The Mass Effect 3 Thread

Discussion in 'Other Games' started by earthy, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. earthy

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    who's playing Mass Effect 3?

    I got it a couple of days ago

    pretty good game

    it's a bit hard, but here is the walkthrough I am using to help me beat it:
    Mass Effect 3 Walkthrough

    It's the third part of a trilogy, but if anyone didnt play the first two, there is a story recap from youtube:

    am playing it on xbox 360
  2. Hybelkanin

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    Nah, games shipping with Day 1 DLC like Mass Effect 3, or even worse in Street Fighter X Tekken's case, 12 extra characters already saved on the game disc, locked for selling as DLC at a later date all make me sick, voting with my wallet and letting them go no matter how good the games might be.

    Maybe I could have let it pass in Mass Effect 3's case if it was just alternate costume for some characters or something trivial, but the Prothean thing is so major for players of ME 1+2 its shameful it wasn't included in the base release.
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  3. Daynab

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    The worst thing about it is how if you change literally one line of text in a file you unlock it in game.

    As for ME3 in general, as much as I liked ME1 and ME2 Bioware's not the same these days for me.
  4. Hybelkanin

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    I tried the ME3 demo on my PS3, I couldn't play it for more than five minutes before I deleted it. The frame rate dropped so low I swear it was down to single digits, was a strain to watch cutscenes and almost unplayable in action sequences. Really baffles me how the game could be released with such poor optimization for the PS3. I understand its much less of an issue on Xbox and PC though, If I were to buy ME3 it would have been on the PC anyway.

    At any rate, I realize this isn't the rip on Bioware thread so I'm done hijacking now. ;)