The jungle is a scarey place

Discussion in 'Clockwork Empires General' started by mailersmate, Aug 5, 2015.

  1. mailersmate

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    I just had a 2 man bandit crew turn up and walk peacefully through town.

    Then I was notified they had a new leader.

    Then I was notified they had ceased to exist. In a single day.
  2. razrien

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    Sounds like the Deathwurm Security System is up and running.
    I think thats probably the only thing I enjoy about the jungle map. (..aside from the lush greenery. It really is pleasant to look at.)
    Bandit raids don't pack nearly as much of a punch after 3/4 of them get devoured by the wurms crawling around your camp.
  3. I don't like New Sogwood because I hate squinting amongst a tree canopy to find my minerals.
  4. mailersmate

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    New Sogwood is Fun in the right ways :)
  5. Samut

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    Now that bandits have to deal with hostile elements (as opposed to earlier when they were ignored), perhaps bandit gangs should show up less often but have more members when they do appear. My 41E colony had a "gang" with one bandit in it nearby. That's not a gang. That's the world's saddest birthday party.
  6. I find New Sogwood to be a bit too yellow for long play - not too sure why I have an issue with yellow but find it hard to find stuff without serious eye strain on that locale.