The problem with happy fishpeople

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    Now giving fishpeople happiness and traits makes them fine and dandy, but there does appear to be the convenient exploitation of being able to see fishies based on their happiness icons even past the zone of exploration.

    An unscrupulous bureaucrats dream, but for bureaucrats like me whom prefer to earn their promotions through legitimately failed colonies, and to the Great Ones, whom change our world to their pleasing, this is a most terrible mistake.
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    Hmm. To be clear, are you saying that emote popup icons appear in the fog of war? Or that you can can tooltip through the fog of war?

    (Edit: Actually, both are probably true.)

    Made OC-2255 for emoting through FoW and OC-2256 for a related issue.
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    ok thanks!
    I was talking about popups, but tool-tips also occur.