Unlimited turn buff which gives +2:dmg_piercing:, +25:crit: +25:sneakiness: , and -5:melee_power:. Can be cancelled at any time.

    4. Blood Geyser Strike: As described, does some extra damage and makes the enemy bleed for 3-4 turns.

    5. Very Sharp Wall of Blades Stance: Unlimited turn buff which gives -5:melee_power:, +25:block:, +25:counter:. You can only have one stance equipped at a time, and casting a new one replaces the previous. Note that your melee power can't go below 0, so if it's 3 (like mine is now) it is not such a bad penalty.

    6. Devouring Wound Technique: Does extra damage and spawns thaumites on the target!

    If you're playing a hardcore sneaky rogue I recommend blitzing through Daggers to get to the last skill ASAP, as Blobs/Oozes/Robots etc with high :dmg_piercing: res will be a huge liability for you. Bleed can wear them down, but it takes ages. Thaumites blaze through them except for robots, which are evil. Before I got Devouring Wound, I had to turn off my stance so that the Melee Power could at least do a few points of damage, which was risky in itself.

    Finding better daggers is a bit tricky. The Iron Dirk is now a dagger, though.

    The Daggers tree works decently with the first Communism skill, which gives you invis.

    Communist: You start with a Hammer and Sickle (3:dmg_crushing: and 3:dmg_slashing: damage. Pretty good for DL 1).

    1. Guerilla Attack: Used on a NSWE adjacent enemy, you confuse/stun them. You turn invisible for 3 turns. You can also cast this on yourself to go invisible at no penalty. 15 cooldown? You can attack twice with this at little risk, which is nice.

    2. Socialized Healthcare: Heals 1:life:/turn for 20 turns. 45ish cooldown.

    3. General Winter: Chance to cast an ice spell around you (3x3) when an enemy hits you. I think it's around a 33% chance. Lasts 4-6 turns and does about 4-5 :dmg_hyperborean: a turn. Don't know if it scales. This skill is great for clearing out weak mobs.

    That's as far as I've gotten with it.
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    For fun I'm doing this from memory

    Magical Law

    1. Picks up an item that you can see from anywhere
    2. Deals :dmg_transmutative: damage and polymorphs a monster to a random one from the floor
    3. Deals :dmg_aphyxiative: damage and silences a monster
    4. Moves a random debuff from you to a target monster
    5. Gives a buff granting high magic resist and reflect
    6. Resets the cooldown of a random ability


    1. Gives Zorkmids and has chances for various debuffs
    2. Moves a random bankster debuff to a monster, dealing high :dmg_toxic: damage and leaving a poison cloud (Dump Toxic Assets)
    3. Grants a buff which pays back money when the target (player or monster) is hit, based on :savvy:
    4. Pays a monster off to be your ally
    5. Reduces the damage you take a bit and deducts it from your money
    6. Removes up to 1 of each bankster debuff

    Paranormal Investigator

    1. Grants a buff that increases your resistances and :magic_resist: while silencing you
    2. Activates a lever/unlocked door/unlocked chest from range
    3. Transforms a monster into another monster at a 75% chance or an item at a 25% chance
    4. Transmutes a potion into a different one
    5. Gives a 1% chance to drop a recipe when you kill something
    6. Calls down meteors on target monster after a few turns


    1. Increases :life_regen: and :mana_regen:
    2. Gives a buff that increases :sight: while decreasing :sneakiness:
    3. Grants an increase in zorkmids you get (I believe 10%)
    4. Summons a hostile or friendly monster (50/50 chance)
    5. Consumes any item giving 5-10 food and occasionally indigestion
    6. Ascends one dungeon level dropping one item from your belt

    Okay I'm not going to type out all of Egypt because there's several interactions between the spells
  4. It was damned impressive anyway!

    Looking forward to the eventual clarifications of Egyptian Magic. Just got a combo between Asp and Imho, which added an x3 toxic dam/resist buff. No idea what chance to trigger it has.
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    Good stuff. Please, keep it coming. :)
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    Something I just noticed about Bankster -- The zork rewards and penalties increase or decrease depending on what dungeon level you are on. It's always the previous floor's zorks + DL 1 value again. High Interest Loan: DL 1 is 110, DL 2 is 220, etc.

    Dump Toxic Assets can also remove more than one buff at a time, although it's usually just 1.

    Occasionally, dumping a toxic asset will get you another, worse debuff. You can also get a debuff when using Dump without having any debuffs on. Attacking an enemy has a small chance also.

    High Interest loans in the Wizardlands yield 0 zorkmids. This makes early game Wizardlands yield negative zorks if you are playing Bankster.
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    Tourist 2nd skill gives a passive 1+:trap_level: and then an active skill that gives an unlimited buff of +2:trap_sense:, +2/3:sight: (I forget how much) and +1:trap_level: and something like -25:sneakiness:
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    Crashes the game? Should I assume that's a feature, as opposed to a bug?
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    If a specific skill crashes the game please let us know.
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    General Winter also gives you a Communist Ushanka. A hat that gives 3:block: and 4:resist_hyperborean:. Useful for negating the damage General Winter can do to you.

