The worst pub in the world? Assistance appreciated

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    I haven't played this game in a long while, but I recently decided to come back to build a colony once again. I like a lot of the new changes (the only one I'm not that fond of, is the one that requires me to manually queue up every module I want to build in a workshop to actually make it. Couldn't this be automated somehow?), and I am really enjoying myself, my colonists however? Not so much...
    My colony has reached the stage where I've decided to build and staff a public house, however despite having a work crew of three assigned to the public house in the afternoon when everyone visits, nobody is ever assigned to actually give drinks to the visitors. This understandably leads to some grumpyness, but I can't see what (if anything) I'm doing wrong. My public house contains a couple of booze vats (with some pints in them) and a whole lot of chairs, but nothing else. Can anyone help me serve some booze to my thirsty people?
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    Yeah, I think the Public House is just broken and doesn't work.
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    Have people never *been* to a proper British pub? Sheesh.

    (Yes, it's broken and needs to be fixed - but yet, it is also strangely reflective of the experience.)
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