The Mighty Auger skill is OP

Discussion in 'Realm of the Diggle Gods' started by Nick, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. Nick

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    Seriously, you only need 5 skill points to get that.
    This skills gives you the power to destroy any wall, which exactly is game breaking. Why? Not because of secrets. Because of cool escaping? Nope. But because you can create a holes(or destroy all walls) in shops and steal items with easy, especially if you have extra teleportation skills. Basically, what I am telling, is that you can steal from 1st floor a 10 star class item and anything else in that particular shop, escape with your created tunnel and forget about that 1st floor forever. You can avoid Dredmor Collectors by using Knight Leap, Move in Mysterious Way and other TP skills. Even random TPs can help. Or items/skills which push away mobs.
    Just think about what can you achieve with that kind of stealing possibilities.
    I want to know how devs think about it.

    Looking for responce.
  2. Nick

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    Sorry for double posting, but while researching new possibilities at my stream, I discovered imba stuff:

  3. Null

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    Dang, auger was removed, *picks golemancy*
  4. Blue

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    In this case it'd be easier to make the outline of a shop made of unbreakable walls than removing wall breaking, that is, if this shop stealing method isn't completely intended.
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  5. Nick

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    I agree with this, it's best optical solution to that exploit.
  6. DerpTyrant

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    If you play on GR with PD, this isn't game breaking at all. You need FIVE points to get this. Putting 5 points in golemancy straight away wont help you survive long. And even when you do get it, the items from the shop aren't as gamebreaking as you'd think. (I never find any items in shops that would be better then loot from dungeons)
    Try it and you'll see.
  7. Velorien

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    My experience is rather different. I've routinely entered Floor 1 or 2 shops containing Embossed Serpentine Platemail, Orbs of Nothing and miscellaneous delightful weaponry like the Rift Axe, the Mace of the Misunderstood Warlord and the Jingly Jangly Staff of Crystals.
  8. Null

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    You know what would be better than making the walls unbreakable, have brax require a fee for every wall broken, and then fix the stealing.
  9. BadBeat

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    Mustache Golem more or less clears the first few levels all on his own. It gives you a *lot* of leeway as to where you put your first few points. I used to use golemancy on Going Rogue a lot, until I got bored of the extra length of the battles involving the Golem.
  10. DerpTyrant

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    Really? Huh. He seemed to die in just few hits and not deal considerable damage. Well I gotta try it again.
  11. FaxCelestis

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    ...or fix the stealing triggers. Seriously, if you steal something and it's not triggering the "you stole something" flag, it's a bug, not a feature.

    Though, putting up hard walls around shops would make sense. Brax, after all, is a demon of many talents.
  12. someone4956

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    Why take werediggle when you can take emomancy and do the same thing?