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Discussion in 'Bugs' started by RoofLizard, Oct 27, 2016.

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    I have a kitchen that just refuses to be built. Workers are doing just about anything to avoid touching it. I've had to demolish the kitchen but it has left some stone blocks just floating in the air; all which I'm sure you understand is very, very spooky.

    Is it a bug, or did I try to build my cookhouse on a burial ground?

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    I was able to solve the issue so I'm not sure it is a bug. I cancelled all extra jobs at the carpentry workshop and let wooden planks pile up, maybe some of the planks were being reserved so the workers weren't carrying them to the spooky kitchen?
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    Just checked out your savegame - and yup, that's a pretty big kitchen that requires 21 planks to build. I do believe that if you are consuming planks through other jobs like in the carpentry, they will indeed not hit the 21 planks they need to start construction.

    It's a bit of a difficult question because if we lock planks in turn, players might have a pressing need while building up the planks so they'll want to unlock them for another job. So I guess we'd make the player cancel the entire kitchen, but it kinda sucks to have to do that .... anyway, there's a fairly complex UX problem in here depending on how we try to best meet player goals.

    But hey, I'm glad you've got it figured out!
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    This thread's title sounds like it should be the title for a Metallica song.
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  5. Sad but true... :(

    [ok, horrible joke.... really horrible...:eldritch:]
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    Or maybe an undiscovered novel by Lovecraft.