    4. Dialectical Materialism: Removes one random curse and replaces it with a Communist specific curse. Some of these can be worse than what you're getting rid of, though none of them damage you. Try to make it count and avoid using it in the middle of combat if possible. Some of the communist debuffs give considerable negatives to resists. Most notably toxic, hyperborean, and putrefying. Still quite useful.

    5. Vanguard Party: Passive buff without duration. Can be canceled at will. Gives 3:burliness::caddishness::stubborness: 2:melee_power: and 1:life_regen:. Occasionally procs communist debuffs when you are struck.

    6. IRON CURTAIN: 2:resist_hyperborean: 5:armor_asorb: 5:stubborness: passive. That is all

    7. They've Got the Bomb!: 3:dmg_transmutative:, gives you The Bomb, and teaches you how to make more. The Bomb seems to be the most powerful one shot item in the game. So use it carefully, since making more of them isn't easy.

    The recipe requires you have 7:wand_burn: and one of the required ingredients is an Orb of Nothing.
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    Tourist level 1 spawns you with a Camera. It's a wand that does a wide-template Blinding Flash with a chance to proc Blood Magic's Stolen Soul and has 23 charges.

    It will SAVE YOUR LIFE on floor 1.
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    I don't know all of what egyptian magic does, but it's very strong if you have the mana for it. I got it up to the eye of ra and sandstorm seems to ignite everything and do massive zoo clearing AE damage with everything on. The eye of ra seems to do explosive and fire damage on each attack to all adjacent squares and does a knock back. Fantastic line.

    However, you might want bloodmagic and possibly leylines to keep everything up.
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    Tourist level 2: See the Sights -- gives 1 trap affinity by default, and casting (every 45 turns) gives you a buff that increases trap affinity, Trap Awareness, and Sight radius, but debuffs your stealth by a whole lot.
    Tourist level 3: Handle Strange Foreign Currencies -- Haven't actually seen it in action yet (never found a shop to sell in) but I'm assuming that it gives you a more money when you sell to Brax.
    Tourist level 4: Meet Interesting People -- cast every 55 turns to summon a creature. NOTE that when i cast it on level 2, it summoned typical level 2 creatures that were either agressive towards me (when I was near) or didn't see me (when I cast at a distance). I have no idea if this is working as intended -- I thought it might have a chance of summoning an ally, but so far it has not been at all helpful (and nearly got me killed the first time I tried it).
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    Level 4 summons a random monster of the dungeon level, with about a 50% chance of being either hostile or permacharmed. If permacharmed, it's worth no XP like any other summon.

    I'm trying to get this thing up to level 6, just to see what happens if you use that skill on floor 1.
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    Egyptian (from memory).

    1) Gives you 1:resist_toxic: and 1:dmg_toxic: and a chance to proc a poison nova around you
    2) Gives you 1 :trap_level: and 1:trap_sense: and if you have the first ability up you can proc a 1:resist_toxic: and 1:dmg_toxic: buff (Ibis Empowerment) that proc the poison nova more frequently on hit or when you're hit
    3) GIGANTIC AoE that get stronget the more Gliphs you have active. When you have all of them it's just a machine for destruction. It clears zoos in two spells :v
    4) Anubi gives you some resist and damage while taking away 3 to :resist_righteous: and :resist_aethereal:
    5) Nilo it's a timed buff that gives you some nice resist and some healt regen. In combo with the Anubi it gives another buff with some healt regen resist and damage while removing even more :resist_righteous:
    6) Last glyph gives you some :resist_conflagratory: and a shitload of :dmg_conflagratory: while proccing a spell AoE around you that deal even more :dmg_conflagratory: and knockback everything. The proc is always active whenever you attack or you're hit. Pretty damn good.

    As much the Sands (third spell) are OP (trust me, they just explode everything in a GIGANTIC area) you NEED the mana regen to cap to keep all the buffs up :v
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    Tourist level 3 seems to get a 20% increase in all forms of money gain. Be it from monsters, found on the ground, sold items, or banking skills.
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    Yeah, I was running Ley Lines and Blood Magic just attempting to keep on top of the crazy upkeep. Having most of the buffs is amazing, but it feels like you pretty much need to devote another 2 skills to it.

    It's nice once you pick up a bit of momentum, though.
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    Yeah same thing with my test run.

    Truth be told IF you somehow manage to keep them up all time you're in for a treat. It's just pure destruction everywhere
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    Ok, so "Confiscate Evidence" as in the first skill of "Magical Law", just removed the magical properties of an artifact i snatched from one of those one square islands. Did anyone test it yet? Is that a proc chance, a normal side effect of the skill or was it a bug?